Aspire Atlantis Evo Vape Tank: Overview


The Atlantis Evo is the new and updated version of Aspire’s Atlantis tank series, having been given a design overhaul, along with a more stylish look. The Evo has a small 2ml capacity of juice to be TPD compliant, although an optional 4ml extension is available. The tank includes a 0.4ohm (Ω) pre-installed Clapton coil, an extra 0.5Ω Clapton coil, replacement Pyrex glass (4ml) with an adapter, and a rubber cuff.aspire-atlantis-evo-tank-uk-l

The Evo is the improved version of its predecessor, the excellent Atlantis V2 tank, however Aspire have also looked to their recent Cleito tank for influence. The 2ml Evo is smaller than the Cleito, but with the optional 4ml Pyrex glass extention, it’s similar in size. The Evo also has a top fill, giving the option to drip or pour your liquid in.

The Evo also now has four spacious airflow holes, allowing for some smooth vaping, although one potential downside is that all airflows will have to be equally open or closed, which may limit fine tuning the airflow.

Aspire have improved the coils by increasing the cotton exposure holes, allowing high VG juice to travel easier to the coil system and having lower wick points.

In addition, Aspire has made the Evo coils with using the Clapton wind so that vapers get the best flavour out of their Evo. Thankfully Aspire have also allowed for backwards compatibility of previous coils for the Aspire Triton and Atlantis tanks, giving a wide variety of available choices to use with the Evo.

The Evo has a unique ‘top hat’ look with its wide drip tip, constructed of heat-resistant Delrin. There’s also an option for the user to replace it with an alternative 510 drip tip for tank personalisation. However, the drip tip on the Evo doesn’t contain a secondary airflow that the Atlantis V2 introduced previously.

Unfortunately for Temperature Control users, the Evo does not come with TC coil as standard, although coils from the Atlantis V2 and Triton tanks can be used.

The Evo offers a range of customisable options, with its two different tank sizes, as well as a range of available coils. Users of the Atlantis V2 and Triton tanks may look to this as a solid upgrade, as it still allows for backwards compatibility with coils from both previous tanks. Cloud chasers will enjoy the Evo’s wide airflow system, although this cannot be personalised as much as some my like, as the airflow has to be equally opened or closed on all sides. Nevertheless, Aspire have put out a solid successor to their Atlantis range, taking inspiration and influence from the excellent Cleito, but remaining a firm successor to the Atlantis and Atlantis V2 tanks.


If you have any questions about the Atlantis Evo or Cleito tanks, or any of the other products on our site, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Smok TFV8 Tank: A Vape Overview


smok-tfv8-tank-ukWith a clear reputation for innovation, Smok are always looking for ways to bring us the next best thing, having brought out a flurry of excellent devices, such as the Stick One Basic and Plus Kit, as well as the H-Priv 220W. Back in 2015 they released the TFV4 Tank to great reviews, with the TFV4 Mini and Micro quickly following behind. Smok have clearly decided to take things to the next level with their “Cloud Beast”, the turbo-charged TFV8 tank.

The TFV8 is designed predominantly for the cloud chasers and flavour chasers, having even larger coils than its predecessor. The Cloud Beast is able to hold a maximum of 6ml of eLiquid, and comes as standard with a V8-T8 0.15ohm (Ω) Octuple atomiser (eight coils), as well as the V8-Q4 Quadtuple coil (four coils).

There’s also a Rebuildable (RBA) section included, and this comes with a prebuilt 0.28Ω V8 Turbo RBA Head, as well as familiar accessories such as vape bands, replacement glass tube, and other spares.

Like others in the TFV4 family, the TFV8 has a top filling system, but this has been revamped with an increase in the size of both the refill slot, making it more convenient to refill, as well as with the central airflow chamber.

Additional improvements Smok have made over the original TFV4 include a newly designed airflow that has two enlarged airflow slots, as well as the increased size of the central chimney. This allows for a much cooler and airier vape, with a more efficient flow of air.


