Pacha Mama eLiquid: Vape Overview


Pacha Mama eLiquids are from the mixing minds behind the Charlie’s Chalk Dust range, and are a series of delicious fruit-based vapes, with other additional flavours thrown in the mix.

They all feature a triple blend of different flavours, with some delectable and interesting notes that include Jackfruit and Pitaya, along with a tasty Coconut Cream blend.

Available in a 30ml bottle, the Pacha Mama range is created in a 70%VG blend, meaning its ideal for sub-ohmers, but can also be used in the more basic mouth-to-lung tanks quite easily.


Mango, Pitaya, Pineapple

The Pacha Mama range from Charlie’s features three delicious fruit blends, and this is their exotic Mango, Pitaya, and Pineapple blend.

Pitayas are small, sweet cactus-like fruits, quite similar in appearance o their spiritual cousin, the Dragon Fruit.

The Pitaya’s taste has been described as ‘mild sweetness’, and also being similar to “a melon or kiwi fruit”.

This Pitaya note coupled with the tart Pineapple and exotic Mango allow for a rather unusual yet very palatable mix of fruit flavours.

Lower wattages seem to feature the tropical Pineapple most prominently, with the Mango coming in a close second. Ramp up the wattage however, and an easy blend of all three comes through spectacularly, especially on the exhale.


Strawberry, Guava, Jackfruit


Strawberry, Guava and Jackfruit by Pacha Mama is a delicious mix of all three of the aforementioned fruits, with the unusual Jackfruit adding a unique twist to the flavour experience as a whole.

For the uninitiated, Jackfruits have a sweet and distinctive aroma, and are said to be similar in taste to both the Pineapple and Banana.

The blend of Strawberry and Guava in this eLiquid work excellently together, with the common garden fruit balancing the flavour with the tropical Guava very well indeed.

An even blend of all three flavours can be found most prominently on the exhale, predominantly with sub ohm coils.

Dialling the wattage right down still brings a nice even mix of the flavour notes, but the flavour blend is considerably more muted with lower wattages, than with the higher ones.



Peach, Papaya, Coconut Cream

With another tropical fruit mix, Pacha Mama from the cool cats at Charlie’s Chalk Dust seems to have taken a decisively exotic theme with their new ranges of eLiquids.

Peach, Papaya, and Coconut Cream is, like the others in the Pacha Mama range, a delectable blend of all three titular fruits flavours. Creamy, smooth, and tropical; the name pretty much says it all really.

The deliciously fresh and mild taste of the common Peach is mingled excellently with the exotic Papaya, a tropical fruit that’s steadily becoming increasingly popular the world over for its smooth taste.

Both fruits are then blended with the taste of smooth and milky Coconut Cream, adding the familiar taste of the popular nut-like tree fruit, and forming a deliciously tasty eLiquid that would be firmly at home on a South American beach.

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Dinner Lady eLiquid: A Vape Overview


Winner of the Best Stand at the 2016 Vaper Expo in Birmingham, the Dinner Ladies have certainly made a swift impact on the eliquid market with their smooth flavour blends.

With an ethos centred around developing the best flavours using only the purest ingredients, it’s no wonder that both beginners and seasoned vapers are flocking to get their vaping lunch from the Dinner Lady.

Available in a 70%VG blend, and in the lower nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6mg, the Dinner Lady range is likely designed with direct-to-lung sub ohmers in mind, but not as its not too viscous with 30%PG, it can easily be vaped in a non-sub ohm tank.


Cornflake Tart

Cornflake Tart is an old school flavour drenched in nostalgia; a Cornflake and Syrup tart run through with layers of Strawberry Jam.

It’s the perfect pudding combination – minus the crunch.

Cornflakes seem to be quite a rarity among flavours in eLiquids, and can be a difficult taste to replicate for vaping purposes.

However, Dinner Lady have hit the nail on the head, creating a most excellent reproduction of it, blended with some other tasty notes.

