The PHE E-Cigarette Review February 2018


On the 6th of February 2018, PHE (Public Health England) published their latest update on e-cigarettes.

Key Findings

The review paints a very positive picture of vaping, and its key findings are in line with the average vaper’s thoughts.

The review found that:

  • Vaping poses a fraction of the risk compared to smoking.
  • Switching completely from smoking to vaping has substantial health benefits.
  • E-cigarettes could be assisting with 20,000 new quits every year.
  • E-cigarette use is linked to improved quit success rates a drop in smoking rates across the country.
  • Evidence does not support the claim that e-cigarettes are a route into smoking among young people.
  • Thousands of smokers incorrectly believe that vaping is as harmful as smoking, around 40% of smokers have not even tried an e-cigarette.


What Does This Mean For Vapers?

This review has helped disprove some very common anti-vaping arguments. Arguments based on the harm that vaping can cause. The review focuses heavily on the fact that vaping is at ‘95% less harmful’ than smoking and poses a ‘negligible risk to bystanders’.

A common argument is that vaping is a way to get young people to start smoking earlier, prof. Linda Bauld of Cancer Research has said: ‘research clearly shows that regular use of e-cigarettes among young people who have never smoked remains negligible, less than 1%, and youth smoking continues to decline at an encouraging rate.’.

This is positive news and helps point out that there is effective regulation in place to stop young people being given access to e-cigarettes. More importantly, It also shows that the use of e-cigarettes should not be considered as a stepping stone towards smoking.

The review also points to the fact that moves need to be made by bodies to support the use of Vape Kits, that ‘Local stop smoking services and healthcare professionals – should provide behavioural support to those smokers wanting to quit with the help of an e-cigarette.’

This is music to our ears, the fact that vaping is not only safe, but an effective way to get people to stop smoking.

What Does This Mean For Smokers?

It means that time is running out. Prof. John Newton, Director for Health Improvement at PHE said: ‘Every minute someone is admitted to hospital from smoking, with around 79,000 deaths a year in England alone.’

Smoking is still the leading cause of preventable deaths in the UK. Even with declining rates of smoking there is still more that can be done. By getting rid of false information surrounding the use of e-cigarettes and e-liquids while showing how helpful they can be, the PHE review will hopefully convince more people to switch to vaping.


How Has This Helped Vaping?

By collecting evidence and research from a number of independent and confirmed sources, the PHE review has highlighted that e-cigarettes are devices that should be taken seriously rather than a novelty/fad.

As well, that vaping is a safer and more reliable way to quit smoking. The fact that the use of e-cigarettes is 95% safer than smoking, is not something that should be ignored.

We hope that more research like this will take place and be published, so we can continue supporting the vaping industry and their users.

Where Can I Get More Information?

The full PHE review can be read here

A press release for the review can be read here

For more information or to get in touch, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Vape Club Staff Picks of 2017

Vape Club Staff Picks: Class of 2017

It’s safe to say that this has been a crazy year for the vaping industry!

From the TPD switchover in May, to the variety of new brands and products making huge impacts, and of course, let’s not forget all of the Expos!

We’ve seen delicious desserts, and a surprising amount of beverage flavoured eliquids – who knew ice cold fizzy fruit juices would be a thing!?!


We’ve thought about this long and hard, and finally, we are proud to present to you our Staff Picks: Class of 2017!


Gummy Beast White Gummy by Gummy Beast

Gummy Beast is the creation of our long time friends over in the US at SAVEURvape. They have a long vaping history of creating some of the best flavours on the market, and White Gummy is no exception!

White Gummy is basically all of the white Gummy Bears in the known universe, crammed into a bottle for your vaping pleasure. It also comes in the now popular short fill form, meaning 50ml in a 60ml bottle, leaving room for a nic shot of your choice.

“I just love how fruity it feels in your mouth, you really get the sweetness on the tongue on the inhale and the full bodied flavour on the exhale. It tastes exactly like white gummy bears!” – Manuela


Space Cake eLiquid by DVTCH

It’s hard not to love DVTCH. A range from Amsterdam which embodies Amsterdam as best one can, in vape form anyway. Picking the best flavour from the range is tough, Red Light is probably the most popular but this is our staff picks, and Mr Foss has a thing for space, and cakes….


Space Cake is, unsurprisingly, based on the popular Amsterdam treat. Once again, coming in a handy 50ml Short Fill bottles, with enough room for vapers to add their nic shot!

It’s safe to say that this liquid is truly one of a kind!


“Tastes exactly like the real thing. I feel like I’m in Amsterdam when I’m vaping on this,” – Foss


Slam Berry by Charlie’s Chalk Dust

Charlie’s Chalk Dust seem to have been around even longer than vaping itself. Staying power is nothing to be sniffed at and Charlie’s have plenty. For those who’ve never heard of them before though, Charlie’s are a US brand responsible for such flavoursome wonders as Dream Cream and CCD3 – a delightful salted caramel ice cream!

For Kapil though, it’s an old classic that stands out.


Slam Berry is reminiscent of Strawberry Ice Cream. Some say it tastes like a certain fast food restaurant’s Strawberry Milkshake, whilst others find it more like a fresh homemade strawberry ice cream! Either way… it’s pretty banging.. Or was that Head Bangin Boogie?


“This liquid takes me back to my childhood. Strawberry Ice Cream was always my favourite, and when I vape, I go back in time to being a kid again!” – Kapil


Deep Fried Cookies by Vape D-Lites

Vape D-Lites are a Californian based company who have quickly gained popularity in the vaping scene with their high VG, 80ml short fill range. The pick of the bunch for our lovely Dannie is the Deep Fried Cookie offering!