The drip tip is now constructed of heat-resistant Delrin, although it does not feature the additional adjustable airflow that the TFV4 had. Also the RBA section features a velocity-style deck, allowing for a more convenient installation of coils, with some prebuilt 0.28Ω Clapton coils already installed.

With an increase in just about all areas, the TFV8 allows for extreme high wattages with their innovative Turbo coils, with an easy 180W reachable with the coils that come with the box.

On the downside, due to the construction of the extreme low-resistance coils, the TFV8 is a bonafide gas-guzzler and will race through juice like it’s Le Mans in 24 minutes.

The very low resistance of these coils also means the TFV8 will require a considerable amount of power to use optimally, which will be a big drain on battery power.

Bear in mind that this tank is the vaping equivalent of the Saturn 5 rocket, and needs a huge amount of power to get going. Therefore Smok’s TFV8 Cloud Beast would be most suitable for vapers looking to push their vaping experience to the flavour and cloud limit, and for those not particularly concerned about conserving eLiquid.

We don’t recommend this tank for those looking for an easy going mouth-to-lung vaping experience, as the TFV8 is really designed for the complete opposite.



If you have any questions about Smok’s TFV8 tank that we haven’t answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Aspire Nautilus X: Vape Tank Overview


The original Aspire Nautilus tank took vape culture by storm, being a solid and dependable mouth-to-lung tank for both new and burgeoning vapers, as well as seasoned veterans. The Aspire Nautilus X tank is the next stage in the Nautilus’ journey, with its transformation influenced very much by Aspire’s recent Cleito design. The Nautilus X has been specifically designed to produce a high quality vaping experience and excellent flavour, all in a high resistance, mouth-to-lung style.

Measuring 45mm in height and 22mm in width, Aspire has given the Nautilus X a capacity of 2.0ml, similar to the Nautilus Mini. While the full-size Nautilus managed a large 5ml capacity, Aspire have clearly decided to make the Nautilus X as compliant as they can with the TPD, with a 2ml max capacity.


Aspire have revamped the coil construction for the Nautilus X by creating the new U-Tech coil technology, adding a U shaped chamber in the coil which makes the vapour flow through the airflow system twice before being inhaled, increasing the flavour production like never before.

The tank has been redesigned to be leak resistant, along with an additional top-airflow that can be adjusted, and additionally, they have added a top filling system which can be used by simply screwing the top off. This allows refilling of the Nautilus X to be both quick and clean, and done in a matter of a few seconds.

One interesting feature with the Aspire Nautilus X tank is its ability to replace the standard Pyrex glass with a larger size. The standard kit comes with the 2.0ml capacity Pyrex glass, although the tank can be expanded in size by using the Pyrex glass included with the Aspire Cleito tank, allowing the Nautilus X to be transformed from standard 2.0ml  into a double-capacity 4.0ml tank, but this does require a 4.0ml adapter chimney.

Included with the Nautilus X is a spare glass tube (2ml), incase of any accidental drops or knocks. There’s also preinstalled 1.8ohm coil, along with a replacement 1.5ohm coil in the box.. Due to the high resistance of the coils, the Nautilus X is ideally used between 10-18 watts.

As a very compact tank, the Nautilus X will easily fit flush onto most of the smaller mods, although the capacity is rather small for vapers looking for a setup to last all day. Designed predominantly for those looking for excellent flavours rather than big clouds, the Aspire Nautilus X tank is best used with a mouth-to-lung style.

An excellent starter tank for beginners looking to come into vaping a little higher than with the very entry level CE5 clearomizers, it’s also a great upgrade from the basic aforementioned tanks, but the Nautilus X would also be a solid addition to a seasoned vaper looking for a reliably excellent easy-going high resistance device.


Eleaf iPower 80W: A Vape Overview


eleaf-ipower-mod-woodThe successor to the iStick 50w; Eleaf’s iPower boasts a huge 5000-mAh built-in battery, along with a maximum output of 80W, and range of modes that include Temperature Control (TC), Variable Wattage (VW), Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR), Bypass, and the brand new Smart Mode.

Eleaf took the iStick 50w and redesigned it from the ground up, giving it a sleek and classy finish, and in a range of different colours.

