Eleaf iCare Mini Starter Kit: Vape Overview


Perhaps the most pocket friendly starter kit to hit the market to date, the Eleaf iCare Mini is a perfect starter kit for those new to vaping or even for experienced vapers looking for a convenient and stealthy backup device.

Featuring a 1.3ml built in tank along with a 350mAh battery, the iCare is designed to be closer to a cigarette than larger more popular-styled devices, and manages a remarkably solid battery life as a result.

While this might not sound like a great deal of capacity (probably lasting the average vaper half a day), the iCare can be charged via USB cable, and charges in under an hour. It also comes complete with passthrough capabilities allowing users to vape while it charges.

In the box there’s a USB charging cable, two replacement 1.1 Ohm coils, a warranty card and instruction manual, and the iCare Mini device itself. It’s worth noting that the iCare doesn’t come with a preinstalled coil, so users will have to use one of the two included coils before filling it up for the first time.


The iCare couldn’t be easier to use, as there’s no buttons or switches to contend with. You simply inhale, and the device activates, and when you stop, so does the iCare; it’s been designed with ease of use above everything else. While being predominantly a mouth to lung device, the iCare has a fairly airy draw, and when fully open is closer to what you might find on a tank like a Triton Mini.

The first and most obvious pros are the size and ease of use of the device – this is a serious stealth vape, and also manages to be one of the simplest devices on the market outside of a cigalike or basic eGo kit; simply fill it up, vape, and go!

The convenience offered by the iCare mini is almost unparalleled, as it’s short stature makes it perfect for travelling around with, when compared to the bulk of a box mod that’ll likely weigh your trousers down or make your jacket hang in a curiously lop-sided manner.

The iCare Mini is small enough to carry two or three around with you in the back pocket of a pair of jeans without noticing. This is almost a drawback in and of itself, as the iCare is so small and so light it can be incredibly easy to lose in a pocket!

Even though it’s very easy to use once it’s setup, the iCare can be a little fiddly when it comes to changing a coil or filling the device, but this does come with territory of having a diminutive device.

Also the iCare Mini’s battery life could potentially be an irritation to some, but its fast USB charging quickly offsets this. Even if it’s completely run out of battery, when plugged into a powered USB socket the mod will be up and running again in no time. This will be further helped by the soon to be released PCC charging cradle, which will extend the battery capacity to well over 2000mAh.

The build quality on the device is remarkably good, feeling impressively well made and solid for it’s low weight and low price, and it punches well above its weight and price class; the iCare Mini is indeed a well thought out piece of kit, and a solid device.


If you have any questions about the Eleaf iCare Mini that aren’t covered here, or any other questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team.

Vape Refill Pods And Closed Systems – The Future Of Vaping?


In the wake of the new regulations on the vaping industry, industrious designers are coming up with new and inventive ways to deliver an excellent vape experience, while still maintaining a regulation-friendly level of control and safety.

Instead of the mix and match of different eliquids and vape hardware that we’re used to, this new way of doing things is actually closer to the cigalikes of old. These new devices are based on the idea of having a device and using specific refills for it, streamlining the entire vaping experience to make it both more convenient for seasoned vapers and easier to start for new ones.

While it’s very easy as a vaper to fear this new wave of devices as heralds of the end of the vaping as we know it, it’s important to note that current, open, customisable devices are not going away – these new refill based vapes are simply another approach to the same problem with a common goal: Helping smokers switch to vaping, away from harmful tobacco.

So what can we expect to see from this vape pod revolution? Let’s take a quick look at some of the devices coming out this year:

Cync by Vape Forward

The designers of the excellent VaporFlask, Vape Forward have also decided to get into the vape pod game with their Cync device.