Deep Fried Cookies is a d-liteful dessert based eliquid; fresh vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, rainbow sprinkles, with deep fried cookie biscuits (which may or may not have a name similar to classic rock band REO Speedwagon). Hard to think of a word that rhymes with Oreo…


“Deep Fried Cookies is everything I have been looking for. As a huge fan of that certain cookie, I was super excited when Vape D-Lites came on the scene! The ice cream flavouring is smooth, and tastes exactly like a fresh vanilla bean ice cream, and the deep fried cookies is very prominent on the exhale. A definite favourite of mine, I haven’t stopped vaping this for the best part of 2017, and don’t see myself stopping anytime soon!” – Dannie


Pink Lemonade by Renegade



Renegade Vape Co are a UK based eliquid manufacturer, comprised of only entirely serious people. No jokes here I’m afraid! With three flavours in the range, picking a bestie wasn’t easy, but that’s what we do here at Vape Club, we do the hard stuff so you don’t have to!


Our just as lovely Kathryn plumped for the Pink Lemonade, which is a fruity, citrus mix of lemons, raspberries and cranberries, blended together to create Pink Lemonade perfection! Cor! Let’s hear it for the coils! No-one cares about the coils anymore!


“A zesty flavour like no other. This liquid was kind on my coils, and overall a gorgeous, well rounded all day vape!” – Kathryn



Laffy by Clown



Clown eLiquids are part of the Bad Drip Labs family of eliquids. Just like the other ranges in the family, they are as flavourful as they are well designed. Pennywise is no doubt the most popular flavour in the range but we like to be a little bit different sometimes, well, our Melina does anyway…. And she’s gone for Clown’s Laffy.


Laffy is a delicious blend of Blueberry Taffy mixed with Grape juice! Simple, but effective!


“Having watched Wreck it Ralph a number of times, I was intrigued to find out more about this Taffy stuff and oh my god, where has Laffy been all my life!!!” – Melina



YuCaTan by OhmBoyz Drip City

Ohmboyz Drip City eliquids are forged in the great land that is Canada. Featuring some rather unique blends across the range, it’s unsurprising our very own unique and wonderful Steve has plumped for a flavour from Ohmboyz. You should all listen to Steve, he knows ya know, oh yes.


YuCaTan is a fresh blend of Lemonade, sweet and sour Tropical Fruits, Cucumber and the Italian favourite; Lemoncello!


Coming in a short fill bottle, allowing space for vapers to add their nic shots!


“Fresh tasting flavours like this are going to be the next big thing, and this flavour certainly has the IT factor!” – Steve


Berry Burst by Burst

A recent addition to Vape Club, Burst has been very well received and it seems Aaron isn’t the only fan. We had a number of you lovely folk get in touch asking us if we would be stocking Burst and well, we can see why. A US brand manufactured in Ireland, Burst is literally…. Bursting with flavour… sorry…


Berry Burst is a combination of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries, for a fresh, sweet, fruity mix!


“I thought I was never going to vape anything other than Slow Blow by Nasty juice, ever again, ever. Then this turned up. Berry Burst is my new addiction, and I am unashamed to say it.” – Aaron


Eclipse by Space Jam

Space Jam are another US company that have been on the vaping scene from day one. If there were a Hall of Fame for eliquid brands, Space Jam would be right up there! Whilst Astro and Andromeda have been popular for many years, Eclipse in recent times has begun to… eclipse them in terms of popularity (last one, promise!). Available in both high VG and 50/50 whether you want a tobacco vape in mouth to lung or direct to lung form, Eclipse has you covered…


Styled on the pipe smokers favourite – Cavendish Tobacco, this tincture has a rich, robust tobacco flavour, infused with sweet notes of vanilla bean. It’s smooth, but full bodied, and has a well deserved reputation for being one of the most realistic tobacco flavours available!


“For those not as interested in the dessert and fruity type vapes, if you smoked you probably appreciated the flavour of tobacco, this is still the best tobacco on the vaping market in my opinion, and is a must try for anyone looking for a quality tobacco vape!” – Vlad


Harlem Rockhopper by Riot Squad


Nothing says ghetto like a penguin right? Wrong! Penguins don’t speak English.

Ghetto Penguin is a UK made short fill range brought to us by our good and slightly nutty friends over at Riot Squad! Just like their namesakes range, Ghetto Penguin is packed full of flavour attitude. Ben has gone for the Harlem Rockhopper as his eliquid of choice for 2017.


Harlem Rockhopper is an ice cold Lemon and Lime soda, delivered in a 50ml short fill, allowing vapers to add a nic shot if they wish!


“I really like Penguins! Haha, I do like a good Citrus blast from time to time and I find it’s a flavour that’s hard to get perfect, but Harlem Rockhopper has done the best job for me this year. I tip my hat to the guys over at Riot Squad for this one,” – Ben


Cowboy Cooler by Vape Wild

Vape Wild are a US brand made in Texas, and they do things differently in Texas. Instead of focussing on making the best possible flavours, Vape Wild focus on making the best possible flavours, but at a rather fair price. A US juice that’s premium in flavour, but not premuim on your pocket. Dan has gone for what he regards as a better version of Heisenberg, than Heisenberg. And they didn’t even call it Heisenberg!


Cowboy Cooler is a complex blend of mixed berries and menthol. This is a tart and refreshing liquid, that perfectly balances both flavours exceptionally well!