The iPower’s wattage output ranges from 1w up to 80w, with the resistance range of between 0.1 – 3.5ohm in VW, and 0.05 – 1.5ohm in TC mode. The temperature range in TC mode (Stainless Steel, Ni200, Titanium and TCR (M1, M2 & M3) ranges between 100 – 315C, or 200 – 615F, depending on your measurement preference.

Improvements Eleaf have made include the obvious massive increase in battery capacity; the 5000mAh built in battery giving easily enough power for days, while still remaining light, and not affecting the weight of the device. It remains exceptionally lightweight.

Eleaf have also additional reset button, along with the standard click buttons for plus and minus variables. The reset button can be used by holding the ‘up’ button and the reset button together, and this is just a precaution incase the device does not power on after an upgrade.


Eleaf has also included TCR mode (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) which allows for a much more accurate reading of the heat and resistance,  and also Bypass mode giving the option to use it as a ‘mechanical mod’. We advise caution to be taken with Bypass mode, as this will have an immense drain the battery.

Smart mode is a huge improvement to the Eleaf software, allowing you to save a specific wattage with a specific tank with its resistance set, so that whenever you add that particular tank with that same resistance, the mod will load up the pre-set saved earlier.

When switching your tank for another, it will still save when reusing the previous tank.

One of the only drawbacks to the iPower is the location of its charging port, situated at the bottom for the device. While this adds a slight inconvenience for charging it, the mod itself is comfortable and perfectly sized, and the finish is sleek and looks classy making any tank look great on it.

Eleaf’s iPower 80w would be suitable for the intermediate vapers that are looking for a mod to suit all tanks, as the addition of Smart mode allows for easy swapping of flavours, having wattages saved already for particular tanks and coils. This mod will also be suitable for those looking for a mod that doesn’t need to be charged daily and those looking for a TC mode.


To speak to us about Eleaf’s iPower, or any of the other products on our site, please get in contact with us via phone or email.

Wismec Reuleaux RX200S: An Overview


wismec-reuleaux-rx200s-mod-ukFeaturing the instantly recognizable Jaybo design, Wismec’s Reuleaux RX200S features the same dimensions and excellent production quality as its predecessor; the RX200, but features some additional output modes, along with a larger screen, as well as now being dressed in the suit of its older brother, the DNA 200.

Retaining the triple 18650 battery slot, the RX200S is still just as monstrous with its a 200W output as the rest of the Wismec family, but the device now includes TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) mode which allows for a much more accurate reading of heat and resistance.

Offering a maximum of 200 watts of output (250W with a firmwire upgrade) in standard wattage mode, the RX200S can be used in Temperature Control mode with a wide range of wire types including Nickel, NiChrome, Stainless Steel, and Titanium. The large OLED screen has been increased in size from other Wismec models, measuring in at 0.96 of an inch.

Although it’s clearly a big and hefty mod, Wismec and JayBo have designed it in such a way that makes it very comfortable and ergonomic to hold in the hand, and very easy to use.


Using the RX200S in standard wattage mode allows for a resistance range of between 0.1 – 3.5ohms (Ω), allowing for both heavy subohm and easygoing mouth-to-lung vaping of your favourite eLiquid. Coils as low as 0.05Ω can be fired in Temperature Control (TC) mode with relative ease, and this mode features a maximum output temperature of 315°C; 15 degrees more than its predecessor.

You may have noticed Wismec’s DNA200 mod on the market, which does appear very similar to the RX series, but has almost double the price tag. The reason for this is mainly due to the DNA200’s formidable chipset, which took the vape world by storm, and raised the bar in terms of boxmod performance.

The RX200S is no less spectacular than the DNA200, and is the same in almost every way. It does lack the ‘Escribe’ software that comes with the DNA200, and also features a simplified menu, but this makes using the device even easier, meaning the RX200S is just as reliable as its older brother.

If you’d like to speak to us about the Wismec RX200S, or any of the other products on our website, please contact our team.

