Beginners Guide on How to Mix and Make DIY eLiquid


While we carry the finest range of eliquids from around the world, vapers will eventually come across the idea of DIY eLiquid sooner or later in their vaping journey. It might sound complicated, but it’s actually a relatively easy process. It just requires a little patience.

If you’ve seen our blog entry or watched our Beginner’s Guide to Vape eLiquid video, you’ll know that eLiquid is made up of 4 main ingredients: PG, VG, Flavourings and Nicotine. In pre-made liquid this is, as the name suggests, all put together and blended for you prior use.

However, with DIY eLiquid, vapers put all of the separate elements together themselves, allowing for a choice in flavours, the PG/VG eLiquid ratio, nicotine strength, and amount.

Before attempting DIY mixing, users will need to get hold of some equipment to do the actual mixing, including measuring beakers, large measuring syringes, and some empty bottles for storage. Users will need to ensure their mixing equipment is all completely clean, with no dirt, dust, or other nastiness in with the eLiquid mix; sanitation is important.


Before the TPD came into force, nicotine was sold in very high concentrations in large bottles, which represented the only real danger of making your own eLiquid at home; safely handling and storing large amounts of potentially dangerous nicotine. Post-TPD, this is no longer an issue thanks to the Nicotine Booster Shots that are commonly available now, 10ml bottles of unflavoured nicotine solution.

The first thing a user will need to decide on is the ratio of the eLiquid. This refers to how much PG and VG you want in the juice, deciding on how thick it’s going to be. If it’s going to be used it in a Sub-Ohm tank, you will want to mix at 70% VG and above, and if you’re using a Mouth-to-Lung tank, it’s best to stick to 50% PG and above.


The next thing to choose is the percentage of eLiquid Flavourings to add. Most flavours work well at 15% of the overall juice, but this can vary from person to person. The best thing to do is start from the 15% figure, and either dilute or add more flavour as needed.

Finally, you will want to decide on the nicotine strength, with the aforementioned nicotine booster shot. There’s nothing to say that you can’t choose your own percentage of flavouring, as some flavours may work well at 10%, others at 12% and some as high as 20%, but for this particular concentrate, 15% works very well.

When making eLiquid, it’s easiest for a user to work out the amounts of each ingredient they’re going to need before starting the mix. The simplest way to do this is with an online calculator, one example being Steam Engine (see image below). This will work out the exact amount of each component to add to the juice to bring the eLiquid to the desired ratios of PG/VG, nicotine strength and flavour percentage.



For example, if a user wanted to create 100ml of eLiquid at 20mg and 80% VG, with 15% flavour, along with 3mg nicotine strength. Once a user has inputted the data into the calculator, it will display the exact measurements in ml for the desired eLiquid mix. In this example, the calculator would show that the mix needed 15ml of nicotine base, 15ml of flavour, 68ml of VG and 2ml of PG to create 100ml of 3mg, 80% VG liquid.

The order in which to put each part into the mix doesn’t really matter, but it’s generally easiest to start with the nicotine base, followed by the other components. When you measure anything, make sure you check and double check the amounts with your syringe. Once all the ingredients are together, the best way to mix up the eLiquid is to give it a really good shake to ensure that the flavours and nicotine are evenly distributed throughout the PG and VG.


After this, it’s probably a good time to label the bottle with the flavour, nicotine strength, ratio, and date. The next step is probably the hardest bit of the whole process; steeping the eLiquid. If it’s a menthol or fruit flavoured eliquid being mixed, this won’t be necessary, but if it’s a dessert or pastry flavoured juice; at least one week of steeping is an absolutely necessary step.

Steeping is achieved by leaving the eLiquid alone in a dark room at room temperature, in a cool, dry place, such as a cupboard, while the flavours all get to know each other and develop. If you don’t steep, the juice won’t taste right. If you buy a premade eliquid, it will have been steeped for at least a couple of weeks before it makes its way to you, which is why you can vape it straight away. DIY liquid, unfortunately, requires more patience, but will be all the better for it. Once completed, the eLiquid is now ready to be vaped. Congratulations!

