Innokin MVP4 Mod: Vape Overview


Retaining many of the features of its predecessors, Innokin’s MVP4 looks to keep everything that was liked about the originals, while improving on the design and functionality.

Innokin have come a long way from the earlier MVP models that only featured around 15W of output. Now in its fourth iteration, the MVP4 still retains that box-like shape and a huge battery capacity that will be familiar to users of the previous models.

innokin-mvp4-blogWhile the MVP3 had just 30W of output, with its PRO version ramping this output up to 60W, the MVP4 manages to crank out 100W of vaping power, and also features a rather large 4500mAh integrated battery; similar to the Pro version.

This huge battery offers a generous amount of vaping time, and would last the average vaper easily over a day. It also allows other devices to be charged via the port at the bottom, meaning it can function as a power bank if need be.

The Innokin MVP4 is powered by their innovative Aethon microchip, which has advanced yet very easy-to-use Temperature Control (TC) capabilities that include Stainless Steel SS316L, Ni200, and Titanium, along with standard Kanthal. The MVP4 also has the ability to detect and avoid dry hits and features over-charge safety precautions.

High-quality Stainless Steel threading and a gold-plated connection pin allows for the current to flow smoothly, and its 510 thread means its compatible with the vast majority of tanks on the current market.

A large OLED screen situated on the side of the device displays all necessary user information, such as wattage, temperature, and charge levels, while the robust and sturdy design means the MVP4 can take the knocks and scrapes that daily life throws at it.

Innokin have included a 2A quick-charge with the MVP4, meaning that the battery will charge at a much faster rate than previous models. As well, the device features pass-through capabilities, so it can be used while it’s charging.



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Eleaf iPower 80W: A Vape Overview


eleaf-ipower-mod-woodThe successor to the iStick 50w; Eleaf’s iPower boasts a huge 5000-mAh built-in battery, along with a maximum output of 80W, and range of modes that include Temperature Control (TC), Variable Wattage (VW), Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR), Bypass, and the brand new Smart Mode.

Eleaf took the iStick 50w and redesigned it from the ground up, giving it a sleek and classy finish, and in a range of different colours.

The iPower’s wattage output ranges from 1w up to 80w, with the resistance range of between 0.1 – 3.5ohm in VW, and 0.05 – 1.5ohm in TC mode. The temperature range in TC mode (Stainless Steel, Ni200, Titanium and TCR (M1, M2 & M3) ranges between 100 – 315C, or 200 – 615F, depending on your measurement preference.

Improvements Eleaf have made include the obvious massive increase in battery capacity; the 5000mAh built in battery giving easily enough power for days, while still remaining light, and not affecting the weight of the device. It remains exceptionally lightweight.

Eleaf have also additional reset button, along with the standard click buttons for plus and minus variables. The reset button can be used by holding the ‘up’ button and the reset button together, and this is just a precaution incase the device does not power on after an upgrade.


Eleaf has also included TCR mode (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) which allows for a much more accurate reading of the heat and resistance,  and also Bypass mode giving the option to use it as a ‘mechanical mod’. We advise caution to be taken with Bypass mode, as this will have an immense drain the battery.

Smart mode is a huge improvement to the Eleaf software, allowing you to save a specific wattage with a specific tank with its resistance set, so that whenever you add that particular tank with that same resistance, the mod will load up the pre-set saved earlier.

When switching your tank for another, it will still save when reusing the previous tank.

One of the only drawbacks to the iPower is the location of its charging port, situated at the bottom for the device. While this adds a slight inconvenience for charging it, the mod itself is comfortable and perfectly sized, and the finish is sleek and looks classy making any tank look great on it.

Eleaf’s iPower 80w would be suitable for the intermediate vapers that are looking for a mod to suit all tanks, as the addition of Smart mode allows for easy swapping of flavours, having wattages saved already for particular tanks and coils. This mod will also be suitable for those looking for a mod that doesn’t need to be charged daily and those looking for a TC mode.


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Wismec Reuleaux RX200S: An Overview


wismec-reuleaux-rx200s-mod-ukFeaturing the instantly recognizable Jaybo design, Wismec’s Reuleaux RX200S features the same dimensions and excellent production quality as its predecessor; the RX200, but features some additional output modes, along with a larger screen, as well as now being dressed in the suit of its older brother, the DNA 200.