While their Cync e-cigarette (or Advanced Closed Platform) looks very similar in form factor and size to existing devices like the Juul, their main selling point is in the availability of a large range of pods from some of the vape industries more well-known and established eliquid brands, such as Cosmic Fog, Space Jam, Beard Vape Co, Five Pawns, and Cuttwood Sauce. The Cync will be available in a multiple battery sizes, and features two different capacity pods; 1.5ml and 2.5ml

The starter kit will feature a 380mAh battery, along with a 1.5ml pod, and a USB charging cable. With current strengths ranging from 6mg through to 18 and 24mg, and onto 36mg, there will likely be a restriction on the higher strengths in order to comply with the 20mg maximum, in compliance with the Tobacco Product Directive in the European Union.


XOLO’s self-titled all-in-one device is aimed squarely at those who wish to simplify their vaping habits. It’s designed to retain the high performance that we get from the more powerful devices, but in a compact “cigalike” size and form.

The XOLO All in One device incorporates a built in 2000mAh battery along Temperature Control functions, and is perhaps the closest of the new pod based systems to the existing mods that we’ve been used to on the current market in recent years. The user experience is intended to be as simple as possible, with XOLO aiming for the broadest reach that they can in terms of consumer base.

Their idea is that a simple device such as the XOLO could be a more effective tool for converting existing tobacco smokers to vaping, than with a more complicated device. The refills available for the XOLO will have a built in 0.25 ohm coil, as well as 10ml of eLiquid.von-erl-my-vape-refill-system-uk


My. by Von Erl

Known primarily for the Erlkonigen line of high end rebuildable tanks, Austrian engineers Von Erl have brought out the My.

The My is an all-in-one pod based vape, with an additional full stop.

It features a 350mAh battery that can be simply charged via USB, and will contain the effortless and easy to change Liquidpods that many of the other devices also feature.

Their classic Liquidpod has a max nicotine strength of 18mg, and is a classic Tobacco flavour.

It is designed to be a small, easy to use device that is as stealthy, compact, as well as being quite cute in appearance!




MyVapors MyJet by Wismec

Wismec have teamed up with MyVapors to produce the Myjet, which straddles the line between pod based vaping and more customisable styles of vaping. Featuring an eLiquid capacity of 1.2ml, along with a 350mAh battery with a 20watt output, the Myjet is convenient as it is functional.

While it retains the pod system that is common to the rest of the devices here, Wismec decided to sell unfilled pods, allowing the user to use their favourite liquid.

Although there will be pre-filled pods available from some of the vape industries biggest brands including Cuttwood, ANMLMad Hatter, One Hit Wonder, and NKTR, among many others.

The Myjet is set to be available in two different variations; the Express Kit, and the Full Kit, the latter featuring an 18650 battery that functions as a dedicated pocket-sized charger to recharge the device when its not in use.

These new all in one devices will be available in a huge range of shapes and sizes, each tuned to offer a specific sort of experience. Some, such as the Cync made by Vape Forward will focus solely on delivering an experience that is as close to a cigarette as possible, while others such as the XOLO aim to simplify the entire vaping experience while providing a vape that will satisfy those who are already experienced and committed vapers.

Despite the different outputs and form factors, these devices all take the same approach; give people a set and forget type of device that requires no fussing with bottles of liquid or coils for a tank, and provide simple, easy to use cartridges or pods that a person simply needs to insert and vape.

As the year progresses, we expect to see many more of these new wave of devices being released. If you’d like speak to us about Closed System Vapes, or anything else on our site, please do get in contact with our team.

Ways To Save Money With Vaping: Tips and Tricks



If you’re a vaper, you may have found that vaping was saving you pockets of money at first, but perhaps costs may have crept up since as you’ve continued your vaping journey; can you even save money vaping? If you’re a smoker, have you ever asked yourself  “How much money does vaping save me?” You might be thinking that there’s little to no price difference between a 15ml bottle and twenty deck of Bensons, but the bottom line is; vaping IS cheaper the smoking.

Regardless if you’re sub ohming, or non-sub ohming; if you can afford to smoke, you can afford to vape. But if you’re still struggling to keep on top of those vape finances, here’s a few Vape Club tips on how to keep your costs down while staying smoke free.



