Best Songs To Vape To

Do you have any favourite tunes to put on while relaxing with your favourite vaping flavour? I do. Hundreds of them, in fact. I’m only allowed to put ten on this list though so I’ll try and keep them at least tenuously relevant to vaping. Here goes, pop pickers!

10 – Summertime by Janis Joplin

This is the perfect tune for kicking back on a hot summer day while vaping the most interesting juice you can lay your hands on. Relax and contemplate the deep tones and multiple layers of flavour as you offer up plumes of vapour to the sun. Just get a move on as we seem to be running out of summer pretty quick.

9 – Sunshiny Milk by Nostalghia

Talking of interesting flavours, delve deep into the complex flavouring of Suicide Bunny’s signature blend, Mother’s Milk, while listening to this awesome milk-mentioning tune by the occasionally life-changing Nostalghia. With vocals reminiscent of Bjork and Kate Bush (but even better) the song is suited to e-juices with a complicated blend of influences and themes.

8 – Machines R Us by Faithless

Put on something a bit livelier with this mostly instrumental track from Faithless’ 2001 masterpiece, Outrospective. Think of the title as a homage to all things electronic and mechanical, as you hold your e-cig aloft and consider all the good things it does for you.

7 – Science/Visions by Chvrches

Of course, if you want a tune that pays homage a little more accurately, then go with this beauty by the increasingly popular Scottish electro-pop trio. The tune isn’t exactly about vaping per say, but it was applying a little of bit of science to a little bit of vision that paved the way for the vaping industry to take off the way it has. So raise your vapes and salute the pioneers who made it happen.

6 – In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins

The greatest benefit of e-cigs is, of course, the health improvement of switching from smoking to vaping. No more carcinogens in our lungs from smoke, and no more passive inhalations of that smoke by innocents. The air tonight, Phil, is filled with nothing but the occasional whiff of fruity vapour. Keep your spare e-cigs close when listening to this one, because you’ll need one in each hand to play the air drums when the famous beat kicks in at 3:16.

5 – Battery by Metallica

Phil might not be your cup of tea so let’s get something a little harder on the turntable for you. The title of this tune might possibly be a reference to assault and battery, but that doesn’t mean we can’t commandeer it to urge our e-cig’s batteries to last a little longer and give us the power we need to vape all day long.

4 – Lithium by Nirvana

Okay, I’m about to get geeky, don’t judge me. But if we’re going to listen to tunes about batteries then we have to put this classic Nirvana track on. The lithium-ion batteries that power our personal vaporisers are the new breed of rechargeable battery that don’t suffer from the memory effect that quickly deteriorated the lives of all previous models of rechargeable batteries.

3 – Candy Tongue by Trentemøller

Time to relax again after all that head-banging, and this track by the Danish electronic music maestro is a perfect mid-tempo tune to wind down to after a heavy session. The candy tongue lyrics are perfect for vaping on any of the deliciously sweet flavours that are available in most e-liquid brands.

2 – Funky Cold Medina by Tone Loc

Another one inspired by the awesome Suicide Bunny range. The actual flavour might be Madrina, rather than Medina, but there’s nothing to stop us shouting over the actual lyrics as we celebrate another amazingly complex flavour from Pip. The lyrics tell of the somewhat complicated adventures of a chap looking for “love” in all the wrong places, so kick back and enjoy his misadventures as you vape away knowing you’ve already found the secret to love, and it’s that funky bold Madrina.

1 – Vape Anthem by Cloud Chasers

What else could I put at number one other than this actually vape-themed tune by the US vaping collective Cloud Chasers. It’s got a catchy hip hop beat and particularly awesome lyrics celebrating the vaping life (apart from the killing Kevin Costner bit, which I’m still trying to figure out the relevance of). So kick back, vape up, and chase some of those clouds, homie. Protection Status © 2019 Vape Club Ltd All Rights Reserved. You have to be over 18 to purchase from this website. UK Company Registration Number: 08131075, VAT Number: GB196886725

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