“This is what Heisenberg should have been in my opinion. If you’ve tried other Berry Menthol mixes and found them lacking or including something that just didn’t need to be there, this is the one for you” – Dan

Aspire Gusto Mini Kit

Whilst this is the Vape Club eliquid Staff Picks for 2017, the next entry absolutely deserves an honorable mention. The Aspire Gusto Mini Kit has been the stand out piece of hardware for our Barry. Coupled with Element’s NS20 you have a union of two of vaping’s biggest powerhouses and it’s a beautiful thing. The Gusto Mini itself is a pod based system but allows for the user to either vape direct to lung, or mouth to lung. It’s an incredibly simple device to use, small and very light. The magic is in the pods though, in the form of Element’s NS20 and it’s salt nicotine base. Salt nicotine has been around for a good while but really made it’s presence felt in 2017. We won’t go into detail now as Barry tells you all you need to know, but if you want to know more, check it out on the site!


“I had struggled to fully stop smoking when I started working at Vape Club, but with the help of the Gusto Mini and NS20 pods, I rolled an ‘emergency rollie’ on the Monday, and then found it in my pocket on the Friday evening. Smoking simply never even entered my mind that week, and hasn’t since. The only vaping product I have tried that has completely removed any urge for me to smoke,” – Barry Craig


Staying with Element and their NS20 pods, we round off our staff picks with two of their best flavours.


NS20 Pink Lemonade by Element Pod


NS20 Pink Lemonade eLiquid Pod features a fruity Lemonade flavour, and is originally from Element’s eliquid range. Coming in a pack on three cartridges, designed for use in the Aspire Gusto Mini Kit!

NS20 pods work differently to the average eliquid in that the nicotine is absorbed more efficiently into the body and therefore ‘hits’ you both sooner and more like a traditional cigarette. Not only this but NS20 pods are very smooth on the throat. For those that have vaped before the throat hit on NS20’s 20mg is similar to an average eliquids 3mg.


“I have always been a huge fan of Element, and Pink Lemonade is by far one of their best flavours. Very sweet, and incredibly tasty, just like the original, but in nicotine salt form!” – Dan M


NS20 Neon Green Slushie by FAR


NS20 Neon Green Slushie features a blend of Lime and Ice flavours, and is taken from Element’s original FAR range. Coming in a pack on three cartridges, designed for use in the Aspire Gusto Mini Kit!

NS20 pods work differently to the average eLiquid in that the nicotine is absorbed more efficiently into the body and therefore ‘hits’ you both sooner and more like a traditional cigarette. Not only this but NS20 pods are very smooth on the throat. For those that have vaped before the throat hit on NS20’s 20mg is similar to an average eLiquids 3mg.


“Neon Green Slushie is a long time favourite of mine, featuring zesty, fresh flavours and having the nicotine salt version completely enhances the experience!” – Jack

And there we have it! The Vape Club Class of 2017!

We’re super excited to see what 2018 has to offer, and with that, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Mouth to Lung Vs Direct to Lung Vaping


Within the world of vaping, there are generally considered to be two different methods of inhaling your vapour, and depending on the type of vape coils and the vape mod you are using, different variations of coils and mods will achieve either the mouth-to-lung or the direct-lung method of vaping.

The deciding factor as to which style of vaping you’ll be doing is generally decided by which coil you are using (as well as the number of watts). Generally, if your coil is rated at below one ohm, it’s referred to as a Sub Ohm coil (literally meaning ‘below one ohm’ in Greek). If you’re vaping at above one ohm, this is referred to as a mouth-to-lung coil, or Super Ohm, (if we’re doing it all in Greek).

What Is Mouth to Lung?


Generally, the Mouth to Lung vaping method can be thought of akin to smoking a tobacco cigarette. The process involves drawing vapour into the mouth, and only then inhaling into the lungs. This is considered to be more of a beginners method of vaping, as it’s generally quite easy-going and comfortable for most vapers to use, and a main feature of many beginner vaping kits.

Most people find that vaping with the mouth to lung method allows for an increase in flavour and throat hit, and will generally allow your eLiquid and battery capacity to last the little bit longer. This is mainly due to the reduced amount of electrical charge needed to fire a coil of high resistance.

To use the mouth to lung method optimally, it’s generally advised to use High PG eLiquids (those that are around 50VG, or higher in PG consistency). Unlike the direct-to-lung method, where nicotine percentage has to be restricted, any nicotine strength can be considered for use with a mouth to lung tank, as roughly the same percentage of nicotine is vapourised at any one time.

What Is Direct to Lung?


On the other hand, we have the Direct to Lung method of vaping, achieved mainly by using Sub ohm coils and a high-powered vape mod. Vaping with this method can also be seen as quite similar to using a shisha pipe, in that it can create a more full-on vaping experience with a large amount of vapour produced.

Most vapers find that vaping with the Direct-to-lung method will increase the vapour production, and in using some eLiquids, users will find that certain flavour notes are ‘unlocked’ that aren’t accessible when using the mouth-to-lung method. Generally, it’s advised to used eLiquids that are no higher than 6mg nicotine, as the increased power and electrical charge will vapourise a higher percentage of nicotine than with a mouth-to-lung device. Also, it’s best to use eLiquids that have a High VG consistency, as high PG eLiquids can create an increased harshness on the throat at such high temperatures.

If you’re new to vaping, we don’t advise starting your vape journey with a direct to lung device, unless you’re with, or have been advised by someone who understands the nature of these products.