Use High Resistance Coils

Using a high resistance coil in your clearomiser tank requires a low amount of power, as the wire resists and pushes back against the electrical current running through it.

This means less electrical current is required to heat the coil, and therefore vaporise a smaller quantity of the eLiquid.

This will conserve your battery power, and not only allowing you to vape on the battery for a longer period of time before recharging, but will also increase the life of the battery in general, meaning it won’t have to be replaced sooner.






Turn Your Wattage Down

When vaping was still in its infancy, most of us were just puffing away on cigalikes or Spinner batteries, with little to no adjustable settings.

It wasn’t until we started getting into sub ohm vaping that we had a whack the wattage right up, and although we do arguably experience better flavours at higher wattages, it’s also a massive drain on our coils, eliquids, and battery power, and usually attributes to the increased cost of vaping that some of us vapers experience.

Turning your wattage down goes hand in hand with using a higher resistance coil, but this does also still apply to those still wanting to sub ohm vape. If you’re using a standard 0.5Ω coil rated at 30w, you can afford to go down to 20w and still achieve a similar experience. While this may not seem like a great deal of difference, if you’re using just two-thirds of the power on each puff, then you’re saving yourself a third of the battery’s power.



Use A Higher Nicotine Strength

You may think that once you’ve lowered your nicotine, that’s it; there’s no going back. But there is a way to save a bit of money by altering your nicotine strength.

If you increased the resistance of your coil, and lowered your wattage with the previous steps, you’ll now be able to use eLiquids higher than 6mg much more comfortably than with a low resistance coil and lots of power

An eLiquid with a higher concentration of nicotine will administer a more potent dose than a lower strength. For example, if you puffed six times on a 6mg, you would potentially only need to puff three times on 12mg to achieve the same effect, but without using as much eliquid up in the process.





Take Advantage Of Sales

Discounted products and eliquid sales are always a great way to stock up on cheap premium juice and hardware, and sometimes for as low as half of the original price!

While these flavours might not be familiar or even in the same ball park of what you might usually choose to vape on, it’s always good to try something new. As they say, variety is the spice of life!

We can often make some interesting discoveries when we’re pushed out of our comfort zones, and its possible that you may even find your next ADV in there!






Buy Large Capacity Bottles

Most eliquids are manufactured and bottled in either 10, 15, or 30ml size capacity bottles, but there are certain flavours that are available in much larger sizes, and some eLiquids can come in sizes of 60ml, 100ml, or even 180ml bottles!

It’s always worth buying in bulk if possible, not only because it means you won’t have to stock up on eLiquid for a while, but you’ll also save yourself some funds on your quantities, as well as the delivery costs. A saving of not only money, but also time. Which is also money.

Some companies can offer a bulk buy discount on multiple units, so if it’s one flavour you really like, then it might be worth enquiring about multiples.





Go To Expos!

Attending vape expositions is a great way to network, meet the faces behind the vape, and of course, to make some new vaping friends!

There’s also many manufacturers with samples available to try, and some of these manufacturers sometimes provide small sample bottles for vapers to take home with them.

Although expos shouldn’t be attended only for this reason, getting hold of free samples is a great way to stock up on eJuice and save some shillings at the same time.

They might not be flavours you would usually try, but its possible that your next ADV could be sitting in there somewhere.

It’s always good to try new things, so get out there and get sampling!

If you’d like some more help on saving money with vaping, or advice on any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

How To Fill A Unicorn Bottle With eLiquid Spill Free


How to use a unicorn bottle? It might seem like a simple task to complete, but the handy unicorn bottle can be a little tricky to fill efficiently without having our precious eLiquid doing a Steve McQueen and trying to escape. Here’s our simple guide to ensure a quick and effective decanting of your favourite eLiquid into a manageable and transportable vessel.

