5 Ways Switching from Smoking to Vaping Makes You Sexier

Becoming sexier than we usually are can be an awkward process of trial and error. We can try out new hairdos and even experiment with skinny jeans and short shorts, but the facts are that sexiness is more often than not a state of mind. There are some physical things we can take care of to enhance our natural sexiness, but if you’re a smoker than those particular physical traits are seriously suffering from a distinct lack of sexiness exactly because of your smoking habit. Read on to discover the five genuine ways you can become sexier by switching from smoking tobacco to vaping electronic cigarettes.

Fresher Breath

You could be the most handsome and beautiful person in the world, but if your breath smells like an ashtray then you’re going to severely limit your chances of romance. To a non-smoker, a smoker’s breath is pretty grim. You might not notice it yourself because all your years of smoking have made you accustomed to it. But think about how much more you notice the smell of cigarettes when you haven’t had one for a while, then multiply that by a thousand for people who don’t smoke at all. You don’t think it’s that noticeable, but in reality your breath stinks to high heaven.

Switching your tobacco cigarettes for an electronic cigarette solves this problem immediately, as the vapour from an e-cig doesn’t leave any lingering odour on your breath. The vapour itself is only just about noticeable if it is flavoured, and only then if you blow it in someone’s face and they have a keen nose. And if you’re vaping strawberry e-liquid and thus exhale strawberry-toned vapour into someone’s face, then they’ll get the vague hint of strawberries and nothing else.

Body Odour

Your breath isn’t the only part of you affected badly by the lingering odours of tobacco. It clings to your clothes and your hair, while the skin on your fingers which hold the cigarette while you smoke will reek of stale tobacco smoke too. It’s not a pleasant smell and there’s a good reason why you don’t see Stale Tobacco by Calvin Klein on the cologne shelf of the toiletries aisle of your local supermarket.

If you’re a smoker and you’re currently giving your fingers a good sniff, try asking the nearest non-smoker to you to have a quick smell as well. You might be a little shocked at how much you reek of the stuff. That same stink is on all the clothes you wear while smoking and it’s in your hair. It’s definitely not sexy either, in case you were wondering. You can sexy yourself up though by sacking the cigarettes and satisfying your nicotine cravings by getting an e-cigarette starter kit instead. E-cig vapour doesn’t cling to your clothes or your hair and certainly doesn’t make your skin reek either.

Cleaner Teeth

Apart from a few things which are probably not suitable to go into detail about here, there’s nothing sexier than a nice smile. Problem is that there are also loads of foodstuffs and drinks which stain our teeth and dim their natural niceness. The pigments of dark coloured sauces and beverages like tea and coffee get caught in the microscopic ridges on the enamel of our teeth and keep gathering there until a trip to the dentist is in order to clean it all out. There is, however, no worse offender than the tar in cigarette smoke.

It’s the tar in tobacco that stains teeth more than any other food or drink. Tar, incidentally, that isn’t present in the vapour of an electronic cigarette. Protecting your smile by switching from smoking to vaping will eventually help brighten your smile so you can start breaking hearts with just a little flash of those pearly whites. Obviously, you’ll still need to take care of any stain build-ups that come from your food and drinks, but the largest contributor to yellow teeth would have been removed. Dentists everywhere agree with this, and I’m sure it has nothing to do with them wanting you to stop smoking so they don’t have to put up with your stinky fag breath.

Healthier Body

There’s no need to go into too much detail about this one as we all know the health implications of smoking tobacco cigarettes. It’s worth noting one of the immediate physical benefits though as it undoubtedly increases your sexiness, and that benefit is an increase of stamina due to your improved lung capacity. The effect on our breathing that smoking tobacco has is devastating. Stairwells become Mount Doom while the mere thought of jogging or another sustained physical exercise is enough to make you feel tired. And that, folks, just isn’t sexy.

Vaping doesn’t put any toxic smoke filled with carcinogens into your lungs so switching to vaping will allow your lungs to recover their previous capacity which in turn will make stairs less scary and increase your ability to indulge in sustained physical activities including those that happen mostly in the bedroom. And that, folks, is pretty damn sexy.

Increased Stamina

Healthier Mind

Considering how well known the dangers of smoking are these days, it’s a wonder why anyone still does it, especially now there is an healthier alternative source of nicotine in e-cigarettes. While us ex-smokers will understand why somebody is a current smoker, it’s the people who have never smoked who wonder about the sanity and intelligence of those who continue to smoke. Quitting the cigarettes and vaping instead shows that not only have you realised that something was wrong, but also that you have the strength to do something about it.

Vaping reveals that you recognised you were doing yourself and others around you harm by smoking, but that you have sought to mend your ways and find a better solution that is less harmful to you and everybody else. Becoming a vaper means you’re a problem solver and a protector of other people who breathe the same air as you. That’s a very sexy state of mind to have and you can have it too. So sack the cigarettes and make the switch to vaping. A sexier you awaits.


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