5 Ways Vaping Instead of Smoking Makes You a Better Human Being


There is one thing about vaping that I’ve grown to love almost as much as the fact that it’s so much less damaging to my health than smoking. And that’s the complete and utter lack of guilt.

Any smokers or ex-smokers know that feeling of being an outcast that smoking so often gives you. But that feeling isn’t just because they’ve been kicked outside or some presumably uptight person starts coughing loudly on purpose every time they light up. It’s because that, deep down inside, they know they are wrong to smoke. I knew it when I smoked, and so do any smokers reading this. Those of you who’ve just started pouting defiantly can just stop right now. In the words of ‘acclaimed poet’ Bryan Adams, search your heart.

That guilty feeling, no matter how buried inside it might be, was never actually a factor in my decision to try vaping. It didn’t occur to me at all, but now I have made the switch and only vape, it’s a weight off my shoulders that I was so used to that I barely even noticed it any more. Now, apart from the obvious health implications of stopping smoking, I’ve been thinking about all the other reasons why that guilty feeling has disappeared. So, here are the top five reasons why we are better human beings for switching from smoking to vaping.

1. You’re Causing Less Pollution

Congratulations! If you have recently made the switch from smoking to vaping then you are no longer responsible for polluting the air we breathe with over 4,000 chemicals, around 70 of which are known to cause cancer. As the Clean Air Council explains, the pollution from smoking is two-fold because firstly there is the smoke constantly emitted from the end of the burning cigarette, and secondly the smoke exhaled into the air after inhalation. The United States Environmental Protection Agency class tobacco’s smoke as a pollutant and a Group A carcinogen. They estimate that passive smoking is responsible for up to 40,000 deaths a year from lung cancer and heart disease in the US alone. And ‘passive smoking’ being responsible ultimately means that smokers are responsible. But not vapers.

2. You’re Creating Less Rubbish

Many smokers skip and whistle through life under the impression that the cigarette butts they litter the floor with are biodegradable. This is a myth. There have been many studies carried out into how long a discarded cigarette butt takes to fully decompose, and the quickest time ever recorded was a whole year. Most studies though have it much longer at up to 12 years, while other studies have shown that many cigarette butts never fully decompose at all, as the filters are made from a material that never fully breaks down. Even if you dispose of your butts responsibly, those butts are still somewhere on the earth, years later, still being the nasty little things they are.

3. You’re No Longer Stinking up the Place

Forget the pollution of the air and earth for a second, and just remember how much cigarettes just plain stink. The smoke lingers and clings to pretty much anything. Long after the cigarette has been extinguished, its smoke and smell is still detectable in the air, on clothing, hair, skin and breath. Even spraying air freshener and taking a shower after every cigarette doesn’t help combat the bad smells, as the stink also sticks to walls, carpets and other people. If you’ve switched to vaping already, then you’ll know that e-cigarette vapour dissipates very quickly and only briefly smells of the flavour it has been infused with, which is usually something sweet or fruity. Sometimes it’s even a shame that the vapour scent doesn’t linger for longer.

Smoker in Bed

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4. You’re No Longer Contributing to Tobacco Companies’ Profits

These are the guys that still peddle tobacco even though it’s one of society’s biggest killers. These are the guys that for years covered up tobacco’s harmful effects to ensure their profit margins weren’t affected. These are the guys that use their massive profits (it’s still an $80billion industry) to influence government legislation in their favour. Be careful though, as tobacco companies have started buying up e-cigarette manufacturers to get themselves a piece of the new pie. Make sure to only buy vaping gear from independent e-cigarette retailers and manufacturers. The smoking problem was created by the tobacco companies, and they should not profit from the solution.

5. You Are Inspiring Others to Quit Smoking

By publically vaping, you help to normalise the use of electronic cigarettes. Many smokers are still unaware of how much vaping can help with quitting tobacco, so vapers all around the world have something of a duty to spread the message and make it known that there is a solution to the quitting problem. Being a proud vaper sends that message loud and clear. So tell your smoking friends and tell your smoking neighbours, tell any smoker who will listen: the vaping revolution is here. No more stinking up the place. No more sinister second-hand smoke. And no more lining the pockets of the people who created the problem in the first place.

Viva la vape-olution!

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