Syrup and Jam being quite unusual choices, but work well with the cornflake basis.

With a mouth-to-lung style vape at lower wattages, there seems a predominance of the cornflake and strawberry jam notes, with more of a syrupy blend at higher wattages.



Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart is inspired by everyone’s favourite lemon pudding; tangy Lemon curd lavished over gooey Meringue, and finally enveloped in delicious thin crust Pastry.

Low wattages using the mouth-to-lung style of vape brings out the main Lemon flavour quite prominently, with touches of the Meringue and Pastry; mainly Lemon with accompanying notes of the other flavours.

Cranking up the watts really brings the three notes together much more evenly, and there’s a definitive burst of buttery pastry that cuts through nicely.

The Meringue tends to remain the most muted flavour, it is there, but seems to sit just behind the Lemon and Pastry in the background.





Maple Waffle

Maple Waffle is a fresh doughy waffle smothered in indulgent maple syrup. A sweet liquid that will satisfy anyone’s cravings for a sweet breakfast or dessert.

While there’s seemingly more and more Waffle and Maple Syrup based eLiquids on the market, there’s not many that have such Waffle success.

Dinner Lady have nailed it down, creating an excellent blend between the doughy waffle, and the uniquely flavoured maple syrup.

Lower wattages predominantly feature the sweet waffle taste, with only touches of the maple syrup.

Higher wattages really bring out the unique flavour of the maple syrup, rounding the whole flavour off excellently.





Strawberry Custard

Strawberry Custard features a different twist on a classic strawberry custard, consisting of natural strawberries, along with the creamy custard we all know and love.

Additionally it features a luxurious butter caramel to set itself apart from the others, making it a ludicrously lovely vape.

At the lower end of the wattage range, its not surprising Strawberries leads the flavours, with touches of caramel and custard on the side.

Increasing the wattage brings the custard out in a big way, harking back to a popular familiar American flavour of the past few years, but with some British culinary finesse; school-kitchen style.

A classic flavour profile, done properly.


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An Interview with eCig Inventor Hon Lik: Opinions on Vaping Regulations


The very first iteration of the e-cigarette can be traced back to the 1960’s where American inventor, Herbert A Gilbert, who patented a design for a device that “replaces burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavoured air”. Although some prototypes were produced, his e-cigarette didn’t receive much attention at the time, mainly due to the widespread prevalence and popularity of cigarettes, and marketing strategies employed by the tobacco companies of that period.

It wasn’t until 2003 when Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik patented the modern design that we’ve become familiar with today. In the last ten years things have changed rapidly within the vaping world, and while device and methods of using an ecigarette have been altered, the fundamentals have generally remained the same.

In May 2016, strict regulations have been implemented across both Europe and North America, which seriously threaten to turn the vaping industry upside down, and inside out. There’s also a myriad of confusing content around, with media outlets straddling both sides of the fence, a select few in particular taking one stance on the issue on the issue, and then U-turning and completely changing their opinion entirely, and then flipping back again! The situation has also turned everyday vapers into political activists.

There’s also the slow integration of the Big Tobacco companies into the vaping industry, continuing to garner more and more of an influence, despite ironically still promoting the use of tobacco, as well as Phillip Morris attempting to take an entire country to court over regulations.

Motherboard recently conducted the following interview with Hon Lik, and spoke to him about what he feels is the future of the vaping and ecigarette industry.

  •  To begin, could you relate the story of how you invented the modern e-cigarette?

Hon Lik: It’s a long story, but let me try to give you a simple version. I started smoking when I was 18 years old. At that time, I was working in a rural area and I used cigarettes because I was working very hard and very far away from my parents and my family. It was quite lonely, so the cigarettes became my good friend.

Eventually, I went back to the city to university and studied to be a pharmacist. My workload was ever increasing, so my consumption of cigarettes went along with it. I truly understood smoking’s harm to my health, so after awhile I thought “because I’m a pharmacist, maybe I could use my knowledge to develop something that could help me stop smoking.”