How To Install And Use Premade Coils On Your RDA


Building coils can be a slightly intimidating and daunting task, but they shouldn’t be considered completely out of the realm of possibility. They’re a great way to vape your eLiquid, although requiring a slightly different method to use properly.

If you’re interested in rebuilding, we’d recommend getting yourself some pre-built coils to use in your RDA. From regular and simplified wound coils, to the more advanced claptons and hive coils, we stock a wide range to suit every vapers need.

All you’ll need to do is select your RDA or RDTA, and use the following steps to install your pre-built coils onto the deck.

  1. Clean your RDA of eliquid, removing the cotton old coils and cotton
  2. Select and prepare your new coils
  3. Insert the new coils into the posts, and gently tighten screws to secure
  4. Centre the coil with a screwdriver, and use wire cutters to trim legs
  5. Use an ohm reader to check your resistance and make sure there are no shorting problems
  6. While firing the coils use ceramic tweezers to gently squeeze them to ensure the coils heat up evenly
  7. Cut a strip of wicking material a similar size to the coil – twist into shape
  8. Insert the cotton through each coil, trim any excess evenly, tucking the cotton into the well.
  9. Add juice until your cotton is nice and saturated
  10. VAPE!!

If you’d like to speak to us about Prebuilt coils, RDA’s, RDTA’s, or any of the other products on our website, please contact our team.

KangerTech DripBox 160W Kit: An Overview


Bridging the gap between full-on RDA territory and beginner friendliness, Kanger’s latest hybrid device is both dripper, squonk, and semi-tank. The Dripbox 160W Kit is an upgraded version of the 60W Dripbox, offering 100 more watts of output.


Powered by dual 18650’s, the DripBox is an excellent regulated device designed for vapers who are interested in dripping, but are not looking to be thrown right in at the deep end.

Similar to the DripBox 60W, this latest iteration reads coils as low as 0.2ohm (Ω), and also includes the squonk feeding tube to allow for easy rewicking of the cotton; instead of manually dripping onto your coils, there’s a squeezy 7ml bottle fitted into the mod that allows an easy ‘redripping’ of your atomiser.

Now included with the Dripbox 160W is a “velocity-style deck” with double holes on each post, making it easier to install your premade coils, and the Dripbox’s SubDrip deck is designed to offer a choice between either direct lung or mouth to lung, as the airflow can be easily adjusted to accommodate for both methods of vaping.

The previous Dripbox had a constant maximum output of 60w without offering any variable adjustments, but with the 160W, Kanger have included both adjustable wattage, ranging from 7W to 160W, and also temperature control (TC) settings, with options of Nickel, Nichrome, Titanium and Stainless steel (200F – 600F or 100C – 230C). One of the biggest changes is the inclusion of an OLED screen, which the previous DripBox lacked.


One of the downsides to the Dripbox 160W is that due to its dual 18650 battery requirements, it can be a little heavy to hand, especially for people that aren’t used to carrying around bigger and weightier devices, but overall Kanger’s Dripbox 160w is bigger and better than its predecessor, and its altered size and shape offer an improved ergonomic feeling in the hand, rather than being a detriment.

It’s inclusion of a variable wattage mode and TC options, along with its squonky mechanism make it a very easy-to-use dripping device that’s perfect for beginners, and also as a great improvement over the Dripbox 60w, if you’re thinking of upgrading

The 160W kit comes with the Subdrip deck, the Dripbox 160W, a spare squeezy bottle, an added anti spit back system, a spare deck, and some Clapton premade coils reading at 0.3ohm.

For those that are used to their usual sub-ohm tanks and do not know how to install premade coils, it is possible to purchase replaceable prebuilt coil decks that have cotton installed, similar to its predecessor, meaning you can attain the dripping experience, with none of the fiddliness of installing coils and cotton.kangertech-dripbox-160-exploded-view-l

If you have any questions about Kanger’s Dripbox 160, or any questions in general about vaping, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team.