  • Step 1 – Take the small unicorn bottle in your hands, and remove the nose or tip at the end. It may be a little tight, but can be removed with relative ease.
  • Step 2 – Grab the larger unicorn bottle that you’d like to decant from, twisting open the nozzle, and holding it upside down, being careful not to squeeze it. Insert the nozzle into the opening where the smaller unicorn bottle’s nose was positioned.
  • Step 3 – Gently squeeze the smaller unicorn bottle, rather than the larger one. Air will be forced out of the small bottle and into the larger bottle, which creates a vacuum. eLiquid will then decant into the unicorn bottle due to air pressure. Gently squeeze the unicorn bottle repeatedly until the bottle is almost full.
  • Step 4 – Lastly, twist the nozzle on the larger bottle closed while keeping it in the neck of the smaller unicorn bottle. Although not completely necessary, this step will ward off any desire that your eLiquid may have to escape, and should prevent and loss or waste. Then replace the nose of small unicorn, and you’re away!


If you’d like to speak to us about unicorn bottles, or anything else on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team.

How To Install And Use Premade Coils On Your RDA


Building coils can be a slightly intimidating and daunting task, but they shouldn’t be considered completely out of the realm of possibility. They’re a great way to vape your eLiquid, although requiring a slightly different method to use properly.

If you’re interested in rebuilding, we’d recommend getting yourself some pre-built coils to use in your RDA. From regular and simplified wound coils, to the more advanced claptons and hive coils, we stock a wide range to suit every vapers need.

All you’ll need to do is select your RDA or RDTA, and use the following steps to install your pre-built coils onto the deck.

  1. Clean your RDA of eliquid, removing the cotton old coils and cotton
  2. Select and prepare your new coils
  3. Insert the new coils into the posts, and gently tighten screws to secure
  4. Centre the coil with a screwdriver, and use wire cutters to trim legs
  5. Use an ohm reader to check your resistance and make sure there are no shorting problems
  6. While firing the coils use ceramic tweezers to gently squeeze them to ensure the coils heat up evenly
  7. Cut a strip of wicking material a similar size to the coil – twist into shape
  8. Insert the cotton through each coil, trim any excess evenly, tucking the cotton into the well.
  9. Add juice until your cotton is nice and saturated
  10. VAPE!!

If you’d like to speak to us about Prebuilt coils, RDA’s, RDTA’s, or any of the other products on our website, please contact our team.

British Government Advises On Vaping In Public And The Workplace

public-health-england-vaping-workplace-ukOn the 6th July, Public Health England (PHE) released a 15 page document entitled “Use of e-cigarettes in public places and workplaces“, to help and assist companies and organisations regulate ecigarettes and vaping on their premises and public places. A branch of the British Government’s Department of Health, PHE aims to clearly make the distinction between vaping and smoking tobacco, and to plainly separate the two, as the black-and-white approach the government has taken up until now of lumbering ecigarettes with tobacco has failed to support those trying to quit and remain tobacco free.

Public Health England have drawn up a five-point guideline to help assist in the creation of vaping policy in the workplace, that address each situation:

  • Make clear the distinction between vaping and smoking.

  • Ensure policies are informed by the evidence on health risks to bystanders.

  • Identify and manage risks of uptake by children and young people.

  • Support smokers to stop smoking and stay smokefree.

  • Support compliance with smoke-free law and policies.

In the press release, Professor Kevin Fenton, the National Director of Health and Wellbeing at PHE, is firm on the belief that it’s necessary for appropriate policies in public places and workplaces, and that Public Health England’s work on the issue will help organisations to use evidence, instead of guesswork, to create e-cigarettes policies that will support ex-smokers, and to assist them in quitting and staying smokefree, while at the same time managing any risks specific to their setting.

We believe that vaping should not be treated the same as smoking. E-cigarette use does not meet the legal or clinical definitions of smoking and while there is conclusive evidence that secondhand smoke is harmful to health, there is currently no evidence of harm from secondhand e-cigarette vapour and any risks are likely to be extremely low.

– Professor Kevin Fenton, Public Health England

Part of the issue also comes with education and information, as “Smokers increasingly believe vaping is as dangerous as smoking, and this mistaken belief may be discouraging some smokers from switching.” It’s very important to advise businesses, companies, and organisations about the negative impact that categorising both vaping and smoking as the same thing have.