I found nicotine patches, and used those for a while, but they were not really helping. This was the turning point. I decided to use my knowledge to develop an alternative product.

  • And that’s when you created the e-cigarette?

Hon Lik: I officially started developing this alternative device durinh 2002. I understood as a pharmacist that nicotine delivery from a patch is very different from smoking: the patch delivers nicotine in a steady stream through skin into the blood, but it will stay stable for a long period of time. When you are burning tobacco and inhaling nicotine it can quickly go in the lung and the blood and achieve a punch that is very satisfactory. I started looking for the best way to mimic the smoking sensation.  Just because I understood this in theory didn’t mean I could easily find a solution.

At that moment there wasn’t any information or materials to easily find. I had a long period of failure. Every day when I woke up I had a new idea on how to improve the device or the material. Every week I was coming up with an improved model. In 2003, I registered the patent in China, the US, and also in the EU.

  • Did you know that there was a market for this?

Hon Lik: After launching on the Chinese market, the success was huge. I received a lot of enthusiastic reaction from consumers as well as a lot of positive comments. This helped to achieve further success in Europe. I realized my dream came true with not only helping me give up smoking but also to bring a benefit to billions of people, expanding their lives. It confirmed that this was not only an individual dream, but will benefit public health.

  • Did you ever expect it to be as big as it has become, though?

Hon Lik: To be honest, yes. I expected the success to be huge and because of this belief it was actually my motivation to go through a very lengthy and harsh development.

  • I know you quit smoking using your e-cigarettes. Do you still vape?

Hon Lik: Most of this time I’m using my e-cigarettes, but as a developer, because there are also new ideas, I can not lose the sense of taste [for cigarettes]. Sometimes when I find a new [tobacco] product, some kind of a new taste or mix, I will buy one pack and smoke a few cigarettes so I do not lose the sensitivity.

  • What do you make of the wide variety of e-liquid flavors on the market? Like dessert and candy flavours?

Hon Lik: For the specific flavours you mentioned about candy and food, I have of course tasted these. However, I am a smoker so I don’t like it because I am used to the tobacco taste. But I also understand that the majority of e-cig consumers are ex-cigarette users, so the majority are not keen on this kind of flavour. Maybe a certain very small group of individuals would use this kind of flavour as a fashion product.

  • Actually, the flavoured products seem to be really popular, even among former smokers. They tell me it helps them to stay off cigarettes.

Hon LikThank you for the information. I understand. I think probably that Americans consume more sugar products than the Chinese population. That might be a possible answer for this phenomenon.

  • That could be true! Speaking of the US, what are your thoughts on the new regulations we’re dealing with here?

Hon Lik: You probably mean the deeming regulations. This is a positive. This will increase the confidence in this category of products, as well as the manufacturing standards will be improved. However I also feel that this might put more restrictions on the innovation side which will have a negative impact. Having said so, I also strongly believe … regulatory environments might improve as well because regulations are more or less behind the movement of consumer market.

  • There’s a lot of concern that these regulations might kill off many companies in the meantime.

Hon Lik: At this moment, if you’re talking about blu [one of the brands at the company where Lik now works], it’s very well positioned in this new regulatory environment. There are many brands available on the market at the moment, but fancy packaging is not really the solution. What’s more important is the content, standard, and safety of product.

In terms of choices, as a pharmacist, ex-smoker, and developer, I am very keen to recommend closed systems [like cig-a-likes]. It’s not only because of my intellectual property, but more importantly it’s a product people consume through their mouths and inhale into their lungs, so the safety is very important.

  • What are your thoughts on the DIY industry that’s blossomed?

Hon Lik: Because the consumer does not fully understand the scientific perspective or standard for assembly, obviously there is a risk there. I know this is a small group on the market doing so. I do not recommend that.

  • Thanks for your time. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Hon LikI have one thing to add and that is the following: in the beginning the e-cigarette received a lot of attention because it was a new concept and the potential it brings to society—the potential as an alternative and less harmful product compared to burning tobacco.