If you have any questions or queries about DIY eLiquid mixing, or what to know more information about any of the products above, please do get in touch with us via Phone, Email, or Live Chat.

Nicotine Salt eLiquids




eLiquids and vaping have changed the ways we absorb nicotine into our bodies. We no longer need to combust tobacco in order to get nicotine, we simply vape instead. Whilst vaping has made this process easier and more beneficial for users in many ways, vaping is still generally unable to provide that quick nicotine hit or ‘rush’ that people get from cigarettes. Vaping delivers the nicotine to the body, which is why it works, but just not as quickly as cigarettes.

Most eLiquids on the market use a form of nicotine derived from the tobacco leaf, but some manufacturers are looking at other methods, either synthesizing the nicotine, or getting it from a different source.


Salt Nicotine eLiquids are basically what the name suggests; an eLiquid that manages to encapsulate the natural salt that is found within the tobacco leaf. Vaping a salt-based nicotine eLiquid allows nicotine to be absorbed into the body at a faster rate than standard eLiquids, allowing the user to experience a more “natural” nicotine rush that’s more similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette. Salt based nicotine eLiquids aim to provide a more potent nicotine hit than most eLiquids can currently provide.

Traditionally, a type of freebase nicotine is used in tobacco cigarettes. Initially, nicotine is found in a “salt-like” state on the tobacco leaf, and in order to increase the potency of the nicotine hit, tobacco companies change the chemical structure of the nicotine; making it into “freebase nicotine”.


Using a salt nicotine eLiquid means that the higher nicotine eLiquids that were traditionally quite harsh on the throat, are now much, much smoother, and flavours and tastes can be experienced clearer. Not only that, salt-based nicotine eLiquids also allow the user to receive the nicotine hit at a faster rate, improving the efficiency of the vaping experience.

As they are predominantly designed for the high nicotine users in mind, they’re not really suitable for sub-ohm setups, and it wouldn’t be advisable to use nicotine-salt eliquid with a high-powered sub-ohm coil. Nicotine still provides the biggest part or factor of the throat hit, regardless of how smooth the VG/PG mix is.

Sub ohm limitations aside, these natural salt-based nicotine eliquids offer an arguably improved vaping experience for those who use high nicotine eLiquids, and could potentially change the way in which eLiquids are manufactured in the future.

For more information on Natural Salt Nicotine eLiquids, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team.

Mixing and Vaping with Nicotine Booster Shots – TRPR/TPD Regulations


As many of us are aware, the laws surrounding eCigarettes, eLiquid, and vaping are set to change indefinitely in May 2017, for both the UK and the EU. We will all be restricted to purchasing eLiquid in a maximum capacity of 10ml, which has rightly upset many people in the vaping community. However, some industrious vapers have discovered another way to supply premium eLiquid in the post-TRPR era of vaping.

While TRPR in May 2017 will regulate the industry, it also means that the choice for consumers will be heavily culled and reduced, meaning vapers are very restricted in what they’ll be able to procure. Many vapers have been used to getting 30ml and 60ml bottles, and nicotine shots will allow this method of vaping to still continue.


Nicotine shots are a fully compliant way to convert a 0mg juice into a nicotine-containing eLiquid. This allows quantities of larger than 10ml to be converted into nicotine containing eLiquids, but still within the confines of the TRPR regulations. One company in particular, PlusNic are at the forefront of this revolution. Their nicotine shots enable any 60ml bottle of nicotine free eLiquid to be turned into either 3mg or 6mg, depending on user preference.

PlusNic shots have been designed and developed to work across the spectrum of eLiquid flavours, whether its citrus fruits or cream and custards. Ensuring only the best mixing outcomes for their customers, the PlusNic shots are available in three different PG/VG mixes. There’s a standard 50/50, along with higher VG versions in 70/30 and 80/20 for the sub ohm vapers. Easy dissolvable, the PlusNic shots are designed to mix seamlessly with any premium eLiquid range on the market.