Here’s a quick recap of the Mouth to Lung and Direct to Lung vaping methods;

Mouth to Lung:

  • Best method for beginners, some veterans prefer it also.
  • Similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette
  • Allows for more flavour and throat hit
  • Allows for wide range of nicotine strengths
  • Improved battery life, and both coil and eLiquid longevity (compared with Direct to Lung)
  • Best used with High PG eliquids, at least 50PG (Propylene Glycol)

Direct to Lung:

  • More suited to experienced users
  • Similar to using a Shisha pipe
  • Allows for increased vapour production
  • Allows for higher wattages
  • Reduced battery life, coil and eLiquid longevity (compared with Mouth to Lung)
  • Best used with eLiquids high in VG, and no more than 6mg Nicotine

For more information about Direct to Lung and Mouth to Lung Vaping, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Beginners Guide on How to Mix and Make DIY eLiquid


While we carry the finest range of eliquids from around the world, vapers will eventually come across the idea of DIY eLiquid sooner or later in their vaping journey. It might sound complicated, but it’s actually a relatively easy process. It just requires a little patience.

If you’ve seen our blog entry or watched our Beginner’s Guide to Vape eLiquid video, you’ll know that eLiquid is made up of 4 main ingredients: PG, VG, Flavourings and Nicotine. In pre-made liquid this is, as the name suggests, all put together and blended for you prior use.

However, with DIY eLiquid, vapers put all of the separate elements together themselves, allowing for a choice in flavours, the PG/VG eLiquid ratio, nicotine strength, and amount.

Before attempting DIY mixing, users will need to get hold of some equipment to do the actual mixing, including measuring beakers, large measuring syringes, and some empty bottles for storage. Users will need to ensure their mixing equipment is all completely clean, with no dirt, dust, or other nastiness in with the eLiquid mix; sanitation is important.


Before the TPD came into force, nicotine was sold in very high concentrations in large bottles, which represented the only real danger of making your own eLiquid at home; safely handling and storing large amounts of potentially dangerous nicotine. Post-TPD, this is no longer an issue thanks to the Nicotine Booster Shots that are commonly available now, 10ml bottles of unflavoured nicotine solution.

The first thing a user will need to decide on is the ratio of the eLiquid. This refers to how much PG and VG you want in the juice, deciding on how thick it’s going to be. If it’s going to be used it in a Sub-Ohm tank, you will want to mix at 70% VG and above, and if you’re using a Mouth-to-Lung tank, it’s best to stick to 50% PG and above.


The next thing to choose is the percentage of eLiquid Flavourings to add. Most flavours work well at 15% of the overall juice, but this can vary from person to person. The best thing to do is start from the 15% figure, and either dilute or add more flavour as needed.

Finally, you will want to decide on the nicotine strength, with the aforementioned nicotine booster shot. There’s nothing to say that you can’t choose your own percentage of flavouring, as some flavours may work well at 10%, others at 12% and some as high as 20%, but for this particular concentrate, 15% works very well.

When making eLiquid, it’s easiest for a user to work out the amounts of each ingredient they’re going to need before starting the mix. The simplest way to do this is with an online calculator, one example being Steam Engine (see image below). This will work out the exact amount of each component to add to the juice to bring the eLiquid to the desired ratios of PG/VG, nicotine strength and flavour percentage.



For example, if a user wanted to create 100ml of eLiquid at 20mg and 80% VG, with 15% flavour, along with 3mg nicotine strength. Once a user has inputted the data into the calculator, it will display the exact measurements in ml for the desired eLiquid mix. In this example, the calculator would show that the mix needed 15ml of nicotine base, 15ml of flavour, 68ml of VG and 2ml of PG to create 100ml of 3mg, 80% VG liquid.

The order in which to put each part into the mix doesn’t really matter, but it’s generally easiest to start with the nicotine base, followed by the other components. When you measure anything, make sure you check and double check the amounts with your syringe. Once all the ingredients are together, the best way to mix up the eLiquid is to give it a really good shake to ensure that the flavours and nicotine are evenly distributed throughout the PG and VG.


After this, it’s probably a good time to label the bottle with the flavour, nicotine strength, ratio, and date. The next step is probably the hardest bit of the whole process; steeping the eLiquid. If it’s a menthol or fruit flavoured eliquid being mixed, this won’t be necessary, but if it’s a dessert or pastry flavoured juice; at least one week of steeping is an absolutely necessary step.

Steeping is achieved by leaving the eLiquid alone in a dark room at room temperature, in a cool, dry place, such as a cupboard, while the flavours all get to know each other and develop. If you don’t steep, the juice won’t taste right. If you buy a premade eliquid, it will have been steeped for at least a couple of weeks before it makes its way to you, which is why you can vape it straight away. DIY liquid, unfortunately, requires more patience, but will be all the better for it. Once completed, the eLiquid is now ready to be vaped. Congratulations!

If you have any questions or queries about DIY eLiquid mixing, or what to know more information about any of the products above, please do get in touch with us via Phone, Email, or Live Chat.

Aspire Gusto Mini Vape Kit + Element’s NS20 Salt Nicotine eLiquid Pods


The combined effort of one of the most popular eLiquid manufacturers with one of the best vaping hardware manufacturers on the planet, the Aspire Gusto Mini kit is the result of the teaming up of Aspire and Element’s NS20 eLiquid range.

The Gusto Kit is a compact closed system that employs the use of pre-filled pods. So no filling or refilling, no fiddling with coils, no real need to know anything at all other than 5 clicks to turn it on and 5 clicks to turn it off.


The kit itself is, as the name suggests, is mini and compact in size, fitting easily in the palm of the hand. For the same reason, the Gusto Mini is also extremely pocketable and travel friendly, and weighing in at just over 60 grams, it’s very lightweight.

With a 900 mAh battery capacity the Gusto Mini should get the average vaper through the course of a day without needing to recharge, which is done via a supplied micro USB charging cable. The airflow options are fixed, which may put off some vapers, but due to a clever design, it’s possible to use the Gusto Mini as both a mouth to lung or direct to lung device.