How To Check Your Vape Device Is Geniune


The unprecedented increase in the popularity of eCigarettes and vape devices in the last few years has led to some factories and small businesses taking advantage of the rolling vape train, by creating replicas and copies of some of the more popular products on the current commercial market; more commonly known as clones. If the price seems too good to be true, chances are that it probably is.

Unfortunately many unscrupulous individuals take advantage of these imitations, and will try to pass off a cheaper clone as an original product. To combat this, the vast majority of well-established vape companies have tried to eliminate this by introducing a series of authentication and verification checks.

Here at Vape Club we only source the genuine article, the real McCoy’s, but if you’re at all concerned about the origin of your device; here’s our handy guide to help with verifying your vape device.












Verify Your Aspire Product

One of the biggest vaping brands on the planet, Aspire have produced some excellent tanks and mods, including the Atlantis, Triton, and the venerable Nautilus tank.

As such, Aspire do seem to suffer from the attack of the clones, and there have been many copies made of their well-known tanks, some of which are almost identical to the authentic original, at least on the outside.

Aspire’s authentication is located on the reverse of the product box, usually located at the bottom. It features a code that’s covered by a ‘scratch and check’ label, and once scratched off will reveal the verification code.

This code can then be authenticated via Aspire’s official website, a link to which is situated at the top of this section. Once entered, Aspire will then inform you of whether the code is genuine or not.




Verify Your Eleaf

Eleaf are well known for their solid and dependable iStick range of mods, as well as their Melo III clearomiser. Their tanks and devices are often very good value for money and quite affordable, and due to this its not often there’s news of an Eleaf clone.

Nevertheless, it hasn’t stopped imitators from producing their own versions, and there have been a few reports of copies around.

Like many of the other brands Eleaf’s verification can be found on the back of the product box, located towards the bottom. Alongside the serial number (S/N), the label at the bottom of the box will have a code that’s covered by a ‘scratch and check’, and once scratched off will reveal the anti-counterfeiting code.

Take this code to the dedicated Batch Code page of the Eleaf website (accessible via the link above), and enter it in to authenticate your device.



Verify Your Efest

Unfortunately there are a large number of fake 18650 batteries going around on the vape market, and we always recommend purchasing your batteries from a trusted and reputable source.

It’s difficult to tell whether a battery is fake just by looking at it, as the colouring and casing is likely to be very similar to the original, and sometimes even in terms of having a similar performance. The only real way to tell is by testing the battery under load, but this can be difficult for most people as they’re unlikely to have the proper testing equipment.

Efest have provided an anti-counterfeit sticker for their batteries, located on the battery itself. Once entered, the 20-digit authentication number will then disclose the date when the code was verified first, and how many times the code has been entered since. If you’ve just purchased a new battery, this figure should be ‘one’.




Verify Your Innokin

Producing some exceptional and reliable mods such as the Cool Fire series, as well as the robust iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro, Innokin are a solid and dependable choice for a lot of vapers out there.

While there does seem to be as many copies and clones of Innokin products as much as some of the other mainstream brands, there still have been stories of a few Innokin copies floating around.

To ensure you’re receiving one of their genuine products, Innokin have provided a scratch-and-check authentication sticker, which can be found on the reverse of the box.

Once entered, you’ll then be able to confirm whether your product was indeed made following the high standards at Innokin.



Verify Your Joyetech

Joyetech’s eGrip has become one of the most recognisable vape devices on the planet, with countless a vaper having used the renowned device since its inception a few years ago now.

Having been at the forefront of pioneering technologies, seemingly with their metaphorical finger consistently on the pulse, Joyetech have developed some truly outstanding pieces of kit.

As such, its no surprise that clones and copycats exist on the market, although surprising for such basic devices as the eGo battery!

Similar to many of the other manufacturers, Joyetech include a security code on their products, available via the standard scratch and check method.