The only drawback to this process is the loss of some eLiquid for the mix. If a user has 60ml of Nicotine Free eLiquid, they will need to dispose of at least 10ml in order to allow for the Nicotine Shot to be mixed in with it. While this is something that may potentially put some vapers off from using nicotine shots, as they wouldn’t want to waste a sixth of their eLiquid, there will likely be some 70ml and 80ml empty mixing bottles that will be available that will allow for this extra volume of liquid.

For more information on Nicotine Booster Shots, or if you’d simply like to speak to us, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

BO eCig: Liquid Capsule Vaping Kit


With the upcoming government legislation set to over-regulate and quash certain aspects of vaping culture, innovative designers and inventors from far and wide around the globe have been busy working their brains in an attempt to try and figure out a way around the problem.


There’s big tobacco’s “heat, not burn” process, which, unlike vaping we’ve been used to in the past few years, uses actual real tobacco leaf to acquire nicotine from. The tobacco is heated to the point of vaporization, but not combustion, as fire is what produces so many of the nasty chemicals that infect our bodies from smoking tobacco.

Alternatively, a few different companies have been experimenting with a “vape pod” or “liquid pod” based system, where a small disposable capsule filled with eLiquid and a heating element is used instead of a refillable tank; very similar to the early “cigalikes” that vapers were using a few years ago.

While we’ve looked at a few pod-based systems already, including the My Von Erl Starter Kit, there are more and more of these liquid pod devices being produced; one of which being the BO eCig Starter Kit, which is manufactured in France.

While its name may conjure up thoughts of fragrant armpits, the BO kit instead offers a colour-coded pod system that utilizes a thin rechargeable battery charged via a magnetic USB port. The USB is suitable for use with laptop or an easily accessible USB slot, although users of tower computers may find it more difficult.

Alternatively BO have a charging cable as an alternative means of charging, as well as their BO Power unit; a personalisable charging station with a 1500mAh internal battery, and this allows the BO eCig to be charged four times before the power bank itself will need a recharge, as well via USB cable.


The BO eLiquid pods, or ‘caps’ as BO refer to them as, are 1.5ml in capacity, and contain both the coil and heating element in the cap. These caps have a one-use design and are intended to be disposed of when the eLiquid in the cap has run out.

The BO eLiquid range features a wide-range of different flavours to try; twelve in total. BO’s flavours are divided into four categories; Tobacco, Fruit, Mint, and ‘Gourmand’, with flavour blends such as Complex Tobacco, Peach Smoothie, Lemon Cream, and Polar mint, to name a few.

Although its just been released, BO do have further plans that unfortunately we’re not permitted to disclose at the moment, but be assured that the BO eLiquid range will likely be extended to include many, many more flavour blends.

All in all, the BO starter kit, like the other disposable pod eCig devices, is suitable for a brand new vaper due to its incredible ease of use when compared to more complicated devices. The BO kit can be easily assembled and used within a matter of seconds, with its button-less operation ensuring its easy for new vapers to get to grips with.



For more information on the BO eCig Kit or disposable ‘pod’ devices, or to speak to our team about any of the products on our site, please do get in contact with us.

An Interview with eCig Inventor Hon Lik: Opinions on Vaping Regulations


The very first iteration of the e-cigarette can be traced back to the 1960’s where American inventor, Herbert A Gilbert, who patented a design for a device that “replaces burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavoured air”. Although some prototypes were produced, his e-cigarette didn’t receive much attention at the time, mainly due to the widespread prevalence and popularity of cigarettes, and marketing strategies employed by the tobacco companies of that period.

It wasn’t until 2003 when Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik patented the modern design that we’ve become familiar with today. In the last ten years things have changed rapidly within the vaping world, and while device and methods of using an ecigarette have been altered, the fundamentals have generally remained the same.