The Aspire Gusto Mini is only compatible with Element’s NS20 eLiquid pods, with each pod filled with Element’s Nicotine Salt based eLiquid that come only in 20mg nicotine strength.

Element’s NS20 pods work slightly differently to the average eLiquid in that the nicotine ‘hits’ the user sooner, and more efficiently, and more like a traditional cigarette. Not only this but NS20 pods are very smooth on the throat. For those that are familiar with vaping already, the throat hit on NS20’s 20mg is akin to that of the average 3mg eLiquid.


All that being said, let’s get down to the flavours, where Element’s NS20 pods do well again. Only the flavour of the eLiquid comes through with NS20 which makes for a much more enjoyable vape, as you cannot taste the nicotine the same way you can when vaping on a traditional 18mg for example.

Due to the efficiency in delivering nicotine users will notice that they will need to vape less often and less in general before feeling satisfied, and due to this, we ask vapers, new and old alike, to please take their time when first using NS20 pods to be sure to not overdo it. Take it slow to begin with until you are more familiar with it and know how it works.

For more information on the Aspire Gusto Kit, or Element’s NS20 Salt Nicotine range, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Element eLiquids Release Their Highly Anticipated Ns20 Line


New Salt Based Nicotine Offers “Max Nicotine” Option, Fulfilling Vaper Demand And Traditional Cigarette Smoker Appeal.

[HOLLYWOOD, FL] Today, Element E-Liquids announced its newest addition to their award-winning vape liquid collection, known as Ns20.

A revolutionary new salt-based nicotine, Ns20 boasts a 20 mg nicotine content, making it the highest allowable in the EU. Fully TPD compliant and available in 10 ml across the company’s top-selling Premium Dripper, FAR, Emulsions, and Tobacconist lines, Ns20 is primed to become Element’s best e-liquid release to date.


“Element has always been known for its innovative, award-winning e-liquids, and in keeping with that cutting edge approach, we felt the time was right to reveal our next generation: the Ns20 line.” said David Botton, Element E-Liquid’s CEO.

Regarded as one of the best vape juice brands for their highly sought after flavor profiles since their launch in 2014, it should come as no surprise that the company is already receiving a lot of favourable reviews surrounding Ns20’s premiere.

Element has earned an enormous amount of praise for all of their best selling liquids, and their highly popular Pink Lemonade and Watermelon Chill flavors are among the impressive varietals offered within the Ns20 lineup.

Already the recipient of the Best Tobacco of The Show award for the Ns20 version of their coveted 555 Tobacco flavour at the 2017 Vaper Expo UK, and always at the forefront the e-liquids market, Element is poised to lead the “nic salt” movement as well into the foreseeable future.


“Developing Ns20 was an exciting experience for us,” added David Botton. “Its unique ability to deliver superior smoothness with maximum nicotine was the breakthrough many vapers and traditional smokers have been waiting for. Because of this, we’re proud of our continued commitment in offering the highest quality designer e-liquids found anywhere in the industry.”

Since its inception in 2014, Element has established itself amongst the top e-liquids on the market today. A recipient of numerous award-winning accolades, they have garnered an international reputation as the influential standard for quality and performance. All additional details for those interested in Element’s newest vape juice products can be found on their website. Be sure to follow Element on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest information regarding new product releases including the launch of Ns20.


For more information on Ns20 eLiquid range, any of Element’s other eJuices, or to speak to us about anything at all, please do get in contact with our team.

Joyetech ATOPACK Penguin Kit: Vape Overview


Always at the forefront of innovation and looking at things a little differently, Joyetech have been a solid performer on the vaping market for the last few years, producing some well-reviewed pieces of kit, such as the EVIC series and AIO range.

One of their latest devices, the ATOPACK Penguin Kit, is a compact and smoothly-designed all-in-one kit that’s very easy to operate and use. It features a one button operation that’s ideal for newer vapers who just want to something to get them going, and a very ergonomic design that’s easy to grip and hold comfortably.

The Penguin mod features a built-in battery with a 2000mAh capacity; easily enough to give keep the average user vaping through a full day.

The battery is charged using USB lead, with the charging port located on the front of the device, below the firing button, and with a 2A Fast Charging port, recharging the battery doesn’t take very long at all. A simple LED system illustrates how much charge remains in the battery.


The Penguin vape tank holds a whopping 8.8ml, but due to the TPD / TRPR regulations this has obviously had to be reduced down to 2ml to comply.

The tank uses a specially designed JVIC coil, placed horizontally into the tank system. The Penguin coils are partly constructed from Ceramic, allowing for a more even spread of heat distribution and a fuller vaping experience. Using a ceramic coil is slightly different than vaping with a standard one, as ‘chain vaping’ a device that uses a ceramic coil can cause dry hits for the user, due to the slightly slower ramp up time for ceramics.

The kit comes supplied with a pair of sub-ohm coils (a 0.25Ω and a 0.6Ω), which are intended to be used at higher wattages, and with thicker, High VG eLiquids.

Due to these low resistance coils, users may find themselves having to refill sooner than they may like, as a 2ml capacity tank will drain down rather quickly with prolonged use.



The Penguin Kit is very easy to use, but it’s lack of variable controls may put some users off, as the output is essentially dictated by which coil is used. It has a great design, fitting very comfortably in hand.

Using the device will require a little bit more patience than using a normal device, as its ceramic coils do take a fraction longer to heat up than standard coils. Those that like to chain vape big gulps will need to be mindful using the device, as heavy-handed users may experience a dry hit or two.

