Eliquid Guide – 100 Large Shortfills

This week we’ll be shining a light on one of the biggest eliquid brands of 2018. 100 Large eliquids were released at Vape Jam 4 and have quickly become a staple of the UK vaping scene. Six distinct eliquids make up the range: Banana Haze, Berry Cold, Donut Worry, Fresh Pink of Bel Air, Grape Expectations and Zest Pest.
A 70% VG blend makes 100 Large ideal for direct to lung vaping – with sub ohm vape kits and sub ohm tanks. Each pack contains not only a 100ml shortfill but also 2 x 10ml 18mg nicotine shots and a custom drip towel.
100 Large eliquids are available for £19.99.

Banana Haze Eliquid

  • £19.99
  • Recommended for dessert lovers
  • 70% VG

Banana Haze eliquid by 100 Large is a rich and layered dessert blend with light notes. A ripe tasting banana bread flavour makes up the base of this eliquid; with a brown hazelnut and a sweet pear that gives this flavour real depth.
When vaped at higher wattages, Banana Haze a sugary edge that complements the strong hazelnut notes and the fruit.

Berry Cold Eliquid

  • £19.99
  • Recommended for mint lovers
  • 70% VG

Berry Cold eliquid is a classic blend of fruits and menthol, for a cool summertime vape. This 100 Large blend starts things off with a sweet and juicy medley of berries; that moves towards a tart aftertaste when vaped at higher wattages. The menthol flavour is smooth, with icy notes for a cool finish.
Unlike other menthol blends, Berry Cold’s icy flavour doesn’t overpower the fruit for a balanced flavour.

Donut Worry Eliquid

  • £19.99
  • Recommended for fruit pastry lovers
  • 70% VG

Donut Worry eliquid by 100 Large is one of the most popular in the range, made up of a dessert flavour that’s smooth and sweet in equal measure. An authentic tasting donut with a sugary glaze acts as the base, complemented by a sweet strawberry jam. On exhale, a vanilla custard brings things to a close with a smooth note.
When vaped at lower wattages the strawberry jam becomes smoother and sweeter, whilst at higher wattages, the custard takes on a creamier note.

Zest Pest Eliquid

  • £19.99
  • Recommended for citrus fruit lovers
  • 70% VG

Zest Pest eliquid is a sharp blend that combines the distinct taste of three different citrus fruit flavours, for a balance between sweet and sour. The lemon and lime notes come through straight away creating a crisp taste with an underlying sweetness; complemented by orange on exhale, that gives this 100 Large eliquid a fresh finish.
If vaped at higher wattages Zest Pest has a sharper taste with a more noticeable citrus edge, while at lower wattages the sweetness of the fruit is more detectable.

Grape Expectations Eliquid

  • £19.99
  • Recommended for grape soda lovers
  • 70% VG

Grape Expectations eliquid by 100 Large features a strong, fruity flavour with a fizzy finish. A trio of red, dark and green grapes creates a juicy, sweet taste from your first vape. This sweetness is undercut by a fresh tasting carbonated water; the flavours combine to create a sparkling grape soda eliquid.
At higher wattages, the juicy taste of the grapes becomes more present, for an authentic fruit vape.

Fresh Pink Of Bel Air Eliquid

  • £19.99
  • Recommended for fruit lovers
  • 70% VG

Fresh Pink Of Bel Air eliquid is a combination of fruit, with a floral note for a truly exotic vape. The pink fruit flavour is mixed with a distinctive berry taste, for a juicy and delicate inhale. The aloe vera on exhale, adds a sweet taste and a slight cooling note – to tie everything together.
When vaped at higher wattages this 100 large eliquid takes on a cooler taste and the aloe vera becomes more prominent.


As you can see, 100 Large Eliquids offer vapers not only a range of flavours but also because of the nicotine shots – 120ml of 3mg eliquid for only £19.99.

If you have any questions about shortfill eliquids or vaping in general, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Vape Batteries


Rechargeable vape batteries are often found in sub ohm kits and devices, they offer users access to increased power when they vape – compared to devices with integrated batteries.