In May 2016, strict regulations have been implemented across both Europe and North America, which seriously threaten to turn the vaping industry upside down, and inside out. There’s also a myriad of confusing content around, with media outlets straddling both sides of the fence, a select few in particular taking one stance on the issue on the issue, and then U-turning and completely changing their opinion entirely, and then flipping back again! The situation has also turned everyday vapers into political activists.

There’s also the slow integration of the Big Tobacco companies into the vaping industry, continuing to garner more and more of an influence, despite ironically still promoting the use of tobacco, as well as Phillip Morris attempting to take an entire country to court over regulations.

Motherboard recently conducted the following interview with Hon Lik, and spoke to him about what he feels is the future of the vaping and ecigarette industry.

  •  To begin, could you relate the story of how you invented the modern e-cigarette?

Hon Lik: It’s a long story, but let me try to give you a simple version. I started smoking when I was 18 years old. At that time, I was working in a rural area and I used cigarettes because I was working very hard and very far away from my parents and my family. It was quite lonely, so the cigarettes became my good friend.

Eventually, I went back to the city to university and studied to be a pharmacist. My workload was ever increasing, so my consumption of cigarettes went along with it. I truly understood smoking’s harm to my health, so after awhile I thought “because I’m a pharmacist, maybe I could use my knowledge to develop something that could help me stop smoking.”

I found nicotine patches, and used those for a while, but they were not really helping. This was the turning point. I decided to use my knowledge to develop an alternative product.

  • And that’s when you created the e-cigarette?

Hon Lik: I officially started developing this alternative device durinh 2002. I understood as a pharmacist that nicotine delivery from a patch is very different from smoking: the patch delivers nicotine in a steady stream through skin into the blood, but it will stay stable for a long period of time. When you are burning tobacco and inhaling nicotine it can quickly go in the lung and the blood and achieve a punch that is very satisfactory. I started looking for the best way to mimic the smoking sensation.  Just because I understood this in theory didn’t mean I could easily find a solution.

At that moment there wasn’t any information or materials to easily find. I had a long period of failure. Every day when I woke up I had a new idea on how to improve the device or the material. Every week I was coming up with an improved model. In 2003, I registered the patent in China, the US, and also in the EU.

  • Did you know that there was a market for this?

Hon Lik: After launching on the Chinese market, the success was huge. I received a lot of enthusiastic reaction from consumers as well as a lot of positive comments. This helped to achieve further success in Europe. I realized my dream came true with not only helping me give up smoking but also to bring a benefit to billions of people, expanding their lives. It confirmed that this was not only an individual dream, but will benefit public health.

  • Did you ever expect it to be as big as it has become, though?

Hon Lik: To be honest, yes. I expected the success to be huge and because of this belief it was actually my motivation to go through a very lengthy and harsh development.

  • I know you quit smoking using your e-cigarettes. Do you still vape?

Hon Lik: Most of this time I’m using my e-cigarettes, but as a developer, because there are also new ideas, I can not lose the sense of taste [for cigarettes]. Sometimes when I find a new [tobacco] product, some kind of a new taste or mix, I will buy one pack and smoke a few cigarettes so I do not lose the sensitivity.

  • What do you make of the wide variety of e-liquid flavors on the market? Like dessert and candy flavours?

Hon Lik: For the specific flavours you mentioned about candy and food, I have of course tasted these. However, I am a smoker so I don’t like it because I am used to the tobacco taste. But I also understand that the majority of e-cig consumers are ex-cigarette users, so the majority are not keen on this kind of flavour. Maybe a certain very small group of individuals would use this kind of flavour as a fashion product.

  • Actually, the flavoured products seem to be really popular, even among former smokers. They tell me it helps them to stay off cigarettes.

Hon LikThank you for the information. I understand. I think probably that Americans consume more sugar products than the Chinese population. That might be a possible answer for this phenomenon.

  • That could be true! Speaking of the US, what are your thoughts on the new regulations we’re dealing with here?