Retaining the triple 18650 battery slot, the RX200S is still just as monstrous with its a 200W output as the rest of the Wismec family, but the device now includes TCR (Temperature Coefficient of Resistance) mode which allows for a much more accurate reading of heat and resistance.

Offering a maximum of 200 watts of output (250W with a firmwire upgrade) in standard wattage mode, the RX200S can be used in Temperature Control mode with a wide range of wire types including Nickel, NiChrome, Stainless Steel, and Titanium. The large OLED screen has been increased in size from other Wismec models, measuring in at 0.96 of an inch.

Although it’s clearly a big and hefty mod, Wismec and JayBo have designed it in such a way that makes it very comfortable and ergonomic to hold in the hand, and very easy to use.


Using the RX200S in standard wattage mode allows for a resistance range of between 0.1 – 3.5ohms (Ω), allowing for both heavy subohm and easygoing mouth-to-lung vaping of your favourite eLiquid. Coils as low as 0.05Ω can be fired in Temperature Control (TC) mode with relative ease, and this mode features a maximum output temperature of 315°C; 15 degrees more than its predecessor.

You may have noticed Wismec’s DNA200 mod on the market, which does appear very similar to the RX series, but has almost double the price tag. The reason for this is mainly due to the DNA200’s formidable chipset, which took the vape world by storm, and raised the bar in terms of boxmod performance.

The RX200S is no less spectacular than the DNA200, and is the same in almost every way. It does lack the ‘Escribe’ software that comes with the DNA200, and also features a simplified menu, but this makes using the device even easier, meaning the RX200S is just as reliable as its older brother.

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KangerTech DripBox 160W Kit: An Overview


Bridging the gap between full-on RDA territory and beginner friendliness, Kanger’s latest hybrid device is both dripper, squonk, and semi-tank. The Dripbox 160W Kit is an upgraded version of the 60W Dripbox, offering 100 more watts of output.


Powered by dual 18650’s, the DripBox is an excellent regulated device designed for vapers who are interested in dripping, but are not looking to be thrown right in at the deep end.

Similar to the DripBox 60W, this latest iteration reads coils as low as 0.2ohm (Ω), and also includes the squonk feeding tube to allow for easy rewicking of the cotton; instead of manually dripping onto your coils, there’s a squeezy 7ml bottle fitted into the mod that allows an easy ‘redripping’ of your atomiser.

Now included with the Dripbox 160W is a “velocity-style deck” with double holes on each post, making it easier to install your premade coils, and the Dripbox’s SubDrip deck is designed to offer a choice between either direct lung or mouth to lung, as the airflow can be easily adjusted to accommodate for both methods of vaping.

The previous Dripbox had a constant maximum output of 60w without offering any variable adjustments, but with the 160W, Kanger have included both adjustable wattage, ranging from 7W to 160W, and also temperature control (TC) settings, with options of Nickel, Nichrome, Titanium and Stainless steel (200F – 600F or 100C – 230C). One of the biggest changes is the inclusion of an OLED screen, which the previous DripBox lacked.


One of the downsides to the Dripbox 160W is that due to its dual 18650 battery requirements, it can be a little heavy to hand, especially for people that aren’t used to carrying around bigger and weightier devices, but overall Kanger’s Dripbox 160w is bigger and better than its predecessor, and its altered size and shape offer an improved ergonomic feeling in the hand, rather than being a detriment.

It’s inclusion of a variable wattage mode and TC options, along with its squonky mechanism make it a very easy-to-use dripping device that’s perfect for beginners, and also as a great improvement over the Dripbox 60w, if you’re thinking of upgrading

The 160W kit comes with the Subdrip deck, the Dripbox 160W, a spare squeezy bottle, an added anti spit back system, a spare deck, and some Clapton premade coils reading at 0.3ohm.

For those that are used to their usual sub-ohm tanks and do not know how to install premade coils, it is possible to purchase replaceable prebuilt coil decks that have cotton installed, similar to its predecessor, meaning you can attain the dripping experience, with none of the fiddliness of installing coils and cotton.kangertech-dripbox-160-exploded-view-l

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SmokTech H-Priv 220W Kit: An Overview


smok-hpriv-tank-mod-ukThe Smok H-Priv 220W TC kit is the latest dual-18650 powered device from Smok, the successor to the beasty X Cube II. The kit includes Smok’s new H-Priv 220w TC mod along with the TFV4 Micro tank; part of Smok’s Taste Furious range. If you’re not looking for a complete kit, the H-Priv mod is also sold separately, without the tank and spare coils.