I’m very happy to see that and it’s very normal to receive doubts or discuss new technology, standards, and safety.

Having said that, the media from everywhere in the world seems sometimes more focused on sensational news rather than going in-depth to understand this new product and its potential. The discussion I would like to have is how to improve the technology available, how to improve the standards, how to further reduce the risk, and improve the product. I want to improve the awareness so that billions of consumers could benefit from this new product.

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Tonix eLiquid: An Overview


Readily available from any reputable travelling Snake Oil merchant, Tonix Sub-Atomic Compounds are a series of long-forgotten vape recipes that offer revitalising health benefits, and have been confirmed to cure all nineteenth century ailments, that’s right; all!

Actually, Tonix is a range of premium eLiquids manufactured by Element, the creators of Fresh Squeeze and Frost, as well as their companion to Tonix; the FAR eliquid range. With a 73% VG mix, there’s still that same high VG goodness, and the same lip-smacking, flavour explosion with every inhale and exhale. Available in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6mg.




American Apple Pie

American Apple Pie is a definitive dessert vape, characterised by crisp apple slices, dusted in cinnamon, and baked into a delicious flaky pie crust.

Lower wattages predominantly feature the sweet apples, with only touches of cinnamon, but higher wattages really bring out the buttery crust and cinnamon, rounding the whole flavour off.

The pie crust has more of a muted taste at lower temperatures, but crank your mod up, and the buttery goodness cuts through, complimenting the apple and cinnamon base excellently.

A warm and toasty vape, with a classic flavour profile.






Cherry Almond

Cherry Almond from Tonix features roasted and candied almonds with sweet cherries, delicately blended with soft and creamy notes.

Lower wattages feature the almond prominently, the sweet cherries are there but feature as more of a background note at low power.

Increasing the wattage allows for the cherry to cut through more, allowing for a more balanced blend of the two flavours.

It’s almost a Cherry Bakewell, but without the buttered crust.






Tangy Tart

Tangy Tart from Tonix is a blend of fruit confectionaries, sweeties and candies, with notes of extra sweetness and citrus tartness.

This flavour could be likened to a Lemon curd tart, with low wattages emphasising the citrus bite, and sugared candied element, rather than the pastry.

Higher wattages bring a more even blend of the flavours, rounding it off into the immense Tangy Tart that stands before you.









PB & Blueberry Jam

PB & Blueberry Jam by Tonix is a sandwiching of creamy Peanut Butter along with sweet and sugary Blueberry Jam. A classic flavour blend in vapable form.

Lower wattages feature both the Peanut Butter and fruity Blueberry flavours quite evenly.

Higher wattages are really where the flavours of this ejuice shine, with the creamy Peanut Butter cutting through more as the wattage increases.

Increasing the wattage allows for a huge hit of creamy Peanut Butter on the inhale, with the fruity Jam lingering nicely on the exhale.







Blood Orange

Blood Orange from Tonix aims to capture the cool, sunny breezes of the Spanish and Italian Mediterranean coasts, and features sliced Blood Orange soaked in its own naturally sweet and tangy juices.

If you’ve ever experienced the full-on flavour explosion of Element’s Fresh Squeeze, then Blood Orange will be somewhat familiar, although with a slightly different Orange tang to it.

Like it says on the tin, this is a definitive tart Blood Orange, with stronger flavour and aroma than the Fresh Squeeze, without a certain sweetness that some Orange flavours can contain.




If you have any questions about Tonix or Element, or any of our other products, please contact our team.

Find Your Favourite Vape With Our Eliquid Explorer


So you’re looking for your next big flavour. Maybe you’re bored of your current eliquid, and you’re looking for your next all day vape, or perhaps you’re a brand new vaper feeling a bit swamped by all the choices on offer; our eLiquid Explorer. is here to help.