Hon Lik: You probably mean the deeming regulations. This is a positive. This will increase the confidence in this category of products, as well as the manufacturing standards will be improved. However I also feel that this might put more restrictions on the innovation side which will have a negative impact. Having said so, I also strongly believe … regulatory environments might improve as well because regulations are more or less behind the movement of consumer market.

  • There’s a lot of concern that these regulations might kill off many companies in the meantime.

Hon Lik: At this moment, if you’re talking about blu [one of the brands at the company where Lik now works], it’s very well positioned in this new regulatory environment. There are many brands available on the market at the moment, but fancy packaging is not really the solution. What’s more important is the content, standard, and safety of product.

In terms of choices, as a pharmacist, ex-smoker, and developer, I am very keen to recommend closed systems [like cig-a-likes]. It’s not only because of my intellectual property, but more importantly it’s a product people consume through their mouths and inhale into their lungs, so the safety is very important.

  • What are your thoughts on the DIY industry that’s blossomed?

Hon Lik: Because the consumer does not fully understand the scientific perspective or standard for assembly, obviously there is a risk there. I know this is a small group on the market doing so. I do not recommend that.

  • Thanks for your time. Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Hon LikI have one thing to add and that is the following: in the beginning the e-cigarette received a lot of attention because it was a new concept and the potential it brings to society—the potential as an alternative and less harmful product compared to burning tobacco.

I’m very happy to see that and it’s very normal to receive doubts or discuss new technology, standards, and safety.

Having said that, the media from everywhere in the world seems sometimes more focused on sensational news rather than going in-depth to understand this new product and its potential. The discussion I would like to have is how to improve the technology available, how to improve the standards, how to further reduce the risk, and improve the product. I want to improve the awareness so that billions of consumers could benefit from this new product.

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British Government Advises On Vaping In Public And The Workplace

public-health-england-vaping-workplace-ukOn the 6th July, Public Health England (PHE) released a 15 page document entitled “Use of e-cigarettes in public places and workplaces“, to help and assist companies and organisations regulate ecigarettes and vaping on their premises and public places. A branch of the British Government’s Department of Health, PHE aims to clearly make the distinction between vaping and smoking tobacco, and to plainly separate the two, as the black-and-white approach the government has taken up until now of lumbering ecigarettes with tobacco has failed to support those trying to quit and remain tobacco free.

Public Health England have drawn up a five-point guideline to help assist in the creation of vaping policy in the workplace, that address each situation:

  • Make clear the distinction between vaping and smoking.

  • Ensure policies are informed by the evidence on health risks to bystanders.

  • Identify and manage risks of uptake by children and young people.

  • Support smokers to stop smoking and stay smokefree.

  • Support compliance with smoke-free law and policies.

In the press release, Professor Kevin Fenton, the National Director of Health and Wellbeing at PHE, is firm on the belief that it’s necessary for appropriate policies in public places and workplaces, and that Public Health England’s work on the issue will help organisations to use evidence, instead of guesswork, to create e-cigarettes policies that will support ex-smokers, and to assist them in quitting and staying smokefree, while at the same time managing any risks specific to their setting.

We believe that vaping should not be treated the same as smoking. E-cigarette use does not meet the legal or clinical definitions of smoking and while there is conclusive evidence that secondhand smoke is harmful to health, there is currently no evidence of harm from secondhand e-cigarette vapour and any risks are likely to be extremely low.

– Professor Kevin Fenton, Public Health England

Part of the issue also comes with education and information, as “Smokers increasingly believe vaping is as dangerous as smoking, and this mistaken belief may be discouraging some smokers from switching.” It’s very important to advise businesses, companies, and organisations about the negative impact that categorising both vaping and smoking as the same thing have.

How To Check Your Vape Device Is Geniune


The unprecedented increase in the popularity of eCigarettes and vape devices in the last few years has led to some factories and small businesses taking advantage of the rolling vape train, by creating replicas and copies of some of the more popular products on the current commercial market; more commonly known as clones. If the price seems too good to be true, chances are that it probably is.