There are a number of different vape batteries available, from the smaller 18650 battery all the way to the larger 20700, 26650 and 21700 batteries.

While they’re all rechargeable, eventually all vape batteries will need to be replaced. This week we’ll be providing you with tips to help you extend the life of your vape battery.

Charging Your Batteries

Many vape mods support internal charging of batteries, this is when you charge batteries when they’re inside of your device; but we recommend that you use a dedicated battery charger.

Not only will these dedicated pieces of hardware charge your batteries faster, they will increase their lifespan – remember not to leave charged batteries unattended. Try not to overcharge your batteries, overcharging will run your batteries down and will reduce their capacity.

The same is true for undercharging batteries, continuous undercharging will reduce their capacity. Batteries with a reduced capacity or ones that won’t hold their charge will need to be replaced.

Protecting and Storing Your Batteries

Proper protection and storage will help keep your batteries safe and in a usable condition for longer. When not in use, we recommend you remove batteries and store them in either a silicone wrap or plastic battery cases.

Unprotected batteries that come into contact with conductive materials – such as loose change and keys, can not only lose charge but potentially short circuit, causing them to explode injuring you and others around you.

Store batteries in a cool, dry location. Exposure to heat can cause a reaction in your batteries which will reduce their charge in the short term. Long term exposure can reduce the overall capacity of your battery, and potentially cause them to react violently.

Vape Batteries and Eliquid

If you find that your vape batteries are wearing down faster than usual, there are ways to keep them going for longer between charges. Your eliquid can have a big impact on this – certain blends require more power to heat them to the point they turn to vapour.

A higher PG eliquid, such as a 50% PG eliquid / 50% VG vape liquid are thinner and require less heat to turn into vapour, meaning you’ll need less power from your battery.

Vaping less in general can also help your batteries last longer. Salt nicotine eliquids provide a more potent nicotine hit, with a smoother throat hit as well; meaning you can use a higher nicotine strength eliquid than usual – which will help you vape less.

Batteries and Hardware

When using vape devices at higher wattages you may notice that your batteries run out of charge faster. To keep them going for longer we recommend you turn down the power; doing this in conjunction with using a higher PG eliquid can make a real difference to battery life.

When choosing your vape battery, we always recommend you pick a trusted and well known brand, such as LG, Samsung, Efest and Basen. It may be tempting to buy a cheaper battery, but in the long run you’ll notice the difference when it comes to performance and lifespan.


By following these tips we hope you’ll get the most out of your batteries. When it comes time to replace them we stock a wide range of 18650 batteries, 18500 batteries, 20700 batteries and 21700 batteries to suit your vaping needs.

If you have any questions about vape batteries, or vaping in general, please get in touch with us.

A Guide To Temperature Control Vaping

Introduction to TC Vaping

In this week’s guide, we’ll aim to give you a basic understanding of what Temperature Control vaping is, how it works and it’s benefits. Temperature Control vaping or TC vaping is in no way new, but often gets overlooked when compared to Variable Wattage and Power Modes. TC Mode is found on a range of vape kits and devices, it is intended for advanced users only.

How Does It Work?

Temperature Control Mode is a selectable output mode on a vape device. Once selected it allows you to set a value in Celsius or Fahrenheit, this temperature then becomes the maximum temperature your coil will be allowed to reach when the device is used. Essentially it acts like a safety net for your coil, when used properly it will stop coils from overheating; this will help you avoid dry hits, burnt coils and offer you a better vaping experience overall.

It’s important to remember that there’s not a universal temperature that will work for all vape tanks and RDAs; much like when using Variable Wattage Mode, your coil type will decide what temperature is best. Only certain coils can be used in TC Mode, these include Stainless Steel, Nickel and Titanium; for more information check out our guide to coil wire types. These coil wires will generally only work in TC mode so exercise caution when using them.

