11 Amazing Summer Flavours

The Summer is here! Probably anyway – bit hard to tell with all the grey clouds in the way. But the party-pooping clouds will disperse soon enough and the sun will eventually shine down upon us whereupon we will immediately start complaining that it’s too bloody hot. Keeping cool isn’t so difficult though and there are plenty of e-liquid flavours to help us make the most of the summer months ahead.

You Can’t Fault This E-Juice Flavour

For two weeks of every summer we all become tennis fanatics as we cheer on Andy and Laura as well as our favourite players as they battle for supremacy on the hallowed grass courts of South West London. As tradition dictates, the experience is never complete without munching on some strawberries and cream in between rain breaks so load up on some Strawberry e-liquid to accompany the biff and baff of Wimbledon’s finest.

Show Me What You’re Vaping With

If you’re keen on strawberries but want a little extra something for your summer vapes, then milkshake yo ass and watch ya self vaping some Strawberry Milkshake e-liquid. It’s sweet and creamy, perfectly balancing the strawberry flavour with the smooth, Mystikally milky tones. Apparently it can also have the effect of bringing all the boys to the yard, which is nice.


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Open Your Mind to the Vaping Possibilities

Black Jack e-liquid tastes just like the old school treats, with the classic liquorice and aniseed flavour you remember from your childhood. This unique e-juice makes for a perfect summer vape due to the interesting flavour that will excite your senses and enlighten your mind to all the wonderful possibilities that life has to offer or at least just taste really nice. Definitely one or the other.

Enjoying the View While Vaping

If you’re anything like me, then this Bubblegum flavour e-liquid will remind you of beautiful 20-something young women wearing lovely little summer dresses while blowing provocative bubbles with their scented gum. Of course, if you’re anything like me then pretty much everything will remind you of lovely young women in little summer dresses as that’s pretty much all I can think about.

Vape It Is

There’s rarely a more reinvigorating experience during the height of the summer than chugging back on an ice cold fizzy drink. You can recreate that experience in your e-cigarette by vaping on this Red Cola e-liquid, which features the refreshing fizz of ice cold cola with a wonderfully soothing after taste. And the best thing is that this fizzy cola sensation won’t rot your teeth away to nothing. Happy days!

A Vape a Day Keeps the Cravings Away

Few fruits are as directly refreshing as apples, so it makes sense to stock up on some Apple e-liquid during the hot months. Cool and crisp, this e-juice will keep you relaxed and stress-free during even the hottest part of the day. It also affords you the opportunity to pass your vape around for your friends to try before loudly demanding ‘How do ya like them apples!’

Come Together, Right Now, Over E (Liquid)

Apples do have some rivals however. In fact, you might say they’re not the only fruit! Oh wait, that’s oranges. Anyway, this Lemon & Lime e-liquid boasts two of the most refreshingly fruity flavours for the price of one. Packing a synergetic citrus fusion, this ultimate summer e-juice will leave a fantastically tangy after taste which I would describe as a party in your mouth if I hadn’t already used up my quota of bad pop culture puns.

I Don’t Like Vaping (I Love It)

No summer is complete without enjoying some tasty tropical flavours to enhance the sunshine. And whether it’s pineapples or coconuts, there’s nothing better than washing the whole lot down with a dash or twenty of rum. If only some e-juice company had the smarts to concoct a Pineapple Coconut Rum flavoured e-liquid. What’s that, they have? Well then, forget the summer. My whole life is complete.

All Aboard the Minty Fresh Vaping Express

Another famous summer drink you should all be having a few of over the summer months is the marvellous Mojito with it’s citrus infusions, mint essence and, of course, some more of that lovely rum. This Mojito e-liquid is the way to go if you want some minty fresh summer flavours dancing across your senses while you vape.

I Just Want a Melon

Madrina e-liquid by Suicide Bunny is a special concoction from the renowned US e-juice company which combines juicy melon flavour with a relaxingly creamy after taste. This is an e-juice for those long summer evenings spent shooting the breeze with your pals as you set the world to rights. Perfectly accompanied by a large bottle of rum, I imagine.

The Perfect Summer Vape?

Another awesome summer e-juice by Suicide Bunny is their Sucker Punch e-liquid flavour, which is a magical mystery tour of all sorts of fruity flavours. Perfect for vaping while watching the sunset disappear over the horizon as your taste buds and sense of smell encounter new and exciting sensations with every inhalation.


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