The stainless steel constructed TFV4 Micro tank holds a capacity of 2.5ml, and has the same top filling system that the Taste Furious range is known for. The kit includes a pre installed micro fused Clapton core, which reads at 0.3Ω, and an additional micro stainless steel dual core, which reads at 0.25Ω.

The H-Priv’s wattage output ranges from 6W up to 220W, with the resistance range between 0.1 – 3.0 ohm (Ω) in wattage mode, and 0.06Ω – 3.0Ω in Temperature Control mode. The temperature range in TC mode (Ni200, Stainless Steel & Titanium) is between 200F – 600F, or 100C – 315C, depending on your preference.

Smok have included a few improvements and upgrades over the H-Priv’s predecessor. They’ve improved the battery installation system with a bottom slide door, instead of having it on the side like the X Cube II. Also instead of coiled springs to hold the batteries in place and complete the electrical connection, the H-Priv now features 24k gold plated positive and negative terminals on the door, meaning the wrapping and the outside of the batteries won’t degrade with use.

The H-Priv is smaller and sleeker, and with a max output of 220 watts, it’s more powerful than the X Cube II. It also features an improved ergonomic firing mechanism, and additionally Stainless Steel (SS) has been added to the Temperature Control mode.

There’s also a slight difference in the design of the TFV4 Micro tank, as it now includes a cone-shaped drip tip, along with a ‘V’ shaped airflow channel that alters the vape experience.


Like the others in SmokTech’s Taste Furious family, the TFV4 Micro has a top refill system making it easier to refill with your favourite eLiquid. The H-Priv is also 40 grams lighter than its predecessor, weighing in at just 190g.

To keep your batteries in top condition Smok have also redesigned the battery slot, and it instead uses contact points instead of a spring to hold the batteries in place. There’s also a spare pyrex glass sleeve should your TFV4 come into contact with the floor at high speed.

Unfortunately a downside is that Smok have still not allowed for pass-through charging, and the USB cable supplied can only be used for firmware upgrades.

Smok have also removed the Bluetooth function that came with the X Cube series, which allowed the device to be paired and controlled via a phone app.

The H-Priv kit would be suitable for vapers looking for a solid and long-lasting device, as its dual-18650 batteries can offer a huge amount of battery capacity. Due to its size, the H-Priv is better suited to home use, or while on a long journey when a large amount of battery is required.

Although it’s smaller and lighter than the X Cube II, the H-Priv is probably not ideal for slipping in one’s back pocket on a night out, as its bulkiness can mean it’s difficult to carry around.




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Tesla Nano 60W Mod: A Vape Overview



Tesla’s 60W Nano is arguably the most compact-yet-powerful mod on the current market, managing to balance both size and functionality excellently.

With a 60w output, the Nano features a range of functions that include variable wattage mode as standard, along with options for temperature control that include nickel and titanium wire, with a max temperature output of  300 degrees.

The mod features an integrated 3500 mAh LiPo battery that’s charged via a supplied USB cable, rather than removable 18650’s. The device itself is comfortable, powerful and sleek, and easily concealable when holding it in the palm of ones hand.

A large fire button is located on the top of the device, and can be easily used with the thumb or index finger, depending on how you prefer to hold your device.

One great function of the Tesla Nano is its ability to read the coil that has been installed, and then automatically adjust to the correct mode, be it Wattage or Temperature Control.

If detecting a Temperature Control coil, the device will then ask whether its Titanium or Nickel. If putting a regular coil back in, the Nano will automatically adjust itself back to variable wattage mode.


Temperature Control can be manually adjusted by turning the mod off (click fire button 5 times) and then holding the two smaller buttons down together.

The 3500mAh battery will easily last the average vaper over a day and further, depending on certain variables and settings.

Also as it features a 2A charging port, the 3500mAh battery will charge at a relatively fast rate, decreasing recharging waiting times.

The wattage of the device in normal wattage mode can be adjusted from 7 – 60w. The wattage goes up and down by .5w and can go up rapidly if the button is held down.

The Tesla Nano 60w TC is protected against low resistance, overheating and amp limits; a variety of measures to ensure that the device is safe to use.