Unfortunately many unscrupulous individuals take advantage of these imitations, and will try to pass off a cheaper clone as an original product. To combat this, the vast majority of well-established vape companies have tried to eliminate this by introducing a series of authentication and verification checks.

Here at Vape Club we only source the genuine article, the real McCoy’s, but if you’re at all concerned about the origin of your device; here’s our handy guide to help with verifying your vape device.












Verify Your Aspire Product

One of the biggest vaping brands on the planet, Aspire have produced some excellent tanks and mods, including the Atlantis, Triton, and the venerable Nautilus tank.

As such, Aspire do seem to suffer from the attack of the clones, and there have been many copies made of their well-known tanks, some of which are almost identical to the authentic original, at least on the outside.

Aspire’s authentication is located on the reverse of the product box, usually located at the bottom. It features a code that’s covered by a ‘scratch and check’ label, and once scratched off will reveal the verification code.

This code can then be authenticated via Aspire’s official website, a link to which is situated at the top of this section. Once entered, Aspire will then inform you of whether the code is genuine or not.




Verify Your Eleaf

Eleaf are well known for their solid and dependable iStick range of mods, as well as their Melo III clearomiser. Their tanks and devices are often very good value for money and quite affordable, and due to this its not often there’s news of an Eleaf clone.

Nevertheless, it hasn’t stopped imitators from producing their own versions, and there have been a few reports of copies around.

Like many of the other brands Eleaf’s verification can be found on the back of the product box, located towards the bottom. Alongside the serial number (S/N), the label at the bottom of the box will have a code that’s covered by a ‘scratch and check’, and once scratched off will reveal the anti-counterfeiting code.

Take this code to the dedicated Batch Code page of the Eleaf website (accessible via the link above), and enter it in to authenticate your device.



Verify Your Efest

Unfortunately there are a large number of fake 18650 batteries going around on the vape market, and we always recommend purchasing your batteries from a trusted and reputable source.

It’s difficult to tell whether a battery is fake just by looking at it, as the colouring and casing is likely to be very similar to the original, and sometimes even in terms of having a similar performance. The only real way to tell is by testing the battery under load, but this can be difficult for most people as they’re unlikely to have the proper testing equipment.

Efest have provided an anti-counterfeit sticker for their batteries, located on the battery itself. Once entered, the 20-digit authentication number will then disclose the date when the code was verified first, and how many times the code has been entered since. If you’ve just purchased a new battery, this figure should be ‘one’.




Verify Your Innokin

Producing some exceptional and reliable mods such as the Cool Fire series, as well as the robust iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro, Innokin are a solid and dependable choice for a lot of vapers out there.

While there does seem to be as many copies and clones of Innokin products as much as some of the other mainstream brands, there still have been stories of a few Innokin copies floating around.

To ensure you’re receiving one of their genuine products, Innokin have provided a scratch-and-check authentication sticker, which can be found on the reverse of the box.

Once entered, you’ll then be able to confirm whether your product was indeed made following the high standards at Innokin.



Verify Your Joyetech

Joyetech’s eGrip has become one of the most recognisable vape devices on the planet, with countless a vaper having used the renowned device since its inception a few years ago now.

Having been at the forefront of pioneering technologies, seemingly with their metaphorical finger consistently on the pulse, Joyetech have developed some truly outstanding pieces of kit.

As such, its no surprise that clones and copycats exist on the market, although surprising for such basic devices as the eGo battery!

Similar to many of the other manufacturers, Joyetech include a security code on their products, available via the standard scratch and check method.

One you’ve got your code, simply head to the official Joyetech site, and the security check box is located on the home page, easily visible at the bottom of the screen.




Verify Your KangerTech

If you’ve been a vaper for while now, it’s unlikely you wouldn’t have seen the name ‘KangerTech’ at least somewhere on  your travels.

A name that’s arguably become synonymous with vaping, Kanger’s products are easily some of the most variable devices on the current market, and are often the first choice for those looking to take up vaping.

As one of the biggest manufactures on the planet, Kanger’s wide range of products have all been reported to be cloned at some point, the humble Sub Tank being one of the biggest victims.