While it’s not going to tell you “what is the best eliquid”, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices and hopefully find your next favourite with our patented, space-age eLiquid Finder.


Flavour Groups

Firstly you’ll need to select what kind of flavour you’re looking for. There are a variety of options to choose from, and multiple choices can be selected. So if you’re looking for two eliquids; one citrus flavour, and one menthol flavour, you can select both and see what’s available.



Next you’ll be able to select the rating, within a range of 1 – 5 stars. These ratings are based on existing customer reviews; vapers who have already sampled an eliquid and have kindly reviewed it for other customers to make an informed opinion. Remember to always bear in mind that taste is a subjective thing, and what one vaper loves, another may find unpleasant.


Nicotine Strength

The next option is for the strength of nicotine, which ranges between 0mg (nicotine free), all the way up to a full-on 18mg. The bar slides from both the left and right, so just choose your minimum and maximum strength, and let the explorer do the work and show you what’s available.


VG Percentage

Now you’ll just need to select your preferred VG percentage. To put it basically, an eliquid higher in VG will be thicker in your tank, and smoother on your throat. At the other end of the spectrum, a higher PG eliquid will be runnier with a harsher throat hit, with the vast majority being a varied blend. Also bear in mind the type of device you have; High VG is generally suited to sub-ohming, and High PG for non-sub ohming.


Bottle Size

The next variable to decide on is which sized bottle you wish to have. Most vapers who wish to just try out an eliquid go for the smallest size; usually 10ml or 15ml, as this size is a great way to sample flavours without committing to a larger 30ml or 60ml bottle. Although, if there’s a particular flavour you enjoy a lot, it’s sometimes worth getting the biggest bottle you can, as it will save you both time and money in the long run.


Price Range

The next option to select is the price. First and foremost, the quantity of eLiquid can variate the price, but as well, some eLiquids contain a differing number of ingredients. Some with a smaller number may be slightly cheaper, whereas others can have a huge array of flavour notes, with some containing gourmet and premium ingredients that can be difficult to source, and this can sometimes be reflected in the price.



If you’re looking for something in particular, you can use the Specialty tab to really fine tune your selection. Select between glass and plastic bottles, or perhaps you’re looking for an item that comes in a presentation box. For those vapers out there who have to be careful with the ingredients they use, we’ve also included the ability to select alcohol free eliquids, as well as vegan friendly.



Finally, you can select the origin of your eliquid with this variable. The vast majority of the eLiquids we stock are manufactured in the USA, but we also stock ranges from both Europe and Canada, as well as some great home-made juices from right here in the


If you have any questions about our eLiquid explorer, or if you’d like to speak to us directly about anything on our website, please contact our team.

Loaded eLiquid: A Vape Overview


Within the labs of Ruthless Vapors in Orange County, California, Loaded eLiquids emerged from the metaphorical vape cloud of Cali, with their two sweet and delicious vapes.

Available in 120ml bottles, and within a lower-tier range of nicotine strengths; from 0mg to 6mg, the Loaded range has a comfortable 70% VG, giving it a smooth and cloudy vape.

Great for drippers and sub-ohm devices, Loaded liquids are ready to vape straight out of the bottle, and are made with the highest quality of ingredients such as USP graded PG, VG and Nicotine.

Loaded have made their liquids so that vapers all over the world can enjoy American treats all day without feeling guilty. The liquids are famous American savoury treats such as glazed donut and smores. Loaded have truly nailed these flavours, here’s an overview of both flavours from the range;




Smores is an old school American-themed treat, reminiscent of a toasted and fire-roasted gooey marshmallow, covered in melted chocolate, and finally stuffed between two delicious sugared graham crackers. A true classic American campfire treat.

Generally sweet, but with a slight spicy cinnamon element, Smores manages to balance the two notes well, along with the usually difficult to replicate chocolate note that many other eLiquid manufacturers seem to fall flat on.

At a lower wattages there’s the prominent taste of the gooey marshmallow covered in melted milky chocolate with a hint of graham cracker but at a higher wattage you can taste more in depth the graham cracker smothered with melted chocolate.





