Adam Bomb Juices: An Overview

Adam Bomb juices are born and brewed in Southern California, which you might have noticed has become something of a hub for premium e-liquid creators. Adam Bomb’s collection of fruity concoctions and dessert delights is certainly a welcome addition to this ever growing group of Californian e-juice creators, but what stands them apart is their unique twists on some classic flavours.

Rather than simply develop a plain apple flavour, they have mixed in some extra dessert layers to create an apple pie flavour. While plenty of juice manufacturers have dabbled in a bubblegum flavour, Adam Bomb is the only one to infuse theirs with the refreshingly tangy charm of nectarines.

Adam Bomb E-Liquid Ingredients

Reassuringly, all Adam Bomb eLiquids are created using only US food-grade ingredients, which goes for their base ingredients as well as the nicotine content and flavourings. As for the base ingredients themselves, every flavour employs a mix of 50% Propylene Glycol and 50% Vegetable Glycerin to gain the benefits of each one.

Each flavour is available in a large range of nicotine strengths including 3, 6, 12, 16 and 24mg, as well a zero nicotine version for people who just want to taste the wonderful juice flavourings without the potentially addictive nicotine present.

The liquids come in blue-tinted bottles with a 15ml capacity, and each one features gorgeous artwork designed by Gustavo Rimada. Each bottle is equipped with a dropper lid to make transferring the juice from the bottle to your tank as easy as pinching your thumb and index finger together.

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Adam Bomb E-Juice Flavours

The Adam Bomb e-liquid flavour selection is eclectic to say the least. Alongside some classic e-juice flavours such as baked cookies and cool mint, you’ll find some tropical fruit flavoured juice and some innovative blends such as butterscotch and coconut.

There are a couple of strawberry-themed flavours, one blended with creamy tones and the other with tangier lemonade flavouring. You’ll find a wonderful coffee flavour that has been beautifully blended with caramel, and a sweet melon juice that does exactly what it says on the tin. Enjoy!

Chillaxin’ E-Liquid by Adam Bomb


One of the most invigorating vapes around, this cool mint flavour is perfect for relaxing after a hard day’s grind. Chillaxin’ e-juice clears your airways and refreshes your palate, so while it works very well as an all day vape.

It’s also a great one to always keep around as a flavour change should you desire a switch or start suffering from the dreaded Vapour’s Tongue.

Adam’s Apple E-Liquid by Adam Bomb


This Adam’s Apple ejuice flavour is a truly scrumptious dessert delight. Not just an ordinary apple flavour, this juice blends in those extra layers, notes and tones of apple pie which make this juice rather special and a personal favourite of many a vaper.

While some apple e-juice flavours are very citric and overly sweet, this Adam’s Apple is more reminiscent of the multitude of flavour created by real apple pie treats.

Cocobutter Bomb E-Liquid by Adam Bomb


This Cocobutter Bomb juice encapsulates why the current generation of e-liquid flavours often tends to incorporate multiple layers of flavour.

One single flavour can be nice for a few inhalations, but to stay interesting all day then you need a little more bang for your buck.

And that’s exactly what this sweet and fruity butterscotch and coconut flavour provides.

Creamy Strawberry E-Liquid by Adam Bomb


The first of two strawberry themed juices here, with this Creamy Strawberry flavour taking one of the world’s favourite fruity flavours and embellishing it with creamy overtones which elevates this juice to dessert status.

It’s a perfect after dinner vape; a perfect all day vape; and, quite simply, a perfect vape. One to definitely try!

Mama’s Cookies E-Liquid by Adam Bomb


If you want to vape a dessert juice that ticks all the important boxes, then you’ve come to the right place because this baked cookies flavour ticks those boxes like a boss.

This Mama’s Cookies flavour has sweet and buttery tones which are blended perfectly with the full-bodied flavour of cookies for the ultimate vaping treat.This juice will quickly become a contender for your favourite all day vape.

Nectar E-Liquid by Adam Bomb


Most bubblegum vaping flavours provide a satisfyingly tasty sweet treat but few can rival this Nectar juice.

The additional layers of nectarine which permeate throughout this gorgeous e-liquid flavour enhance it far beyond the level of other more ordinary bubblegum juices.

Paradise E-Liquid by Adam Bomb


This juice delivers an excitingly refreshing vape which will keep you going all day. The tropical guava flavour is a summery vape which you can enjoy throughout the year to give yourself a little taste of the tropics even when the rain is pouring while the wind tries to turn your brolly inside out.

Just close your eyes, inhale this Paradise vapour and imagine yourself relaxing in a hammock strung between two palm trees on a white sand beach.

Sanctuary E-Liquid by Adam Bomb


Connoisseur vapers are always on the look out for new interpretations of coffee e-liquid flavours, but they need look no further as this Sanctuary juice nails it perfectly.

The relaxing coffee layers are intermingled with layers of caramel to add an extra dash of sweetness to an already lovely vape.

Strawberry Lemonade E-Liquid by Adam Bomb


The second of Adam Bomb’s strawberry-themed flavours, this time with the little red fruit blended with notes of tangily refreshing lemonade.

It’s a great combo which you have probably seen or sampled in some form or another, but there are few that have combined the flavours as well as this Strawberry Lemonade eliquid.

Sweet Melons E-Liquid by Adam Bomb


There’s a reason why the name of this juice is pluralised and not singular, and that’s because there are multiple layers of sweet melon flavours combined to create the ultimate fruity melon flavour.

This is the ideal juice to vape while reminding yourself of summers past or dreaming of the summer to come. There’s a little bit of sunshine in every inhalation. Protection Status © 2019 Vape Club Ltd All Rights Reserved. You have to be over 18 to purchase from this website. UK Company Registration Number: 08131075, VAT Number: GB196886725

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