One you’ve got your code, simply head to the official Joyetech site, and the security check box is located on the home page, easily visible at the bottom of the screen.




Verify Your KangerTech

If you’ve been a vaper for while now, it’s unlikely you wouldn’t have seen the name ‘KangerTech’ at least somewhere on  your travels.

A name that’s arguably become synonymous with vaping, Kanger’s products are easily some of the most variable devices on the current market, and are often the first choice for those looking to take up vaping.

As one of the biggest manufactures on the planet, Kanger’s wide range of products have all been reported to be cloned at some point, the humble Sub Tank being one of the biggest victims.

Kanger have provided an ID code, located on a sticker that also contains a holographic Kanger sticker, as well as a scannable QR code. Simply enter the ID code onto the Kanger authentication page to verify your device.



Verify Your NiteCore

NiteCore were for a long time much more well known in the utility industry, providing their excellent battery chargers for heavy-duty flashlights and outdoor pursuits.

But since the 18650 battery has gained another use, and become a much more prevalent accessory within the vaping industry, NiteCore’s customer base has been greatly expanded.

Within the reports of cloned NiteCore chargers, details range from having only slightly different coloured packaging and only minor inconsistencies between the genuine and fake device, to glaring errors in both text and content, as well as manufacturing quality

Like many of the other vape manufactures, NiteCore provide a simple scratch off check in order to validate their products, usually located on the top of the box, along with a QR code and a link to the site. Simply enter the code in, and ensure your product is genuine.


SmokSmok Verification

Verify Your SmokTech

As another one of the vaping industries big swingers, SmokTech are well known the world over for their powerful Taste Furious range of clearomiser tanks, as well as their innovations in coils and power output.

Similar to the other bigger manufacturers, Smok have seen a flurry of clones of their devices on the market, and on the surface, some can be very difficult to tell that they are simple imitations.

Smok provide a sixteen-digit authentication code, revealable under the familiar scratch and check security method, which is usually located on a sticker on the back of the box.

Head to the Smok site via the link and enter the code in to ensure your Smok product is the real McCoy.



Verify Your Tesla

While arguably not as globaly well known as Kanger, Aspire, and the other mainstream vape manufacturers, Tesla have also been at the forefront of vape trailblazing.

Known for their Stealth devices, as well as the diminutive Tesla 60W, their range of excellent devices have also unfortunately fallen foul to the folly of fakes, with cloned Tesla devices quite easily found on the internet.

All you’ll need to do to ascertain the authenticity of your Tesla product, take a look at the back of the product box to find Tesla’s authentication system, unsurprisingly with a scratch and check label.

Simply scratch it off, head to the Tesla website, and enter the code in.



Verify Your Wismec

Instantly recognisable by many from their distinctive designs and aesthetics, Wismec’s products are among some of the most coveted vaping devices around, often considered to be in the higher tier of quality.

Both Wismec’s DNA200 and more recent Reuleaux RX200S have increasing reports of clones and fakes, both online and on the high street.

Ensure you’ve received a genuine Wismec device by taking a peek at the back of the product box.

Situated on a label with a QR code will also be the product’s serial number, as well as the scratch and check code you’ll need to use to authenticate the device. Once Wismec’s site, locate their dedicated support page and enter your code in.


This is not an exhaustive list, and more information will be added as and when new products are available, or updates are made. If you’re concerned about the authenticity of your product, or would like to speak to our team about anything else, please contact our team.

Will Vapers Decide The EU Referendum?

In conjunction with the 100K campaign and the Change.org petition, we at Vape Club recently funded the first survey by an independent polling company to look at the current political views of vapers.

The survey was conducted by Populus between the 3rd and the 5th of June, capturing the opinions of 581 vapers. There were a broad mix of people at different stages of their vaping journey; from people just starting out and still in the process of cutting out tobacco, to vapers who have switched completely.


It shows that there is a 260,000+ vote advantage to the leave campaign, so if on the 23rd of June there is a Brexit majority of less than 260,000, it was ‘the vapers that won it’.