Different coil wire will react to heat in different ways, temperature will affect the resistance of your coil and certain wire types are more susceptible to heat than others. Not to worry, modern temperature control vape mods can account for this, and have a setting built into accommodate for each compatible wire type – SS, Ni and Ti. Again always check compatibility and manufacturer guidance before use.

Setting Up TC Mode

Different vape devices and kits do approach temperature control set up differently, but the process is largely the same. First off, attach your tank or rebuildable atomiser to your device. Then check that the wattage output of your device is within the defined limits of what your coil can handle, this is usually written on tank coils.

Switch over to Temperature Control Mode and pick the correct wire type (SS, Ni or TI); then set your temperature limit, which should be decided by taking into account wire type and your wattage output. We recommend you start at a lower temperature and vape a few times to decide whether you need to go any higher. The most common temperature range is between 200°C- 250°C, but always do your research.

Why Use It?

There are many benefits to Temperature Control, perhaps the greatest is the increased safety it can provide when used properly. By setting a max temperature you can stop your coils from overheating, damaging your tank and yourself. TC vaping also offers a greater degree of customisability and control than other modes can provide.
An often overlooked benefit is the way in which TC mode affects your eliquid; flavours in eliquid do react to heat, and through TC you can find the perfect temperature for your eliquid of choice, for an unmatched taste.


We hope that this guide has helped you understand the basics of Temperature Control, and we recommend you use it as part of your larger research. There are many variables that can affect TC vaping; from device types, to coil wire, to temperature. Always follow the guidance set out by manufacturers and suppliers.
If you have any questions about this topic, or vaping in general, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Vape Coil Wire Guide

Vape coils are fitted into your vape tank or rebuildable atomiser. Coils mostly consist of a wrapped piece of metal wire and a cotton wick. The wick soaks up eliquid, that the coil heats to the point it turns into vapour.
Coil wire comes in many forms, this week we’ll be giving you an overview of some of the most common wire material. Different metals have different properties so they will affect the way you vape.


Most common
Used in Variable Wattage Mode only
Widely available
Offers balance between flavour and cloud

Kanthal Wire is the most common coil wire material found in vaping. The reason behind this, is that it is cheap to source and easy to use, providing good flavour and cloud production. Kanthal Coil Wire is found in both tank coils and prebuilt coils for rebuildable atomisers.
Available in a range of resistances it works well for both sub ohm vaping and mouth to lung vaping. Kanthal can only be used in Variable Wattage Mode making it compatible for with most vape devices.

Stainless Steel

Compatible with Variable Wattage and Temperature Control Mode
Heats faster than Kanthal
Clean flavour

Stainless Steel Coil Wire, often shortened to ‘SS’ is a versatile material for vape coils. It is the only kind of coil that can be used in both Variable Wattage Mode and Temperature Control Mode, making it a favourite amongst vapers.
It’s rare to find stainless steel in coils for vape tanks, it’s most commonly found in prebuilt coils like the Coil Art SS 0.5 ohm coils; however, there are Crown 2 Coils and Joyetech BF Coils that use SS. Stainless Steel heats up faster than standard Kanthal and has a purer flavour, for what many consider a better vaping experience.


Temperature Control Mode Only
Performs well at higher temperatures
Can be difficult to build with

Nickel Coil Wire or NI200, is a favourite amongst experienced vapers and is used primarily on high wattage vape devices. Nickel coils can only be used in Temperature Control Mode, but are reliable and perform well at high temperatures.
Due to the high Temperature Coefficient of Resistance, they’re ideal for cloud chasing and provide intense flavour when vaped. Ni200 wire material features in tank coils such as the Wismec Amor coils.


Variable Wattage Mode only
Faster ramp up than Kanthal
Good for cloud chasing

NiChrome Coil Wire or Ni80 is similar to Kanthal, in that it’s readily available and can only be used in Variable Wattage Mode – making it ideal for different vape kits and vape devices. Found in both tank coils and prebuilt coils for rebuildable atomisers, NiChrome heats up faster than kanthal for a faster ramp up and larger clouds. NiChrome wire can be found in tank coils, such as the Kangertech SSOCC Coils, and prebuilt coils, like the Coil Art Ni80 0.5 Ohm coils.