SmokTech H-Priv 220W Kit: An Overview


smok-hpriv-tank-mod-ukThe Smok H-Priv 220W TC kit is the latest dual-18650 powered device from Smok, the successor to the beasty X Cube II. The kit includes Smok’s new H-Priv 220w TC mod along with the TFV4 Micro tank; part of Smok’s Taste Furious range. If you’re not looking for a complete kit, the H-Priv mod is also sold separately, without the tank and spare coils.

The stainless steel constructed TFV4 Micro tank holds a capacity of 2.5ml, and has the same top filling system that the Taste Furious range is known for. The kit includes a pre installed micro fused Clapton core, which reads at 0.3Ω, and an additional micro stainless steel dual core, which reads at 0.25Ω.

The H-Priv’s wattage output ranges from 6W up to 220W, with the resistance range between 0.1 – 3.0 ohm (Ω) in wattage mode, and 0.06Ω – 3.0Ω in Temperature Control mode. The temperature range in TC mode (Ni200, Stainless Steel & Titanium) is between 200F – 600F, or 100C – 315C, depending on your preference.

Smok have included a few improvements and upgrades over the H-Priv’s predecessor. They’ve improved the battery installation system with a bottom slide door, instead of having it on the side like the X Cube II. Also instead of coiled springs to hold the batteries in place and complete the electrical connection, the H-Priv now features 24k gold plated positive and negative terminals on the door, meaning the wrapping and the outside of the batteries won’t degrade with use.

The H-Priv is smaller and sleeker, and with a max output of 220 watts, it’s more powerful than the X Cube II. It also features an improved ergonomic firing mechanism, and additionally Stainless Steel (SS) has been added to the Temperature Control mode.

There’s also a slight difference in the design of the TFV4 Micro tank, as it now includes a cone-shaped drip tip, along with a ‘V’ shaped airflow channel that alters the vape experience.


Like the others in SmokTech’s Taste Furious family, the TFV4 Micro has a top refill system making it easier to refill with your favourite eLiquid. The H-Priv is also 40 grams lighter than its predecessor, weighing in at just 190g.

To keep your batteries in top condition Smok have also redesigned the battery slot, and it instead uses contact points instead of a spring to hold the batteries in place. There’s also a spare pyrex glass sleeve should your TFV4 come into contact with the floor at high speed.

Unfortunately a downside is that Smok have still not allowed for pass-through charging, and the USB cable supplied can only be used for firmware upgrades.

Smok have also removed the Bluetooth function that came with the X Cube series, which allowed the device to be paired and controlled via a phone app.

The H-Priv kit would be suitable for vapers looking for a solid and long-lasting device, as its dual-18650 batteries can offer a huge amount of battery capacity. Due to its size, the H-Priv is better suited to home use, or while on a long journey when a large amount of battery is required.

Although it’s smaller and lighter than the X Cube II, the H-Priv is probably not ideal for slipping in one’s back pocket on a night out, as its bulkiness can mean it’s difficult to carry around.




If you are interested in Smok’s H-Priv 200W Kit, or would like to speak to one of our team about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Uwell Rafale X: RDA Overview


rafale-x-rda-atty-deckWell known for their Rafale and Crown Sub Ohm Tanks, Uwell’s Rafale X RDA is a high-quality piece of vaping hardware that provides a solid RDA experience, and is yet slightly different than what you may be used to already.

Measuring 24mm in diameter, the Rafale X appears like any other RDA at first glance, but it’s under the hood where this RDA really shines, as its deck features a unique, four-post design.

However, unlike other four-post RDA’s that feature two positive and two negative posts, the Rafale X contains only one of each, and instead has a double neutral post (dummy post) in the centre.

This neutral post enables the Rafale X to do some unusual things with its coil resistance, as instead of halving it, the Rafale X instead doubles it.

For example, installing 2 x 0.5ohm (Ω) pre-made coils on any other four-post RDA would give it a reading of 0.25Ω, but using the Rafale X’s neutral posts would instead give a reading of 1.0Ω, using a Dual Coil build.


There are two ways of building a deck with the Rafale X; either as a traditional RDA using only the outer posts, meaning the resistance of the coils will half (if using dual coils), or alternatively all four posts can be used, which will double the resistance, as mentioned above.