This information has been passed onto the main political parties, the Department of Health and to the European Commission, in particular Martin Seychell; the official who was in charge of getting the TPD through. The choice of whether to respond to vapers concerns about the TPD remains with him and his colleagues.

The complete set of survey results are available to view online.

There were some very interesting findings, and here are some of the key outcomes;

  • 39% of all vapers (2.8 million) said that they are angry with the heavy EU regulations of e-cigarettes (Page 18 on attached table).
  • 45% of all vapers said that the rules were the result of “excessive influence” by big tobacco and big pharma companies (Page 16).
  • More than half a million vapers plan to get around EU rules by using unregulated black market sources and foreign websites (Page 14).
  • In the EU referendum vapers are giving a 260,000 vote advantage to Brexit with 49% planning to vote Leave and 40% remain (Page 28).
  • None of the political parties are seen as overall supportive of vapers but Labour is currently seen as the least unhelpful with a -3% net score compared with the Conservatives at -24%, Liberal Democrats at -20%, and UKIP at -8% (Page 19).
  • Vapers are smoking 8 billion less tobacco cigarettes every year with the average vaper down from 17 cigarettes a day to 9 a day (Page 6).
  • Vapers are saving £3.4bn a year from switching, with an average vaper weekly saving of £24
  • Of the daily vapers 66% said that their health was improved due to vaping, and only 1% said it had got worse (Page 12).

If you have questions or queries, or you would like to speak to us directly, please contact our team.

What’s The True Cost Of Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes?

It’s worrying to think that a shocking £979million is the cost of smoking-related sick days in the UK workplace every year, and it’s even more disturbing to think that these costs can be prevented every day a smoker lights up.

One in five adults smoke in Britain, which equates to approximately 9.6million adult smokers. Research data collected by Action and Smoking Health (ASH) have revealed that about half of all regular cigarette smokers will eventually be killed by their addiction, and when you take this into account in the workplace, ASH has also reported that smoking has a loss of productivity of £4billion due to premature deaths.

The cost of smoking is penetrating all areas of society, from business productivity, NHS costs, fire safety risks and environmental costs; it’s estimated that the cost to our society is a whopping £12.9billion per year, and the facts just keep piling up.

Smoking costs UK businesses around £5.8billion in smoking breaks, equivalent to 865 million minutes a day wasted smoking, and 600,590 days in accumulated time. The average person wastes a whole 7 minutes smoking a cigarette, with research also showing that smokers also take 70% of an extra day’s sick leave every year; more than non-smokers, according to figures by The Office of National Statistics.

Cutting smoking breaks could in turn cut unnecessary costs which impact UK businesses each year, and not only would a reduction of smoking in the workplace improve productivity, it would cut costs to the NHS, and the impact it has on the environment.

It’s high time that businesses started supporting the vaping community, and encouraged more of the smokers to switch from tobacco to e-liquid. Aside from the obvious health benefits it would bring, it would save businesses thousands of pounds as well. Just think what £5billion a year could fund for our British society?



The Facts:

  • Cutting out smoking breaks would save UK businesses £5bn per year.
  • It takes 7 minutes to smoke a cigarette on average.
  • On average men spend an hour and a half a day smoking.
  • On average women spend an hour and 17 minutes a day smoking.
  • ASH reported smoking has a loss in productivity of £4billion due to premature deaths.
  • It costs businesses £5.8billion in smoking breaks.
  • CEBR (Centre for Economic and Business Research) calculated that time off for smoking costs businesses about £50 per year, per smoker.
  • Smoking-related sick days amount to £979million.
  • Smoking breaks cost employers £1,815 a year for each member of staff (British Heart Foundation).
  • A smoker takes an average of 3.9 smoking breaks, lasting 9.8 minutes on average.
  • OnePoll for the British Heart Foundation found that smoking breaks take up 8.1% of time working.
  • Smoking costs a total of £12.9billion a year to society.
  • Smokers take 70% of an extra day’s sick leave every year more than non-smokers according to ONS annual population survey of the smoking habits, and working patterns of more than 300,000 Britons.
  • CEBR found among 300,000 Britons, that of the 2000 of them who smoked, 88% said they smoked when stressed, 72% smoked to put off doing a task, and 76% said cravings increased when others smoked.
  • The average smoker takes four smoking breaks a day.
  • Businesses can be fined up to £2,500 if employees are found to be smoking at work.
  • Businesses can be fined £1000 if they do not display ‘no smoking signs’.
  • Half to two-thirds of all lifelong smokers will eventually be killed by their habit.