For more information on the Joyetech Penguin Kit, or to speak to us directly about anything, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call.


Vaper Expo UK 2017: Vape and eLiquid Awards


Now in its third year running, the Vaper Expo at Birmingham’s NEC has gone from strength to strength, increasing in size and capacity every time. With two scheduled events per year, Vaper Expo has become one of the top trade shows in the UK and Europe, with vapers, brands, manufacturers coming from far and wide to be part of the vaping experience.

This weekend saw a huge amount of vapers descending on the NEC, trying out new liquids and devices in post-TRPR vape world. As is tradition, the Vaper Expo held their awards for the best in the business, which are as follows:



Best High PG – Vampire Vape – Heisenberg

Vampire Vape have long been a popular brand in the UK, with a wide range of different flavours that often feature a sweet shop theme. Their Heisenberg flavour is an homage to Breaking Bad’s “Blue Ice”, with its flavour a mixed berry blend with menthol.

It’s bright blue colouring makes it an easily identifiable flavour in a tank, and it’s a popular first flavour for new vapers. Heisenberg won the Best High PG award, for eLiquid traditionally used in pen and lower powered devices which are frequently used by beginner vapers.



Best Tobacco – Dr Fog’s Tobacco Series – Mocha

Premium Labs Inc was started in Vancouver, BC in 2014 by Sammy Fog. Looking for a way to stop smoking cigarettes, Sammy tried vaping but never found a flavour that worked, then deciding to produce his own eLiquids.

Since then Premium Labs’ range of eLiquids that include Decoded and Dr Fogs have gone on to be popular worldwide, with their Mocha flavour picking up the award for best Tobacco, which features a blend of Coffee, Chocolate, and Tobacco.



Best Stand – Dinner Lady

Dinner Lady’s eLiquid range hit the market last year, and quickly went on to win awards becoming a well-known brand across the globe, as well as in the UK where they’re based.

Their Lemon Tart flavour has stood out as their flagship flavour, with many copycats trying to follow suit. Dinner Lady eLiquids have become well known for always putting on a good show at vape expos, putting a lot of money and effort into their stand, which usually features theatrics of some kind. Check out the Dinner Ladies for some fun times with vaping.


Best Mod – Asmodus – Minikin V2

Known for their high-end mods constructed of stabilised wood, Asmodus have ensured the quality and effort that goes into their products has meant they’ve remained a sought after brand for vape hardware.

Their Minikin V2 device features a 180W capacity with options for both Variable Wattage and Temperature Control. It’s main feature however is its capacitive touch screen, allowing for easy transition between modes.


Best Menthol – Vlad’s VG – Pinkman On Ice

Taking home another award from the Vaper Expo, Vampire Vape’s Pinkman On Ice, from their Vlad’s VG range. Vlad’s VG is a high VG range, including a 70%VG mix; much smoother than their standard 50%VG range.

Pinkman on Ice is a reimagining of one of their most popular flavours, with this twist featuring Citrus Fruits, along with a menthol hit.



Best Drinks Cocktail – Riot Squad – Iron Bruise

Taking inspiration from an incredibly popular Scottish soft drink, Riot Squad continue to push the boundaries with flavour blend creations, reimagining a well-known taste from the British Isles.

Riot Squad deem the Scottish to be the very first ‘rioters’, and this is their homage to the woad-coloured warriors from Scotland. Riot Squad’s Iron Bruise flavour is a blend of Citrus and Fruit notes.



Best Cereal – Decoded – Tiger Flakes With Milk

Canadian eLiquid creators Premium Labs took home the Best Cereal award for their Tiger Flakes eJuice. The Decoded range has long been a ‘sleeper hit’ among vapers, surprising many with their balanced flavour blends and mixes.

Premium Labs have a range of brands under their belts, with Decoded being just one of a number that also includes Dr Fogs and many others.


Best Fruit – Attitude Vape – The Earl

A relatively new brand to the British eLiquid market, Attitude Vape are the love-child collective of a group of UK vaping enthusiasts and mixologists, wanting to create a range of eJuices that pays homage to Britain and its rapidly growing vape market.

While they love the US eLiquid scene, they’re passionate about bringing the UK on par to rival the best in the vape game. Attitude Vapes’ eLiquid called The Earl took home the award for Best Fruit, with its blend of Grapefruits, Cucumber, and Tonic flavour notes.



Best Dessert – Demon Vaper – Lemon Lush

Cutting through all the competition to take home the Best Dessert award, The Demon Vaper is a relatively small UK manufacturer based out of Essex.

Concentrating on just two flavours that are in the current range, Lemon Lush has gone on to take the UK market by storm in the last few months, with its very balanced flavour citrus and cake blend. It features a vanilla sponge cake with a lemon cream filling, along with lemon glazed icing, and the Demon Vaper manages to balanced these flavour notes exceptionally well.


Best Branding / Marketing – Nasty Juice

Founded in Malaysia in 2016, Nasty Juice has gone on to become a household name in its home, as well as making waves across the world.

Their eye-catching designs and branding have ensured they are noticeable and easily distinguishable from the crowd. Their branding is rather unique and definitely brightly coloured, and a somewhat refreshing addition to the vape market.



Best Tea / Coffee – 13 Sins – Nia nine

13 Sins is one of the eLiquid ranges from Cuts Ice, also known for their T-Juice and Halcyon Haze eJuice lines.

Taking home the Best Tea / Coffee award, 13 Sins’ Nia 9 flavour contains a balanced blend of Chai spices and Vanilla cream, along with additional fruit flavour notes of Red Berries, Blackcurrants, and Citrus.