If you prefer to build on it like a traditional RDA (using the outer posts) then you can take the centre neutral post out. This offers much more room to build, and allows the deck to be enlarged and spaced out more, allowing for complex builds such as Claptons, fused Claptons, Parallels, Verticals, and many more combinations to be installed.

Another great feature included with the Rafale X is its corkscrew-shaped ASB (Anti Spit Back) drip tip system, which ensures that you won’t get hot eliquid spat back at your throat when firing it up.

The Rafale X is recommended for advanced users that are familiar with installing pre-built coils and ohms law. We always advise going into a vape shop and speaking to someone directly regarding RDA’s, and we don’t recommend using an RDA unless you have an understanding of Ohm’s Law, and possess an ohms reader.


If you’d like to speak to us about the Rafale X RDA, or any of the other products on our website, please contact our team.

How To Check Your Vape Device Is Geniune


The unprecedented increase in the popularity of eCigarettes and vape devices in the last few years has led to some factories and small businesses taking advantage of the rolling vape train, by creating replicas and copies of some of the more popular products on the current commercial market; more commonly known as clones. If the price seems too good to be true, chances are that it probably is.

Unfortunately many unscrupulous individuals take advantage of these imitations, and will try to pass off a cheaper clone as an original product. To combat this, the vast majority of well-established vape companies have tried to eliminate this by introducing a series of authentication and verification checks.

Here at Vape Club we only source the genuine article, the real McCoy’s, but if you’re at all concerned about the origin of your device; here’s our handy guide to help with verifying your vape device.












Verify Your Aspire Product

One of the biggest vaping brands on the planet, Aspire have produced some excellent tanks and mods, including the Atlantis, Triton, and the venerable Nautilus tank.

As such, Aspire do seem to suffer from the attack of the clones, and there have been many copies made of their well-known tanks, some of which are almost identical to the authentic original, at least on the outside.

Aspire’s authentication is located on the reverse of the product box, usually located at the bottom. It features a code that’s covered by a ‘scratch and check’ label, and once scratched off will reveal the verification code.

This code can then be authenticated via Aspire’s official website, a link to which is situated at the top of this section. Once entered, Aspire will then inform you of whether the code is genuine or not.




Verify Your Eleaf

Eleaf are well known for their solid and dependable iStick range of mods, as well as their Melo III clearomiser. Their tanks and devices are often very good value for money and quite affordable, and due to this its not often there’s news of an Eleaf clone.

Nevertheless, it hasn’t stopped imitators from producing their own versions, and there have been a few reports of copies around.

Like many of the other brands Eleaf’s verification can be found on the back of the product box, located towards the bottom. Alongside the serial number (S/N), the label at the bottom of the box will have a code that’s covered by a ‘scratch and check’, and once scratched off will reveal the anti-counterfeiting code.

Take this code to the dedicated Batch Code page of the Eleaf website (accessible via the link above), and enter it in to authenticate your device.



Verify Your Efest

Unfortunately there are a large number of fake 18650 batteries going around on the vape market, and we always recommend purchasing your batteries from a trusted and reputable source.

It’s difficult to tell whether a battery is fake just by looking at it, as the colouring and casing is likely to be very similar to the original, and sometimes even in terms of having a similar performance. The only real way to tell is by testing the battery under load, but this can be difficult for most people as they’re unlikely to have the proper testing equipment.

Efest have provided an anti-counterfeit sticker for their batteries, located on the battery itself. Once entered, the 20-digit authentication number will then disclose the date when the code was verified first, and how many times the code has been entered since. If you’ve just purchased a new battery, this figure should be ‘one’.




Verify Your Innokin

Producing some exceptional and reliable mods such as the Cool Fire series, as well as the robust iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro, Innokin are a solid and dependable choice for a lot of vapers out there.

While there does seem to be as many copies and clones of Innokin products as much as some of the other mainstream brands, there still have been stories of a few Innokin copies floating around.

To ensure you’re receiving one of their genuine products, Innokin have provided a scratch-and-check authentication sticker, which can be found on the reverse of the box.

