Vape Kits In A 360 Degree Interactive View


Online shopping has revolutionised the way we look for and make purchases, as it allows for a huge increase in availability and choice, and it’s difficult to imagine going back to the humble brick and mortar with their limited choice of stock. Purchasing online has also brought a few issues with it; namely we cannot get a physical sense of what something is like for when it does eventually end up in our possession. The vast majority of items are considered, and purchased based upon a single flat image, and it’s sometimes hard to gauge what an item is actually like from just a photograph.

We’ve aimed to change all this with our complete 360 degree product photography, which allows an item to be viewed from almost every angle possible. This means we can get a more comprehensive view of an item, to see every which way it can look, and to give a clearer understanding before making a purchase. It’s the closest thing to real life shopping.

innokin-endura-t22-kit-ukInnokin Endura T22 Kit

Innokin’s Endura kit is the ultimate first step for someone looking to move away from cigarettes, or for the vaper looking for dependable, long lasting simplicity. The whole kit is designed and optimised to give you a great mouth to lung vape every time.

The Endura features a single button design and a consistent output so that you can fill up and vape with no unnecessary fiddling with settings menus and power options.

From the standard product photo on our right, we get a nice view of the side and a little of the front, but it’s difficult to ascertain what the rest of the device looks like.

Using our 360 view below, we get a nice spin of the device, showing the curved reverse side, and giving us a much better idea of the Endura’s size and shape.



KangerTech DripBox Kit

Kanger’s DripBox is a great piece of kit for those looking to start dripping, but not attracted to the idea of carrying bottles of ejuice around, and is a hybrid between an RDA (rebuildable dripping atomiser) and a regulated mod.

The Drip Box also features a squeezy and squonky 7ml refillable bottle, which allows for easy wicking of the coil with your favourite ejuice.

Using our product image on the left, we only get one facet of the device, and although we get an idea of its construction, it would be much better to see the whole piece.

Our full 360 degree view below details the rest of the DripBox, illustrating both airflows on the cap, the USB charging point on the reverse, and giving us a great idea of the complete shape of the DripBox. Such details we would not be able to view on a flat image.



smok-micro-one-kit-ukSmok Micro One Kit

The Micro One Kit from Smok is a high performance combo device; compact yet powerful.

It features Temperature Control options along with a maximum of 80W of power from an integrated 4000mAh battery.

Although our product photo on the right here does display most of the functions, and shows the screen, we still don’t get that physical feel for the device that we would have in a physical brick and mortar shop.

Using our delicious 360 field-of-view below we get a spin of the whole device, and we can see how the TFV4 Micro tank sits atop the mod. We can also see how the reverse side has a flat edge, different from the front, where the screen and buttons are recessed into the R80 mod.

A small difference perhaps, but one that would not be noticed without a complete circular view of the Micro One kit.


So there you have it, a few examples of our revolutionary 360 degree complete view, which will hopefully give you a much clearer idea of a product before making a purchase. For more information on any of these devices, or if you have any questions at all, please contact our team.

Kanger DripBox Overview



Kanger’s Dripbox is the company’s first foray into the world of drippers, or RDAs (rebuildable dripping atomisers) as they’re known. Drippers are mainly designed for more experienced vapers, but the DripBox allows for an easier and relatively safer method of achieving this method of vaping, and is an excellent way of introducing yourself to the world of dripping.

The twist is, instead of manually dripping liquid onto the top of the coils, as you would on a normal dripper, the Dripbox has a 7ml refillable bottle, which allows you to simply squeeze liquid up into the atomiser itself. In the weird and wonderful world of vaping, this is known as ‘squonking’.

The kit is made up of two main components; the Dripbox mod itself, and the Subdrip; the bottom fed dripping atomiser. The Dripbox itself has a consistent 60w output that cannot be adjusted, and is capable of firing down to 0.2 ohms.

The Subdrip is designed with people who are brand new to this style of vaping in mind. For those who aren’t particularly interested in building coils, there are replaceable prebuilt coil decks available to give the subdrip a very similar functionality to the tanks we’ve all been using for the last few years, and have come to know and love.kanger-dripbox-subdrip-mod

This all adds up to an experience that has none of the complexity and needs none of the technical knowledge or dexterity that traditional high performance vaping demands. Instead of the giant box mods and quad twisted alien clapton double backflip coils that we’ve all seen on Instagram, here we have a compact, plug and play style device that simply works. All you need to get going with it is a battery and some liquid.

Despite it’s fixed output, the kit has excellent performance. The Subdrip itself has a massive dual slot airflow that can be adjusted to suit your particular needs. You’re never going to be using this as a mouth to lung, but the available range is nonetheless welcomed if you want a little more resistance on your inhale than inhaling through a chimney.

Other than this, there isn’t a whole lot else to take into account when using the kit. Simply fill it up with your favourite liquid, give it a ‘squonk’, and vape away to your hearts content.



For more advice and information, or if you have any questions about the DripBox, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.