Temperature Control Mode Only
Easy to build with
Holds it’s shape

Titanium Coil Wire or Ti Wire, while rare is growing in popularity. It can only be used in Temperature Control Mode – which does feature on a number of advanced, and sub ohm vape devices.
Ti Coil Wire works well at higher temperatures as it does not lose it’s shape, meaning it’s Ohm resistance remains consistent, making it ideal for cloud chasing. Titanium Coil Wire features in replacement tank coils such as the Wismec Amor Ti Coils and in coils for rebuildable atomisers such as RDAs and RTAs.


Picking and using the right coil can make or break your vaping experience. We recommend that you use this guide as a starting point, and that you research your coil fully before using. Always check compatibility with your vape device before use.
If you intend to use rebuildable atomisers you need a comprehensive understanding of the technicalities of vaping, along with knowledge of electronics and Ohm’s Law. We don’t advise any beginners to start rebuilding coils.
If you have any questions regarding vape coils, or vaping in general, please get in touch.

Summer Vape Eliquids 2018

It’s summertime again, long evenings and warm weather is always a call for celebration. Taste seems to change from season to season, eliquids that you enjoy in the winter may just seem a bit too much when it’s hot out. So to celebrate all things sunshine this week we’ll be giving you a rundown of our favourite summer themed eliquids, be on the lookout for menthol, fruit and ice cream flavours aplenty.

Summer Syrup eliquid by Evil Cloud

10ml Multipacks & 50ml Shortfill

70% VG


Grape Soda & Citrus

Summer Syrup by Evil Cloud is a sweet and sharp fruit medley. A classic grape soda flavour hits you from your first inhale. A combination of limeade, pineapple and lemon quickly follows giving this blend a sweet citrus note. A cool wave of menthol on exhale draws things to a close with an icy finish. Summer Syrup is available in both 4 x 10ml multi packs and 50ml shortfills, with prices starting at £14.99.

Zest Pest eliquid by 100 Large

100ml Shortfill, 2 x Nic Shots and Custom Drip Towel

70% VG


Orange, Lemon & Lime

Zest Pest is brought to us by 100 Large, featuring a sweet and tart blend of fruits for fun in the sun. A fusion of fresh orange, tart lemon and sharp lime makes a juicy vape with an authentic citrus flavour, that comes through on inhale and exhale creating a fresh taste. Zest Pest is available in a 100ml shortfill pack, each pack contains: 100ml of eliquid, 2 x 10ml nicotine booster shots and a custom drip cloth. Available now for £19.99.

Strawberry Bikini eliquid by Summer Holidays

50ml shortfills

70% VG


Strawberry Lemonade & Ice

The Summer Holidays eliquid range are from the team behind Dinner Lady. Strawberry Bikini eliquid is sweet and crisp in equal measure, with blend of fruit and ice. A vibrant strawberry flavour makes up the body of this ejuice, with a sharp lemonade adding a hit of citrus. On exhale a wave of menthol for a cool finish. Strawberry Bikini is available in 3 x 10ml multi packs and 50ml shortfills, with prices starting from £9.99.

Polaris eliquid by Dr Fog’s Famous Ice Cream

10ml Multipacks

75% VG


Deep Fried Raspberry Ice Cream

Polaris by Dr Fog’s Famous Ice Cream is an authentic tasting dessert blend. On inhale you’ll be hit by a wave of rich, deep fried vanilla ice cream with sweet notes and a layered taste. The raspberry flavour comes through on exhale with sharp and juicy notes for a fruity finish. Polaris is available in a 3 x 10ml multipack for £11.99 or a 0mg 50ml Shortfill for £17.90


Heisenberg eliquid by Vampire Vapes

10ml Bottles

40% VG

From £3.99

Heisenberg eliquid is a well-known flavour combination often imitated, the original was created by Vampire Vapes and is still available today. A combination of mixed berries creates a sweet and juicy inhale. The menthol finish adds a cool wave and creates a smooth exhale. Heisenberg eliquid is available in both 40% VG and 70% VG versions making them ideal for sub ohm devices and starter kits, with prices starting from £3.99.