Best Sweets and Choc – Diamond Vapour – Deadline 8/8

Hailing from the other Hollywood in Florida, Diamond Vapor have an array of different mini sub-ranges and blends under their belt, with a variety of flavour notes in their blends.

It was their Deadline 8/8 flavour that won the Best Sweets and Chocolate award at this years Vaper Expo. Deadline 8/8 contains a flavour blend of Sherbet hard candy.



Best Mech Mod – Vaping American Made Products – Rigmod V3

Vaping American Made Products haven’t let an odd name get in the way of their desire to create the best Mech Mods on the planet.

With both versions of the original Rig mod gaining notoriety internationally, with a number of awards under their belt, their latest V3 Rig mod has carried on this tradition at this years Vaper Expo, taking home the award for Best Mech Mod. The Rig V3 is constructed of high grade aluminium, and is designed to be used by advanced users.



Vape Shop of the Year – Vape & Volts

Based out of London in Chalk Farm, Vape & Volts have risen to become a great brick and mortar shop sitting in the Camden area.

Featuring a wide range of eLiquids and hardware, such as Cosmic Fog, Riot Squad, and Element’s FAR range, they’ve got a fine selection of wares to browse through.



Vaper of the Year – Lady Vaper

There are indeed many Vapers out there in the UK, as well as worldwide, universally even, but only one can be crowned Vaper Expo’s Vaper of the Year. The Pinnacle of Vape, if you will.

This Expo award goes out to the best vaper, the one that represents the zeitgeist of vaping, a voice for us all. This year the Vaper of the Year went to Lady Vaper, who is sponsored by Riot Squad, Ruthless, Dinner Lady, and iJoy. That’s a lot of vaper.




Best Overall Juice – You Got eJuice – Strawberry Custard

Using only 99.97% USP grade Kosher PG and Premium Nicotine, California’s You Got eJuice maintain a very high standard, carefully selecting their ingredients for use within their eLiquid refill range.

They pride themselves on using no food colourings or unnecessary additives, and their flavour blends include a wide array of classic profiles using a comprehensive range of flavour notes. Their Strawberry Custard took home the Best Overall Juice this year, with its flavour blend featuring a blend of two different Vanillas and Strawberries.


Best Trade Show – Vaper Expo UK

And finally, the award for Best Trade Show at the Vaper Expo Awards 2017 goes to Vaper Expo UK 2017! What a surprise that was. We look forward to seeing what this next Vaper Expo will bring, in terms of its exhibitors, size, vapers, and gimmicks!

For more information on the Vaper Expo, or to speak to us about anything at all vaping related, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team.

Vape Jam UK 2017: Sub Ohm Magazine Awards



Now in its third year, Vape Jam is held annually in London and has quickly become one of the go-to places in the UK for vapers to get together. With a hall full of eLiquid creators, hardware manufacturers, vaping advocates, reviewers, and of course, all the vapers, it’s one of the only places that you can be sure to feel at home as a vaper. At every show are the Vape Jam awards, with this year’s awards sponsored by Sub Ohm Magazine.

Awards are given to the best flavour profiles, and bits of kit and hardware, as well as tanks, stands, and brands – there’s a whole heap to be won! Here’s the run down of this years winners at Vape Jam 2017.

Best in Show – Prohibition Vapes


Prohibition Potions hail from the UK, and along with their eLiquid range, Prohibition also have a number of coffee and vape lounges to chill and have a vape.

Their Prohibition Potions range features a variety of flavours to try, from an icy Slushie to a Blackcurrant Liquorice, and are inspired by the Smuggler’s Runs of 1930’s Prohibition in the USA.


Best Branding – Zap

ZAP! Juice hail from Manchester, UK, and they spend many a joyous hour creating their eLiquids in their ISO-grade clean room.

Using only the highest grade pharmaceutical VG, PG, Nicotine, and Flavourings, their master vape mixologists pouring their passion and dedication for their craft into every bottle of eJuice.


Best Booth – Twelve Monkeys

Hailing all the way from the dense jungles of Toronto in Canada, Twelve Monkeys Vapor Co have strived to create a range of e-liquids with quality flavours at a very reasonable price. All of 12 Monkeys e-liquids are at a minimum of 70% VG, allowing for a very smooth and flavoursome vape on every puff, and every e-liquid is pre-steeped for two weeks prior to bottling, so all the flavours are more evenly balanced.


Best Unregulated – Purge

Purge Mods were started by two guys who created Fast Eddie’s Vape Shop & Lounge with their main intention being to help people find a safer smoking alternative. After a flourishing start, their passion grew to help those that weren’t just in their community.

Purge Mods are high end with extensive design and construction values.


Best Regulated – Limitless

Widely known for their range of mods, drippers, and other devices, Limitless have long been held in high regard by many in the vaping world, with their devices being some of the most sought after and respected pieces of kit. At the 2017 Vape Jam, Limitless walked away with 0.


Best RDA – Grimm Green – The Recoil

Designed by Grimm Green himself (who also coincidentally had Q & A appearances at Vape Jam that weekend), his Recoil RDA combines a balanced build deck and a two cap, dual-angled airflow system. 24mm in diameter, the Recoil has a 22mm deck allowing for easy-builds, with a three post, split centre post arrangement, with 2.5mm terminal. It’s aimed for those looking for big flavour and vapour production, with a high-performance RDA unit.


Best RTA – Mason Dumptank


The Mason Dumptank from VaperGate took home the Best RTA award. It offers a generous deck with ample space for building both simple and complex coil builds. It has a continually variable airflow system ranging from a wide open to a completely closed draw; built with both flavour and vapour production in mind.


