7 Amazing Father’s Day E juices He’ll Love

Fathers-Day-Flavours-Love-vaping-ecigFather’s Day is just around the corner, folks, and it’s time to start thinking about what to get your dear old dad for his special consumer industry-supporting celebration. Whether your father has already made the switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping electronic cigarettes, or you’re just planning on gifting him his first e-cigarette to encourage him to quit smoking tobacco, there are an abundance of e-liquid flavours you can get for the old fella which will either enhance his vaping experience or encourage him to make the switch to vaping permanently. 

Here are seven suggestions which should help you decide which e-juice flavours would make ideal presents on the day we all show our dads that they weren’t just heroes once, but that they are still heroes to us right now.

The Greatest Flavour of All Time

There aren’t too many men in this world who aren’t excited by the smell of bacon. Even if you don’t eat it, whether it’s forbidden by your religion or you have sworn off eating meat, you can’t deny the aroma of sizzling rashers is one of the most wonderful things that can happen to a human nose. For this reason, the rich and salty Bacon Flavoured E-Liquid is one of the best e-cig-related presents you can get for your dad on Father’s Day.

A Little Tipple in His Tank

If your dad is fond of a little whiskey every so often, then you might be wise to get him some Irish Cream E-Liquid, with its notes of whiskey and coffee. Just like the famous Irish Coffee which is known for its innovative blend of flavours, this Irish Cream e-juice has an authentic taste which is perfect for relaxing and unwinding with. There is also the added bonus that it won’t get him completely plastered. Well, no sooner than usual anyway.


Those Were the Days

You can provide your dad with a little bit of nostalgia in the form of Sherbet Lemon E-Liquid. While kids these days are all about chewing gum and playing Xboxes, back in your father’s day a bag of sherbet dip was the highlight of the month. This Sherbet flavoured e-juice is sweet with a tangy aftertaste – as it bloody well should be – and boasting an extremely pleasant lemony aroma.

Old School Fruitiness

If your dad has a sweet tooth and the Sherbet Lemon e-juice goes down well, why not also get him some Blackcurrant E-Liquid to compliment it. The flavour is deep, rich and reminiscent of many old school sweets and treats, while the aftertaste of this Blackcurrant e-juice is almost too good. Make sure you keep a sneaky eye on the old man while he’s having his first few pulls on this flavour. Watch as first his face looks a little confused and then relaxes as he comes to terms with the awesomeness that is currently happening on his taste buds. Expect a contemplative mood to take him afterwards as he absorbs all the new possibilities that life has to offer.

For the No-Nonsense Dads

Maybe your old man isn’t one for sweet flavours and is one of those that like to keep it simple without too much fancy stuff. If so then get him some Vanilla E-Liquid which is still richly flavoured but this time with straight down the middle vanilla. No bells and whistles, no unnecessary fancy business making your dad feel like a wally; just a thoroughly good flavour which is simply refreshing and refreshingly simple.

Dark Tobacco Flavoured E-Juice

It might be that your dad has only recently made the switch from smoking tobacco to vaping e-cigarettes and hasn’t ventured into trying all the different flavours available these days. If he likes his tobacco flavour still then you have plenty of options. If he was an old school rollie smoker then try getting him this Ancient E-Liquid which is reminiscent of the deep, strong flavour of Old Holborn rolling tobacco.

Light Tobacco Flavoured E-Juice

If he used to smoke a lighter tobacco, such as the Golden varieties, then instead get him Virginia Tobacco e-liquid, which is a smooth and full bodied rendition of the lighter Golden rolling tobacco flavour. Your dad will continue to be able to enjoy his favourite tobacco flavours without having the urge to return to actually smoking them. And let’s face it; helping him quit smoking tobacco is probably the greatest present you can possibly give him.

Father’s Day in the UK is held on the third Sunday of every June. This year, your dear old dad’s special day will fall on the 15th, which gives you plenty of time to talk him into switching to electronic cigarettes or to decide which e-liquid flavours he will probably like the most.


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