An Overview: Mad Mikes E-Liquids

Mad Mike’s Premium E-Liquid is a Max VG e-liquid range consisting of fantastic flavours and simply insane cloud production. The Mad Mike’s brand is the product of an ex-smoker who is eternally grateful to vaping (and one particular fishing captain who first introduced him to e-cigarettes) for finally helping him quit his fifteen year smoking habit. After a decade and a half of trying and failing to get off the stinkies, it was vaping to the rescue as has been the case for so many of us.

However, the twist in the tale is that this particular vaper became intrigued by the varying degrees of quality found in the e-liquids he vaped. Some were fantastic, others frustratingly less so. And thus was born the desire to provide the world with another genuinely premium e-liquid range with flavours to drive your taste buds crazy and a consistency of quality to rival the very best e-liquid brands on the market.

Hailing from South Western Florida, the founder and creator of Mad Mike’s range of Max VG e-liquids used his decades of experience in the customer service industry to help him produce a product that would satisfy both veteran and new vapers alike. Utilising user feedback as well as his own wealth of experience, the juices were and still are created in small batches to allow them to achieve that consistency of quality that many other lesser brands often fail to produce. By dedicating plenty of time to experimenting and blending the complex flavour layers, the dream was soon realised and Mad Mike’s Premium E-Liquids was born.

Being somewhat of a flavour fiend, not to mention being rather fond of massive vapour clouds, it was an easy decision to make the whole range of Mad Mike’s e-juices be created using 100% Vegetable Glycerin as the primary base ingredient.


Mad Mike’s E-Liquid Ingredients

For Mad Mike’s Max VG eLiquids they use only natural Vegetable Glycerin which is kosher and USP certified. The other ingredients are all food grade standard, sourced domestically and locally, while the premium pharmaceutical-grade nicotine comes only from distributors based within the United States of America. As well as all the ingredients being sourced as locally as possible, all the manufacturing and concoction processes take place within Mad Mike’s home state of Florida.

Each flavour in the Mad Mike’s e-juice range is available in 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg nicotine strengths. Plus there is a zero nicotine version for people who just want to experience the insane flavours. The juices come in 15ml glass bottles featuring child safety caps and a dropper lid for easy transfer of the juice from the bottle onto the Drip Tip or into the tank.

Mad Mike’s E-Liquid Flavours

Each of the Mad Mike e-liquids are a custom blend of complex flavours, with flavour names generalised for tasting note purposes, with the range populated by a variety of fruity numbers and sweet surprises. As you can taste when you vape any of these juices, each and every flavour’s ingredients are custom blended to maximise the flavour’s impact with multiple layers and subtle undertones.

After Party E-Liquid by Mad Mike’s


A sweet peach flavour dominates this After Party e-juice but there are one or two surprises in there for you as well. Somewhere in the inhale or the exhale, you will notice citrus notes and tangerine tones which give this juice a little kick just when you need it. The party never really ends when you’re vaping Mad Mike’s e-juices.

Blind Date E-Liquid by Mad Mike’s


This Blind Date e-juice is so named as you’ll never be quite sure which of the many fruit flavours involved will dominate each inhale. There are notes of strawberries, cherries, pineapples, oranges and passion fruit all blended together in a refreshing juice which is pure perfection for fruit lovers everywhere.

Eve’s Addiction E-Liquid by Mad Mike’s


Bubblegum vapes are a splendidly nostalgic treat, but they are a whole new level of splendid when they get an extra layer of ripe green apple mixed in. This Eve’s Addition e-juice is a perfect example of how to take a traditional flavour many of us love and add a twist to make it new and exciting all over again.

Manic Meltdown E-Liquid by Mad Mike’s


This Manic Meltdown e-juice has a somewhat ironic name as the cool and refreshing blast provided by it might just help you prevent losing your mind under a relentlessly hot sun during the peak summer months. The combination of menthol with succulent strawberries and fresh watermelon is exactly what you need to revitalise your senses.

Pucker Up E-Liquid by Mad Mike’s


Another refreshing flavour in the form of this Pucker Up e-juice, and you should prepare your taste buds for a flavour sensation as various lemony notes are blended with a light dusting of sugar. It’s very sweet, very, very tasty, and might just become your favourite all day vape for the incoming summer months ahead.

Red Headed Girl E-Liquid by Mad Mike’s


This flavour does a similarly refreshing job that the Pucker Up juice does, only instead of various lemon layers, this Red Headed Girl e-juice does it with complex strawberry notes to offer another refreshing summer vape which you might struggle to put down once you pick it up. A light sugar dusting adds an extra hint of sweetness to a genuinely beautiful vape.

The Last Cowboy E-Liquid by Mad Mike’s


For vapers who still appreciate tobacco flavour, there’s an exciting new wave of tobacco flavoured e-liquids which have extra layers of flavour blended in. However, few are as expertly blended as this Last Cowboy e-juice, with complimentary layers of caramel custard and rich cocoa blended perfectly with the classic RY4 tobacco flavour.

The Personal Assistant E-Liquid by Mad Mike’s


This might just be the juice that makes you forget all other juices. The Personal Assistant e-juice is a magnificent blend of citrus fruits with a dusting of sherbet on top with increasingly noticeable tones of blueberry and sour lemon. Permeating throughout all of these lovely layers are Rainbow Candy notes which will tantalise your taste buds. Protection Status © 2019 Vape Club Ltd All Rights Reserved. You have to be over 18 to purchase from this website. UK Company Registration Number: 08131075, VAT Number: GB196886725

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