Brand New Red Vape Flavours

Red Vape have added a several new flavours to their already splendid collection, and it’s good news all the way no matter what your favourite vape flavour type is. For starters there are a couple of new dessert vapes, one fruit-based and the other custard-based. They have also expanded their Havano tobacco range to include both medium and light nicotine strengths to compliment the Havano Gold and Havano Dark liquids. And perhaps most exciting of all are the three new additions to the extra special Red Vape Reserva range.

New Red Vape Reserva E-Liquids

The Reserva range is especially interesting for vaping connoisseurs because Red Vape mature these liquids in sherry, bourbon or whiskey oak cask barrels to enhance their flavours. The maturing process lasts three months and ensures the e-liquids are in prime condition before being made available for purchase.

Imperius XV Reserva E-Liquid by Red Vape has been matured in a French Oak barrel for three months and features natural tobacco flavouring derived from the Brightleaf Virginian tobacco variety grown in Suffolk, USA.. This natural tobacco flavour is blended with fresh Robusta coffee extract, which itself has been blended with pure Irish whiskey. The hit is solid and the aftertaste is incredibly smooth.

Appleleaf Reserva E-Liquid by Red Vape is also matured in oak barrels before being bottled up for purchase. The natural tobacco flavouring used here is derived from the Cuban Corojo tobacco. Added to this natural tobacco flavouring is the sweet tanginess of green apple extract, which helps produce a refreshingly flavoursome vape.

Shade Reserva E-Liquid by Red Vape is the last of the new flavours that has been matured in oak barrels for three months prior to availability. Shade e-liquid features a crisp, medium strength tobacco flavour using natural flavouring derived from the North American Shade tobacco variety. This is the tobacco leaf that is used as the outermost layer of high-end cigar brands.

Red Vape Reserva - 3 x New Flavours

New Red Vape Dessert Flavours

Strawberry Fusion E-Liquid by Red Vape is a fusion of strawberry, cream and vanilla. It incorporates the sublime taste of freshly picked strawberries and blends them with the creamy aftertaste of vanilla. The layers of flavour float in and around each other and combine to create a truly delicious dessert vape.

Trinity Creme E-Liquid by Red Vape is a very special blend of custard, caramel and nutmeg. This e-juice blend includes one of Red Vape’s specialities, rich vanilla custard, mixed with a layer of reduced caramel and just a hint of nutmeg. This scrumptious Trinity Crème e-liquid flavour works best with a 6mg amount of nicotine to produce a silky smooth throat hit with flavour to burn.

New Havano Tobacco Nicotine Strengths

Havano E-Liquid by Red Vape is the medium strength variety of their Havano Gold e-liquid flavour. It features natural tobacco flavouring derived from the Cuban Corojo tobacco plant, blended with Corojo tobacco grown in the Jamastran Valley of South Honduras. The nicotine strength of Havano is 12mg.

Havano Lite E-Liquid by Red Vape is the lightest version of Red Vape’s Havano e-liquid flavours, with its natural tobacco flavouring again derived from the Cuban Corojo tobacco variety. The flavour is blended together using Corojo tobacco grown in the Jamastran Valley of South Honduras and features a light nicotine strength of 6mg.

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