Vape Coil Care Guide

Vape coils fit into vape tanks and are essential pieces of hardware, used in vape kits ranging from small starter kits all the way to larger sub ohm devices. A coil consists of a wrapped piece of wire and a cotton wick. The cotton soaks up the eliquid, while the wire heats your eliquid into vapour, which is then inhaled. Vape coils are the most often replaced piece of vape hardware, we’ve compiled these tips to help you get the most out of your coils.

Priming Your Coil

Priming your coil will greatly reduce the chance of dry hits and burnt coils, while increasing it’s overall lifespan. The first way is to fit a new coil into a clean and dry vape tank, fill your tank and leave it in an upright position for at least 10 minutes, allowing eliquid to soak into your wick.

The second way is a bit more complicated: insert a new coil into a clean and dry tank as before, then proceed to drip eliquid directly onto the cotton that is visible through the small holes on the outside of your coil, leave for a minute or so and then fill up your tank and leave upright for at least ten minutes.

Breaking Your Coil In

Breaking your coil in will increase performance in the long run. To break a coil in, first prime it as outlined above. Once primed, set and use your device at a lower wattage / temperature than advised for a brief spell.

For example with a 40-80W coil try firing it at 30W, then gradually work your way up to a higher power level, not exceeding recommended limits.

Keep Your Tank Filled

It’s important to keep your eye on the eliquid level on your tank. even with beginner vape tanks, if it’s not filled enough your cotton will begin to dry and eventually burn when used. We advise you keep your tank 2/3 filled at all times for best performance. If the flavour begins to diminish add some fresh eliquid.

Don’t Chain Vape

Continuous vaping or chain vaping, will cause your vape kit to use more eliquid at a faster rate than usual – it will also make your coil very hot. Take regular breaks from vaping to allow your coil to saturate itself and help extend it’s life. If you do plan to chain vape, try doing so at a lower wattage / temperature than usual.

Use Temperature Control

Temperature Control Mode is an output mode found on advanced and sub ohm vape devices. TC Mode allows the user to set a maximum temperature that your coil can reach before the device will stop firing. When used properly this can stop your coil from overheating and drying out. Please note, only certain coil wire types such as Stainless Steel and NiChrome can be used in TC Mode, so always check before using.

Check Coil Resistance

Coil resistance, measured in Ohms (Ω) will largely define the correct wattage / temperature that coils should be fired at – other factors including wire type play a small part. Using coils at too high a wattage or temperature will quickly dry out and burn your coils. Modern vape coils often state the correct power level they should be used at, so always check before use.

Eliquid Content

You may find that certain eliquids can clog your coil and cause them to burn out faster, changing eliquid can have a big impact. An eliquid with a lower VG %, lighter flavour, or without sweeteners, can help to increase your coils’ lifespan.


Through proper care and attention, you can ultimately increase not only the lifespan of your coil, but also it’s performance – giving you a far better vaping experience in the long run. If you have any questions regarding vape coil care or vaping in general, please get in touch.

Guide To Basic Sub Ohm Vape Kits

Vape Starter Kits are a great way to get into vaping, however, it may get to the point where you need something more – maybe you crave more power, bigger clouds and increased flavour. Sub ohm vaping will allow you access to all of this, sub ohm vape devices use a coil with a resistance below 1 Ohm. They do require more attention and knowledge to operate; but a number of entry level sub ohm vape kits are available to get you started.

Innokin Riptide Kit £34.99

  • Fixed wattage output
  • 3000mAh battery
  • Crios sub ohm tank

The Innokin Riptide Vape Kit will feel familiar to users who have owned vape pens as it features a built in 3000mAh battery, one button operation and USB charging. Meaning that there’s no time consuming set up and variables to deal with. The difference however is the feeling of power from your first vape, the Riptide uses the Crios Sub Ohm Tank with adjustable airflow and 0.25h ohm coils leading to increased flavour and clouds.