Glazed Donut

Calling out to all those with a sweet tooth, Loaded’s Glazed Donut is a gorgeous sugary doughnut with a kick of Cinnamon.

They’ve created an excellent donut flavour that comes in a great value-for-money 120ml bottle size.

The flavour makes you believe that you are actually eating a freshly baked doughy donut. his is a guilty pleasure that you don’t need to feel guilty about, as it will keep you coming back for more.

At lower wattages there’s emphasis on the sugary donut, with just a hint of cinnamon, but at a higher wattage the cinnamon note will sink in your mouth making you want more.


For more information on any of our products, please don’t be afraid to give us a call or drop us an email.

FAR eLiquid: An Overview


From the same legendary recipe books that sit on the shelves at Element Eliquids in Florida, the FAR eliquid range is a new gang of premium eliquids spray-tagging their way across the market. In the same vein as the Element range, FAR eLiquids don’t do subtlety. Jam-packed full of flavour, you won’t find any muted notes with this bunch.

Available in a 20ml size bottle, and in low nicotine strengths ranging from 0mg to 6mg, the FAR range sits firmly in the High VG bracket, with a 75% VG consistency for a thoroughly smooth vape.

Perfect for drippers and sub-ohm devices, FAR eliquids are ready to vape straight out of the bottle, and similar to the Element range, FAR uses Pharmacy grade USP ingredients, ensuring both quality and purity, and also free from Diacetyl. Also the nicotine they use is naturally extracted from Tobacco leaves, rather than being created artificially in a laboratory.

All the eLiquids in the FAR range are fruit, sweet, and dessert based, with Iced Slushies, Rainbow Candies, and Cupcakes, to name a few. Here’s an overview of each flavour in the range;

Strawberry Cupcake, believe it or not, is a myriad of cakey goodness, featuring a soft and spongy vanilla cake with swirls of pink Strawberry icing to finish. It’s very reminiscent of a mini fairy-cake with icing from those good ol’ childhood days – sitting around playing pass the parcel and musical chairs.




Grape Vape is a grand unification of all things grape; Red, Ruby, and Concord all blended together into a fragrant and delicious flavoured vape. Think a cool glass of Caribbean Grape Soda, with more of a floral kind of aroma than of sugary sweetness, with the classic American Concord grape flavour taking the prominent position amongst the flavours.



Pineapple Bliss is a succulent and juicy Mango and Berry, blended deliciously with the titular Pineapple for a certifiably tropical taste mix. Pineapple comes through as the strongest note, giving the flavour a certain sourness to it, but the Berry mix and the Mango add a palatable sweetness, diluting the sour notes to a degree.






Neon Green Slushie is a cool and zesty citrus ice blend, featuring tart limes with just the smallest hint of menthol, which gives it a very palatable icy freshness. Similar to the Pineapple Bliss, it has a discernible sourness to it, lightened with the hints of ice menthol, but is a definitively refreshing citrus fruit vape.





Candy Punch is a sweet and juicy confectionary eliquid featuring a rainbow candy base, and is a golden ticket back to childhood sweetshop memories. A fruit punch overload, Candy Punch also features an element of Hawaiian Punch to add an additional tropical layer to the myriad of fruit flavours already squeezed into it.





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Liquid Nation: An Overview


Every place has a different story, and Liquid State have tried to demonstrate this with both of their Max VG eLiquid ranges. The original Liquid State eLiquid range focused on the uniquenesses and idiosyncrasies within the United States of America. For example, the state of Georgia is well known its succulent peaches and sweet tea, and Liquid State coupled the two together to make a vapeable representation of that state. Along with their envision of Florida; tangy oranges drizzled with vanilla cream, the Liquid State team have demonstrated their talent for isolating localised individuality, and representing their uniqueness in vapeable form.