Once entered, you’ll then be able to confirm whether your product was indeed made following the high standards at Innokin.



Verify Your Joyetech

Joyetech’s eGrip has become one of the most recognisable vape devices on the planet, with countless a vaper having used the renowned device since its inception a few years ago now.

Having been at the forefront of pioneering technologies, seemingly with their metaphorical finger consistently on the pulse, Joyetech have developed some truly outstanding pieces of kit.

As such, its no surprise that clones and copycats exist on the market, although surprising for such basic devices as the eGo battery!

Similar to many of the other manufacturers, Joyetech include a security code on their products, available via the standard scratch and check method.

One you’ve got your code, simply head to the official Joyetech site, and the security check box is located on the home page, easily visible at the bottom of the screen.




Verify Your KangerTech

If you’ve been a vaper for while now, it’s unlikely you wouldn’t have seen the name ‘KangerTech’ at least somewhere on  your travels.

A name that’s arguably become synonymous with vaping, Kanger’s products are easily some of the most variable devices on the current market, and are often the first choice for those looking to take up vaping.

As one of the biggest manufactures on the planet, Kanger’s wide range of products have all been reported to be cloned at some point, the humble Sub Tank being one of the biggest victims.

Kanger have provided an ID code, located on a sticker that also contains a holographic Kanger sticker, as well as a scannable QR code. Simply enter the ID code onto the Kanger authentication page to verify your device.



Verify Your NiteCore

NiteCore were for a long time much more well known in the utility industry, providing their excellent battery chargers for heavy-duty flashlights and outdoor pursuits.

But since the 18650 battery has gained another use, and become a much more prevalent accessory within the vaping industry, NiteCore’s customer base has been greatly expanded.

Within the reports of cloned NiteCore chargers, details range from having only slightly different coloured packaging and only minor inconsistencies between the genuine and fake device, to glaring errors in both text and content, as well as manufacturing quality

Like many of the other vape manufactures, NiteCore provide a simple scratch off check in order to validate their products, usually located on the top of the box, along with a QR code and a link to the site. Simply enter the code in, and ensure your product is genuine.


SmokSmok Verification

Verify Your SmokTech

As another one of the vaping industries big swingers, SmokTech are well known the world over for their powerful Taste Furious range of clearomiser tanks, as well as their innovations in coils and power output.

Similar to the other bigger manufacturers, Smok have seen a flurry of clones of their devices on the market, and on the surface, some can be very difficult to tell that they are simple imitations.

Smok provide a sixteen-digit authentication code, revealable under the familiar scratch and check security method, which is usually located on a sticker on the back of the box.

Head to the Smok site via the link and enter the code in to ensure your Smok product is the real McCoy.



Verify Your Tesla

While arguably not as globaly well known as Kanger, Aspire, and the other mainstream vape manufacturers, Tesla have also been at the forefront of vape trailblazing.

Known for their Stealth devices, as well as the diminutive Tesla 60W, their range of excellent devices have also unfortunately fallen foul to the folly of fakes, with cloned Tesla devices quite easily found on the internet.

All you’ll need to do to ascertain the authenticity of your Tesla product, take a look at the back of the product box to find Tesla’s authentication system, unsurprisingly with a scratch and check label.

Simply scratch it off, head to the Tesla website, and enter the code in.



Verify Your Wismec

Instantly recognisable by many from their distinctive designs and aesthetics, Wismec’s products are among some of the most coveted vaping devices around, often considered to be in the higher tier of quality.

Both Wismec’s DNA200 and more recent Reuleaux RX200S have increasing reports of clones and fakes, both online and on the high street.

Ensure you’ve received a genuine Wismec device by taking a peek at the back of the product box.

Situated on a label with a QR code will also be the product’s serial number, as well as the scratch and check code you’ll need to use to authenticate the device. Once Wismec’s site, locate their dedicated support page and enter your code in.


This is not an exhaustive list, and more information will be added as and when new products are available, or updates are made. If you’re concerned about the authenticity of your product, or would like to speak to our team about anything else, please contact our team.