Best Custard & Cream – Eco Vape – Milf Milk

Eco-Vape e-liquid are a home-grown bunch, based out of Nottingham in sunny ol’ England. They were one of the first manufacturers to produce a Milkshake themed eliquid range, with their range available in 0, 3, and 6mg of nicotine, in a 90%VG consistency.

Milfsmilk from Eco Vapo is a UK-made ejuice, as well as being a delightfully named flavour, and it features a classic custard cream biscuit blended with sweet strawberries.


Best Dessert Kilo – Tru Blue

Kilo Vapors are world renowned for their dedication to the craft of eLiquid mixology. Each one of their five vape flavours have been carefully created with quality always preceding quantity. With very unique ideas and a freedom of expression, Kilo are one brand to try and try again.

Tru Blue by Kilo features a balanced blend of Blueberries along with notes of Custard.


Best Candy – Pick N Mix  – Vanilla Fudge

The Pick n Mix eLiquid range is a creation of Bowman eLiquid, the same guys who produced the Psycho Chemist, among others. The Pick n Mix sub range features flavour blends wholly reminiscent of the various Pick n Mix sweets, including Foam Bananas, Mint Balls, Sour Cherries, Apples, and of course, the Vanilla Fudge.

Vanilla Fudge eLiquid by Pick n Mix is a flavour blend reminiscent of those fudge sweets at an old stool Pick n Mix.


Best Drink – Lemonade House- Fresh Lemonade


The Lemonade House eLiquid range features a Citrus and Beverage basis, using a tart Lemonade flavour as a basis. Along with this, each flavour contains additional flavour notes, such as Raspberries, Grapefruits, Mangoes, and other Tropical Fruits.

Traditional by The Lemonade House is an eLiquid flavour for the citrus-aficionados out there, featuring a thoroughly tart Lemonade-esqe flavour profile.


Best Menthol – Juice Bomb – Cherry Bomb


Juice Bomb eLiquids main focus is to bring a range of palatable eLiquids to the market, that are fully traceable and safe to use. Their range is available in a 60%VG blend, and are wholly manufactured in the UK.

At Vape Jam 2017, they took home the Best Menthol award for their Cherry Bomb eLiquid.


Best Pastry Dvtch Amsterdam – Tom Pouce


Dutch Amsterdam are one of the only eLiquid companies in Amsterdam, and they aim to bring their city’s culture to the world with their eLiquid flavour range. With five flavours in their range, their ‘Tom Pouce’ flavour bringing home the best pastry from Vape Jam in 2017.


Best Tobacco – Miami Drip Club Little Havana

From the Cheap Thrills guys, the Miami Drip Club range aims to encapsulate all that sun-soaked 80’s glory in an eLiquid bottle. Colourful branding and complex flavour blends all both Cheap Thrills and Miami Drip Club to push through the USA dominated eJuice as one of the more noticeable brands from the UK.

Their Little Havana eLiquid has a blend of biscuits, caramels, and tobacco, along with notes of cinnamon.


Best Fruit – Kilo – Mixed Fruit


Formerly know as Fruit Whip in the Kilo range, this mixed fruit flavour blend was renamed to the more matter-of-fact “Mixed Fruit”.  Mixed Fruit by Kilo is a balanced fruit medley featuring Apples, Pears, Mixed Berries, with Tropical Fruits such as Mangoes, Passion Fruit and Pineapples, finally finished with notes of Cream.

If you’d like to get in contact with Vape Club, please feel free to get in contact with us.

Nicotine Salt eLiquids




eLiquids and vaping have changed the ways we absorb nicotine into our bodies. We no longer need to combust tobacco in order to get nicotine, we simply vape instead. Whilst vaping has made this process easier and more beneficial for users in many ways, vaping is still generally unable to provide that quick nicotine hit or ‘rush’ that people get from cigarettes. Vaping delivers the nicotine to the body, which is why it works, but just not as quickly as cigarettes.

Most eLiquids on the market use a form of nicotine derived from the tobacco leaf, but some manufacturers are looking at other methods, either synthesizing the nicotine, or getting it from a different source.


Salt Nicotine eLiquids are basically what the name suggests; an eLiquid that manages to encapsulate the natural salt that is found within the tobacco leaf. Vaping a salt-based nicotine eLiquid allows nicotine to be absorbed into the body at a faster rate than standard eLiquids, allowing the user to experience a more “natural” nicotine rush that’s more similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette. Salt based nicotine eLiquids aim to provide a more potent nicotine hit than most eLiquids can currently provide.

Traditionally, a type of freebase nicotine is used in tobacco cigarettes. Initially, nicotine is found in a “salt-like” state on the tobacco leaf, and in order to increase the potency of the nicotine hit, tobacco companies change the chemical structure of the nicotine; making it into “freebase nicotine”.


Using a salt nicotine eLiquid means that the higher nicotine eLiquids that were traditionally quite harsh on the throat, are now much, much smoother, and flavours and tastes can be experienced clearer. Not only that, salt-based nicotine eLiquids also allow the user to receive the nicotine hit at a faster rate, improving the efficiency of the vaping experience.

As they are predominantly designed for the high nicotine users in mind, they’re not really suitable for sub-ohm setups, and it wouldn’t be advisable to use nicotine-salt eliquid with a high-powered sub-ohm coil. Nicotine still provides the biggest part or factor of the throat hit, regardless of how smooth the VG/PG mix is.

Sub ohm limitations aside, these natural salt-based nicotine eliquids offer an arguably improved vaping experience for those who use high nicotine eLiquids, and could potentially change the way in which eLiquids are manufactured in the future.

For more information on Natural Salt Nicotine eLiquids, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team.