With their Liquid Nation eLiquid range, Liquid State have broadened their flavour horizons by looking to the rest of the world for inspiration. While they could have easily settled on such delicacies as Wasp Crackers from Japan, or the famed Scottish Haggis, Liquid State have instead gone for some sweet and dessert treats from Canada, France, and Italy. The Liquid Nation range features an 80% VG mix, and is available in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, 6, and 12mg, in either 15ml or 30ml bottle capacities.


Dela Creme

A perfect creme brulee flavour that will transport you to the winding streets of Paris, De La Creme perfectly pairs a rich Vanilla Custard topped with gorgeous burnt Brown Sugar and lightly toasted Almonds.

The Almonds and caramelised Sugar comes through quite prominently at lower wattages, with notes of the Vanilla custard in the background. Higher wattages produces a more custardy taste, along with the aforementioned sugar and almonds.

It’s more of a rich vanilla custard than the sweet and sugary variety, and blended with the nutty almonds and caramelised sugar, it produces a full-flavoured and rich taste.




Maple Glaze

Maple Glaze is a gorgeous Canadian inspired donut smothered in a delicious sugary glaze, with a succulent burst of strawberry to top it off. Maple Glaze is a wonderful deep fried pastry extravaganza for the tongue.

It features more of a syrupy Strawberry rather than a freshly picked one, and the Doughnut is more starchy and bread-like than dusted in a ton of sugar.

Lower wattages seem to emphasise the donut element, with higher wattages increasing the presence of the strawberry syrup notes.




Dolce Gelato

Inspired by the Italian masters of Ice Cream, Dolce Gelato expertly blends tangy Sicilian lemon with ripe strawberries before pairing them with a perfect Italian ice cream to give a perfect summery dessert vape.

At lower wattages, the sweet Lemon comes through prominently on the inhale, backed up by undertones of Strawberry.

The Ice Cream element is more of a light and airy taste, rather than being thick and creamy, and it is the taste that remains on the exhale, after the Lemon and Strawberry have dissipated.

The Gelato Ice Cream is more prominent at higher wattages, adding the icy blend to the sweet and tart Lemon and Strawberry mix.


If you have any questions about Liquid Nation, or any of our other products, please contact our team.

Vape Maintenance Tips


While it’s of the utmost importance to stay safe while vaping, we can forget that our tanks, mods, and even our eliquids also need some love and care to keep them running smoothly, and tasting their best. This guide aims to help you keep your equipment and eliquid in tip-top condition, but for safety tips please see our safety tips for vaping guide.


  • To keep your eliquid at its best once opened, always replace the lid and store in a cool and dark place, away from heat and sunlight.
  • Some eliquids may become crystalised due to some of the ingredients used, menthol is one good example of this. If you find your eliquid has become crysalised, leave it to warm up in a bowl of warm water.


  • To maintain your coil and optimise it’s longevity, always use within the recommended wattage or temperature range, and start from the bottom. Putting too much power into your coil will increase the potential for it to burn out, and it will be rendered useless.
  • Some vapers will rinse out a used coil and reuse it, and while this may work for a little while and can extend the life of the coil, we generally don’t recommend as cleaning with tap water can leave residue and bacteria on the coil that will remain when dried.


  • We always recommend cleaning your tank every two weeks; changing to a fresh coil is always good reason to give the whole thing a clean. Clearomiser tanks can become clogged over time and will need to be cleaned to remain functional. Not maintaining your tank can increase the potential for things to go wrong. If you’re unsure of how to clean your tank, please see our guide.
  • Always store your tank in an upright position, especially with tanks that have airflow systems. Leaving a tank on its side will very likely cause it to leak, as surprisingly, gravity is still a very universal force of nature.


  • Similar to your tank, ensure your mod is clean from excess eliquid and debris, as the oily nature of eliquids can mean your mod can become difficult to hold and can slip from grasp. This also applies to the 510 thread, as it can become difficult to screw a tank on if the threading has been compromised.