Eleaf Pico Baby Vape Kit £29.99

  • Compact design
  • 1050mAh battery
  • Adjustable airflow

Sub ohm vape kits have gained a reputation for being bulky and somewhat heavy, the Eleaf Pico Baby Vape Kit is pocket-sized and stylish without sacrificing power or ability. The pico baby features a unique design wherein the tank sits inside the mod and is secured via a magnet. It’s powered by an 1050mAh battery and can be charged via USB, the GS Baby Tank uses a 0.75 ohm coil and has adjustable airflow for mouth to lung or direct to lung vaping.

Uwell Nunchaku Kit £59.99

  • Rechargeable 18650 battery
  • Multiple output modes
  • Nunchaku sub ohm tank

The Uwell Nunchaku Kit bridges the gap between starter kits and advanced sub ohm kits. It has a vape pen design, however it’s powered by a removable 18650 vape battery (sold separately). A small screen and function buttons are located at the bottom of the device giving you access to variable wattage and temperature control modes. The Nunchaku Tank has a 2ml capacity, is top filling and uses Uwell sub ohm coils – that feature a plug and pull design for quick coil change.

Aspire PockeX AIO Kit £22.99

  • 1500mAh built in battery
  • Mouth to lung or direct to lung vaping
  • Anti-leak technology

The Aspire PockeX Starter Kit is a reliable AIO (All In One) vape kit, quick and easy to disassemble it has a built in 1500mAh battery, one button operation, 2ml eliquid capacity and a 0.6 Ohm coil for direct to lung vaping. Designed to be used everyday and taken out and about, the PockeX features anti-leak technology, as well as a no spill coil swap feature. For those who prefer a mouth to lung vaping there are 1.2 Ohm PockeX coils available.

Mi-One AIO Kit £36.99

  • 1100mAh built in battery
  • Fixed wattage output
  • Adjustable airflow

The Mi-One is a small AIO (All In One) vape kit, designed with discretion in mind it features a 1100mAh battery, 2ml eliquid capacity and one button operation. A fixed wattage output means there’s no set up necessary and once filled it can be used straight away. By using sub ohm replacement coils, a range of eliquids are compatible with the Mi-One: including salt nicotine eliquids. Adjustable airflow allows the user to find their perfect inhale, for mouth to lung or direct to lung vaping.


Sub ohm vaping can present a challenge, however it provides the user with a more intense level of flavour and cloud not found anywhere else in vaping.

If you have any questions regarding vape kits, sub ohm vaping, or vaping in general please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Salt Nicotine Eliquid Vape Devices

What Are Salt Nicotine Eliquids?

Salt nicotine eliquids allow you to vape at a higher nicotine strength without the harsh throat hit that usually comes with other high nicotine eliquids. This makes them popular with vapers who are looking for a high nicotine content comparable to smoking, with a smooth inhale and exhale.

Nicotine Salts have been growing in popularity and Nicotine Salt Eliquids are being produced by more and more ejuice companies including: Element Eliquids, ZAP! Juice, Dinner Lady and Ohm Brew. Vape hardware manufacturers have caught onto the trend and have begun producing custom vape devices, designed to be used with salt nicotine ejuice. this week we’ll give you a run through of our favourite kits.

Aspire Gusto Mini Kit

The Aspire Gusto Mini Kit is a compact and lightweight pod vape kit that uses disposable Element NS20 Pods which contain salt nicotine eliquid. The device features a built in 900mAh battery and can be charged by USB. With the option of both mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping modes, this vape device is ideal for a range of users.

Aspire Breeze 2

The Aspire Breeze 2 is an AIO (All In One) vape device that features a built in 1000mAh battery, a clean design and one button operation; making it a device that’s good to take on the go. You have two coil options available, with one designed specifically for salt nicotine eliquids and the other for standard eliquids.