Putting it into perspective…

To the moon and back:

  • Women smoke 3418km of cigarettes a day
  • Men smoke 5232.5km of cigarettes a day
  • 384,400km to the moon

3 months of the total cigarettes smoked a day in the UK stacked one by one on top of each other would reach the moon and back!

Tonix eLiquid: An Overview


Readily available from any reputable travelling Snake Oil merchant, Tonix Sub-Atomic Compounds are a series of long-forgotten vape recipes that offer revitalising health benefits, and have been confirmed to cure all nineteenth century ailments, that’s right; all!

Actually, Tonix is a range of premium eLiquids manufactured by Element, the creators of Fresh Squeeze and Frost, as well as their companion to Tonix; the FAR eliquid range. With a 73% VG mix, there’s still that same high VG goodness, and the same lip-smacking, flavour explosion with every inhale and exhale. Available in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6mg.




American Apple Pie

American Apple Pie is a definitive dessert vape, characterised by crisp apple slices, dusted in cinnamon, and baked into a delicious flaky pie crust.

Lower wattages predominantly feature the sweet apples, with only touches of cinnamon, but higher wattages really bring out the buttery crust and cinnamon, rounding the whole flavour off.

The pie crust has more of a muted taste at lower temperatures, but crank your mod up, and the buttery goodness cuts through, complimenting the apple and cinnamon base excellently.

A warm and toasty vape, with a classic flavour profile.






Cherry Almond

Cherry Almond from Tonix features roasted and candied almonds with sweet cherries, delicately blended with soft and creamy notes.

Lower wattages feature the almond prominently, the sweet cherries are there but feature as more of a background note at low power.

Increasing the wattage allows for the cherry to cut through more, allowing for a more balanced blend of the two flavours.

It’s almost a Cherry Bakewell, but without the buttered crust.






Tangy Tart

Tangy Tart from Tonix is a blend of fruit confectionaries, sweeties and candies, with notes of extra sweetness and citrus tartness.

This flavour could be likened to a Lemon curd tart, with low wattages emphasising the citrus bite, and sugared candied element, rather than the pastry.

Higher wattages bring a more even blend of the flavours, rounding it off into the immense Tangy Tart that stands before you.









PB & Blueberry Jam

PB & Blueberry Jam by Tonix is a sandwiching of creamy Peanut Butter along with sweet and sugary Blueberry Jam. A classic flavour blend in vapable form.

Lower wattages feature both the Peanut Butter and fruity Blueberry flavours quite evenly.

Higher wattages are really where the flavours of this ejuice shine, with the creamy Peanut Butter cutting through more as the wattage increases.

Increasing the wattage allows for a huge hit of creamy Peanut Butter on the inhale, with the fruity Jam lingering nicely on the exhale.







Blood Orange

Blood Orange from Tonix aims to capture the cool, sunny breezes of the Spanish and Italian Mediterranean coasts, and features sliced Blood Orange soaked in its own naturally sweet and tangy juices.

If you’ve ever experienced the full-on flavour explosion of Element’s Fresh Squeeze, then Blood Orange will be somewhat familiar, although with a slightly different Orange tang to it.

Like it says on the tin, this is a definitive tart Blood Orange, with stronger flavour and aroma than the Fresh Squeeze, without a certain sweetness that some Orange flavours can contain.




If you have any questions about Tonix or Element, or any of our other products, please contact our team.