  • Please ensure spare batteries are stored correctly, ideally in a protective sleeve so they cannot be knocked, scratched, or dented
  • It’s handy to label and date your batteries, so you can tell how long you’ve been using them. Generally we don’t advise using a battery consistently for longer than a year.

This is not an exhaustive list, and we always advise to do further research to get a comprehensive understanding of the nature of these devices. These are also tips on keeping your equipment and eliquid in the best condition, for information on staying safe, please see our safety tips for vaping and safety tips for batteries guide.

Vape Wild: An Overview

Vape Wild

Vape Wild: An Overview

While most USA produced eliquids seem to be a product of the Californian bubble, Vape Wild reside in Dallas, Texas. They pride themselves on creating the perfect balance between excellent flavours, and great value for money for their customers, and having a great old time while doing it! Customer satisfaction is their number one priority, and with the ethos; Enthusiasm, not sarcasm! Check out their legendary Space Pawn ejuice.

Using only the highest quality pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients, Vape Wild can be considered similar to the tailors of great ejuice (without the hefty price tag), as they also custom create bespoke eliquids in a variety of nicotine strengths, as well as VG/PG consistencies.

Vape Wild Range

Vape Wild E-Liquid Ingredients

Vape Wild’s flavour profiles cover quite a range of different tastes, and include refreshing iced fruits, citrus cereals, along with a blueberry pies, and a classic vanilla custard. The pre-steeped range is available in a 30ml bottle size with 65% VG for a fairly rounded vape experience, both smooth and full of flavour. These will be available in a range of nicotine strengths from 0 to 18mg (0, 3, 6, 12, and 18mg).

Vape Wild E-Liquid Flavours

vape-wild-eliquid-murica-vapeclub-ukMurica E-Liquid by Vape Wild

Inspired by the fruity ice lollies we used to get from the Ice Cream Van on a hot summers day, Murica from Vape Wild is characterized by blue raspberries, red cherries, and a tart lemon and lime to finish.

vape-wild-eliquid-fruit-hoops-vapeclub-ukFruit Hoops E-Liquid by Vape Wild

Vape wild’s Fruit Hoops is characterized by a bowl of citrusy fruit cereal, dunked in a pool of sugary cereal-infused milk. An homage to a certain American brand of breakfast cereal, that shall not be named.

On Cloud Custard E-Liquid by Vape Wildvape-wild-eliquid-on-cloud-custard-vapeclub-uk

On Cloud Custard from Vape Wild is, surprisingly, a vanilla custard themed eliquid, and features full and creamy overtones of vanilla custard, delicately finished with a big ol’ dollop of… vanilla custard

Cowboy Cooler E-Liquid by Vape Wildvape-wild-eliquid-cowboy-cooler-vapeclub-uk

A complex blend of mixed berries and menthol, Cowboy Cooler from Vape Wild is a tart and refreshing blend that balances both flavours exceptionally well.

(S+C)2 E-Liquid by Vape Wildvape-wild-eliquid-sc2-vapeclub-uk

Vape Wild’s (S+C)2 contains their unique formula for a legendary blend of cream and strawberries. Basically, it’s strawberries and cream, multiplied. By two.

Smurf Cake E-Liquid by Vape Wildvape-wild-eliquid-smurf-cake-vapeclub-uk

Smurf Cake from Vape Wild has a definitively blue theme to it, and is characterized by Blueberries, Milky Cream, and accurately finished with a delicious crunchy pie crust.

Peache Guavara E-Liquid by Vape Wildvape-wild-eliquid-peache-guavara-vapeclub-uk

A revolutionary blend of fruits, Vape Wild’s Peache Guavara is a delectable mingling of exotic Guavas and the familiar taste of sweet, summer-time Peaches.

Circus Bear E-Liquid by Vape Wildvape-wild-eliquid-circus-bear-vapeclub-uk

Circus Bear from Vape Wild is a delectable blend of fresh and fruity Strawberries and Bananas, and is finished with the now classic dollup of creamy custard.