Hexa Starter Kit

The Hexa Starter Kit has been aimed at new users but is popular amongst those looking for a stealthy mouth to lung vape. The Hexa Pods are a combination of freebase and salt nicotine – meaning you get an increase in flavour but a smoother throat hit thanks to the salt nic eliquid. This device has a 350mAh built in battery and is inhale activated, with a draw similar to that of a cigarette.

Perkey Ecard

The Perkey Ecard is a compact vape starter kit that has a 400mAh built in battery and uses 2ml refillable pods. These pods are recommended for use with salt nicotine eliquids and can also be used with higher PG eliquids. The Perkey is inhale activated and if you’re looking for extra power there’s a turbo button for increased vapour production.

Mi Pod Starter Kit

The Mi Pod is a compact pod vape kit, featuring a built in 950mAh battery and a unique Oil and Air Separation System (OAS). The OAS System provides cleaner flavour and reduced spitback, this combined with a mouth to lung inhale makes the Mi Pod great for flavour chasing. The 2ml refillable pods have been designed to support salt nicotine eliquids and regular eliquids.


As you can see with this many vape devices on the market compatible with salt nicotine eliquids, it’s no wonder they’re growing in popularity so rapidly.

If you have any questions regarding salt nic eliquids, vape hardware or even vaping in general please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

Vape Hardware Staff Picks

With so much hardware out there it’s sometimes difficult knowing what to buy next. Our dedicated team of product experts are always ready to help. This week they’re here to give you their thoughts on some of their favourite vape tanks, vape kits and vape starter kits.

The Vaporesso Nexus

The Vaporesso Nexus is a compact all in one (AIO) vape kit. Powered by a built in 600mAh battery that is rechargeable via USB and featuring a 2ml eliquid capacity, the Nexus is ideal for new users and existing vapers looking for a small vape.

The recommendation of the Nexus comes to us from Josh who says: ‘With adjustable airflow and the ability to use salt nicotine ejuices this is a device that’s not only portable but keeping with the times, especially when you factor in the ceramic coils it uses for better flavour.’

The Joyetech eGo AIO ECO

The Joyetech eGo AIO ECO is a pen vape kit with a minimalist style and specially designed battery technology, which extends the lifespan of the 650mAh built in battery by optimising power output. Joyetech have reported that the ECO can get through two tanks of higher PG eliquid before needing to be charged.

Kieran suggested the Joyetech eGo: ‘This is a device I can take with me wherever I might be going, I fill it up in the morning and I’m pretty much set for the day. You also get a mouth to lung inhale thanks to the ECO Coils so it really suits people who have just switched over to vaping.’

The Innokin Proton Kit

The Innokin Proton Kit is a high powered dual 18650 battery mod designed for high wattage and sub ohm vaping. With a maximum 235W output and a custom chipset this is a device for advanced users. Featuring a full colour screen that’s controlled by a tactile joystick. The kit comes with the Scion 2 vape tank, which has top filling and the new Plexus Coil.

The Proton Kit has been recommended to us by Ben: ‘This kit creates massive clouds without sacrificing flavour, it also fits really nicely in your hand because of it’s ergonomic design. The screen is very clear without being too flash. The Scion 2 Tank has a responsive adjustable airflow so you can control the inhale and cloud.’


The Wismec RX GEN3 Dual Mod

The Wismec RX GEN3 is the latest incarnation of the classic Reuleaux design. Powered by dual 18650 batteries and boasting a 230W maximum output this is a mod that works well with sub ohm tanks and RDAs alike. A 1.3 inch OLED screen displays the various output modes available to the user, including variable wattage and temperature control.

Kathryn has recommended the RX GEN3: ‘It’s a classic for a reason, it has a distinctive look and a user friendly design, the first time I picked it up it just fit so well. I also like the fact that Wismec have switched to dual 18650 batteries as it makes it a bit lighter than older models without sacrificing too much power.’

The Vaporesso Cascade Tank

The Vaporesso Cascade Tank is a 2ml sub ohm tank that balances flavour and cloud production. Precision machining means that this tank is easy to assemble and disassemble, the new Isolation Tank Structure reduces the amount of dry hits by ensuring that when filled the coils are always wicked with eliquid.