While it’s 60W max output my put some vapers off, it should do the job for most, and the Tesla Nano remains a compact powerhouse of vape potential.tesla-nano-60w-banner-uk

Please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call if you have any questions.

Vape Maintenance Tips


While it’s of the utmost importance to stay safe while vaping, we can forget that our tanks, mods, and even our eliquids also need some love and care to keep them running smoothly, and tasting their best. This guide aims to help you keep your equipment and eliquid in tip-top condition, but for safety tips please see our safety tips for vaping guide.


  • To keep your eliquid at its best once opened, always replace the lid and store in a cool and dark place, away from heat and sunlight.
  • Some eliquids may become crystalised due to some of the ingredients used, menthol is one good example of this. If you find your eliquid has become crysalised, leave it to warm up in a bowl of warm water.


  • To maintain your coil and optimise it’s longevity, always use within the recommended wattage or temperature range, and start from the bottom. Putting too much power into your coil will increase the potential for it to burn out, and it will be rendered useless.
  • Some vapers will rinse out a used coil and reuse it, and while this may work for a little while and can extend the life of the coil, we generally don’t recommend as cleaning with tap water can leave residue and bacteria on the coil that will remain when dried.


  • We always recommend cleaning your tank every two weeks; changing to a fresh coil is always good reason to give the whole thing a clean. Clearomiser tanks can become clogged over time and will need to be cleaned to remain functional. Not maintaining your tank can increase the potential for things to go wrong. If you’re unsure of how to clean your tank, please see our guide.
  • Always store your tank in an upright position, especially with tanks that have airflow systems. Leaving a tank on its side will very likely cause it to leak, as surprisingly, gravity is still a very universal force of nature.


  • Similar to your tank, ensure your mod is clean from excess eliquid and debris, as the oily nature of eliquids can mean your mod can become difficult to hold and can slip from grasp. This also applies to the 510 thread, as it can become difficult to screw a tank on if the threading has been compromised.


  • Please ensure spare batteries are stored correctly, ideally in a protective sleeve so they cannot be knocked, scratched, or dented
  • It’s handy to label and date your batteries, so you can tell how long you’ve been using them. Generally we don’t advise using a battery consistently for longer than a year.

This is not an exhaustive list, and we always advise to do further research to get a comprehensive understanding of the nature of these devices. These are also tips on keeping your equipment and eliquid in the best condition, for information on staying safe, please see our safety tips for vaping and safety tips for batteries guide.

Kanger DripBox Overview



Kanger’s Dripbox is the company’s first foray into the world of drippers, or RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomisers) as they’re known. Drippers are mainly designed for more experienced vapers, but the DripBox allows for an easier and relatively safer method of achieving this method of vaping, and is an excellent way of introducing yourself to the world of dripping.

The twist is, instead of manually dripping liquid onto the top of the coils, as you would on a normal dripper, the Dripbox has a 7ml refillable bottle, which allows you to simply squeeze liquid up into the atomiser itself. In the weird and wonderful world of vaping, this is known as ‘squonking’.

The kit is made up of two main components; the Dripbox mod itself, and the Subdrip; the bottom fed dripping atomiser. The Dripbox itself has a consistent 60w output that cannot be adjusted, and is capable of firing down to 0.2 ohms.

The Subdrip is designed with people who are brand new to this style of vaping in mind. For those who aren’t particularly interested in building coils, there are replaceable prebuilt coil decks available to give the subdrip a very similar functionality to the tanks we’ve all been using for the last few years, and have come to know and love.kanger-dripbox-subdrip-mod

This all adds up to an experience that has none of the complexity and needs none of the technical knowledge or dexterity that traditional high performance vaping demands. Instead of the giant box mods and quad twisted alien clapton double backflip coils that we’ve all seen on Instagram, here we have a compact, plug and play style device that simply works. All you need to get going with it is a battery and some liquid.

Despite it’s fixed output, the kit has excellent performance. The Subdrip itself has a massive dual slot airflow that can be adjusted to suit your particular needs. You’re never going to be using this as a mouth to lung, but the available range is nonetheless welcomed if you want a little more resistance on your inhale than inhaling through a chimney.

Other than this, there isn’t a whole lot else to take into account when using the kit. Simply fill it up with your favourite liquid, give it a ‘squonk’, and vape away to your hearts content.



For more advice and information, or if you have any questions about the DripBox, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.