6 Perfect E juices for A First Date

Massively increase your chances of success on the dating scene by switching from smoking tobacco cigarettes to vaping e-cigarettes. The absolute worst thing about smoking tobacco, aside from the serious health implications, is the terrible stink it inflicts on your breath, hair and clothes. For the vast majority of people, it’s a big tick in the ‘No’ column when deciding on a potential partner’s suitability. Just leaving your cigarettes at home for the evening might seem like a quick fix, but then you’re going to get itchy for a smoke, perhaps even a little irritable.

Make the switch to vaping now as not only will you smell so much better, it will also be an interesting talking point for you and your date, and we all need plenty of those during first dates where awkward silences can be the death knell of compatibility. Once you’ve made the switch, all that’s left is to decide which e-liquid flavour is ideal for a first date. Luckily, there are a quite a few schools of thought so here’s a list of six of the best e-liquid flavours to enjoy on a first date vape.


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Menthol E-Juice to Keep Your Mouth Fresh

Nothing ruins your prospects of the first date going further than a bout of bad breath. It can happen to anyone, from a simple bit of lunch stubbornly stuck in your teeth to full blown halitosis. Even if we just suspect there’s a chance we might be suffering from bad breath, it can severely affect our self-confidence which in turn affects our chances of impressing our date. Regular vapes on some Menthol Ice e-liquid will help boost your confidence by giving you a fresh feeling in your mouth and on your breath.

Vape to Impress with Champagne E-Juice

Are you a wining and dining, smooth-talking Casanova with a penchant for the finer things in life? Me neither, but that doesn’t mean we can’t pretend every now and then, especially when we’re trying to impress someone on a first date. Roll out the Champagne flavoured e-liquid on such occasions to reveal yourself as a person of exquisite taste. Just don’t let your date see the Primark label on your jacket.


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Stay Smooth with French Vanilla E-Juice

Beware boasting of your champagne flavoured e-liquid though if your tipple during dinner is a bottle of house red. If you’re vaping during your date, then it’s likely the subject of vaping is going to be raised by your date at some point. This is an opportunity to reveal yourself as someone who wants to make positive changes to the world as you describe your valiant victory over tobacco. However, the flavour of the e-liquid will undoubtedly be enquired about. It might be wiser to describe the smooth, sweet and creamy essence of this French Vanilla e-liquid which will present you as a person of fine taste without your date wondering why the hell you didn’t buy any real champagne.

Energise Yourself with Red Energy E-Juice

As your date has already accepted your invitation for an evening of making sure you’re not an axe murderer, it’s a fair assumption that they like the look of you. Now it’s down to your personality to seal the deal, and for that you need your mind to be sharp and ready with hilarious quips and interesting anecdotes. Energise your mental capacities to the max by filling your e-cig’s tank with some Red Energy e-liquid to ensure your brain doesn’t fall asleep halfway through your date’s description of what they do for a living.


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Keep Sex on the Brain with Very Cherry E-Juice

You can always play some mind games with your date by vaping Cherry e-liquid instead, which is a fruit long associated with the deflowering of virginal young men and women. The taste and aroma is sweet and arousing, and the implanted idea is that your cherry is either there for the taking, or that you are indeed a skilled plucker of cherries. Either way, it gets the mind on the right track for the fruitiest of after-dinner treats.

Sweeten Your Kisses with Chocolate Strawberry E-Juice

Assuming all goes well, then towards the end of your evening your minds will begin to privately speculate as to what happens next between you. These thoughts will increase the closer your get to the goodbye, especially if one of you is walking the other home. Now, we know it is supposedly ungentlemanly to assume of a woman on a first date and unlady-like for a woman to be overly forward on a first date, but we also know that the right kind of goodbye kiss can very quickly turn into a ‘why don’t you come in’ kiss. It’s this very situation that Chocolate Strawberry e-liquid is perfect for. The aphrodisiac qualities of both ingredients will pack your lips with all the power they need to convince your date to invite you in for a nightcap. After that, well, you probably won’t be needing your e-cigarette for a while.


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