The Vaporesso Cascade is a personal favourite of Jack: ‘The airflow on this tank is outstanding, by using triple airflow there is increased cloud and flavours in eliquid are clearer. This tank also has plug and pull coils meaning I can quickly replace my coil which is really convenient.’

If you have any questions regarding the vape hardware, or vaping in general – please get in touch with us.

Vape Hardware and eLiquid Collaborations

The Vaper Expo 2018 saw the release of Professor Green’s new line of Unruly Eliquids. With that in mind, this week we’ll be giving you a rundown of our favourite vaping collaborations. A collaboration is when two or more companies/persons join together to design and create new vape hardware, eliquids, tanks and more.

Vandy Vape Bonza RDA

The Bonza RDA is the result of a collaboration between Vandy Vape and vape personality the Vaping Bogan – the result is a stylish and reliable rebuildable dripping atomiser. The Bonza features wide airflow and adequate space both single and dual coil builds, making it ideal for adventurous builders. The inclusion of a BF (Bottom-Feeding) Pin makes it squonk compatible. A custom drip and engraving makes this one eye catching piece of vape hardware.

Nasty X Kilo Shortfills

Nasty X Kilo shortfill eliquids are the creation of two of the biggest names in vaping – Nasty Juice and Kilo eliquids. These 50ml shortfills feature unique and authentic flavour combinations designed for sub ohm vaping. Dillinger eliquid is a sweet and sour combination of watermelon and honeydew melon, with an icy finish to help keep things cool. Gambino eliquid is a tropical blend of strawberry and banana that’s rich and sweet, topped off with a citrus-laden orange for a punchy exhale.


Aspire Gusto Mini Starter Kit

The Aspire Gusto Mini Starter Kit is the brainchild of renowned hardware manufacturers, Aspire, and the eliquid powerhouse, Element. The Gusto is a compact and hardworking kit, that has a 900mAh built in battery, USB charging and the option to switch between mouth to lung and direct to lung vaping. Rather than standard eliquid the Gusto uses Element NS20 Pods which are 2ml closed pods, featuring classic and newly designed Element flavours with Salt Nicotine.

Gost Vapor & Ruthless Ejuice

What do you get when you combine Gost Vapor’s unique mixology with Ruthless ejuice’ eye for quality? The Gost Vapor and Ruthless ejuice collection. The two eliquid collection is available in sub ohm 70% VG blends for increased flavour and cloud production. Gold eliquid is a rich and layered dessert flavour featuring dark coffee with a sweet and buttery cookie, all topped off with silky caramel for a sugary and smooth exhale. Red eliquid is an exotic combination of passion fruit, mango and grapefruit creating a blend of ripe taste that plays between sweet and sour.


Digiflavor Pharaoh Mini RTA

The Pharaoh Mini 24mm RTA is the result of the longstanding collaboration between Digiflavor and RIP Trippers. This compact RTA has a 2ml capacity and a unique build deck featuring a dual bridge clamp design that supports a variety of coil builds. A juice flow control system and dome chamber allow for not only increased flavour but decreased leaking. The dual adjustable airflow and extra thick 810 PEI drip tip provide more clouds. Overall, this is a rebuildable that provides maximum flavour without sacrificing on vapour production.

Innokin Kroma-A Zenith Kit

The Innokin Kroma-A Zenith Kit has been designed by not one, but two vaping experts! Phil Bursardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis have helped to create an intuitive and easy to use vape kit. The Kroma-A has an ergonomic grip and a built in 2000mAh battery that can be charged via USB – with faster 2A charging. Despite being a compact model the mod features both Variable Wattage and Temperature Control Modes. The 2ml Zenith Tank has two coil types for a custom experience and a unique twist top that stops juice flow when you refill the vape tank to reduce leaking.


There you have it, with collaboration leading to popular vape kits and eliquids, it’s no wonder that so many companies are looking to the vaping community to become architects of their own future. We hope to see more.

If you have any questions regarding collaborative products or vaping in general, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.