Kanger have provided an ID code, located on a sticker that also contains a holographic Kanger sticker, as well as a scannable QR code. Simply enter the ID code onto the Kanger authentication page to verify your device.



Verify Your NiteCore

NiteCore were for a long time much more well known in the utility industry, providing their excellent battery chargers for heavy-duty flashlights and outdoor pursuits.

But since the 18650 battery has gained another use, and become a much more prevalent accessory within the vaping industry, NiteCore’s customer base has been greatly expanded.

Within the reports of cloned NiteCore chargers, details range from having only slightly different coloured packaging and only minor inconsistencies between the genuine and fake device, to glaring errors in both text and content, as well as manufacturing quality

Like many of the other vape manufactures, NiteCore provide a simple scratch off check in order to validate their products, usually located on the top of the box, along with a QR code and a link to the site. Simply enter the code in, and ensure your product is genuine.


SmokSmok Verification

Verify Your SmokTech

As another one of the vaping industries big swingers, SmokTech are well known the world over for their powerful Taste Furious range of clearomiser tanks, as well as their innovations in coils and power output.

Similar to the other bigger manufacturers, Smok have seen a flurry of clones of their devices on the market, and on the surface, some can be very difficult to tell that they are simple imitations.

Smok provide a sixteen-digit authentication code, revealable under the familiar scratch and check security method, which is usually located on a sticker on the back of the box.

Head to the Smok site via the link and enter the code in to ensure your Smok product is the real McCoy.



Verify Your Tesla

While arguably not as globaly well known as Kanger, Aspire, and the other mainstream vape manufacturers, Tesla have also been at the forefront of vape trailblazing.

Known for their Stealth devices, as well as the diminutive Tesla 60W, their range of excellent devices have also unfortunately fallen foul to the folly of fakes, with cloned Tesla devices quite easily found on the internet.

All you’ll need to do to ascertain the authenticity of your Tesla product, take a look at the back of the product box to find Tesla’s authentication system, unsurprisingly with a scratch and check label.

Simply scratch it off, head to the Tesla website, and enter the code in.



Verify Your Wismec

Instantly recognisable by many from their distinctive designs and aesthetics, Wismec’s products are among some of the most coveted vaping devices around, often considered to be in the higher tier of quality.

Both Wismec’s DNA200 and more recent Reuleaux RX200S have increasing reports of clones and fakes, both online and on the high street.

Ensure you’ve received a genuine Wismec device by taking a peek at the back of the product box.

Situated on a label with a QR code will also be the product’s serial number, as well as the scratch and check code you’ll need to use to authenticate the device. Once Wismec’s site, locate their dedicated support page and enter your code in.


This is not an exhaustive list, and more information will be added as and when new products are available, or updates are made. If you’re concerned about the authenticity of your product, or would like to speak to our team about anything else, please contact our team.

Will Vapers Decide The EU Referendum?

In conjunction with the 100K campaign and the petition, we at Vape Club recently funded the first survey by an independent polling company to look at the current political views of vapers.

The survey was conducted by Populus between the 3rd and the 5th of June, capturing the opinions of 581 vapers. There were a broad mix of people at different stages of their vaping journey; from people just starting out and still in the process of cutting out tobacco, to vapers who have switched completely.


It shows that there is a 260,000+ vote advantage to the leave campaign, so if on the 23rd of June there is a Brexit majority of less than 260,000, it was ‘the vapers that won it’.

This information has been passed onto the main political parties, the Department of Health and to the European Commission, in particular Martin Seychell; the official who was in charge of getting the TPD through. The choice of whether to respond to vapers concerns about the TPD remains with him and his colleagues.

The complete set of survey results are available to view online.

There were some very interesting findings, and here are some of the key outcomes;

  • 39% of all vapers (2.8 million) said that they are angry with the heavy EU regulations of e-cigarettes (Page 18 on attached table).
  • 45% of all vapers said that the rules were the result of “excessive influence” by big tobacco and big pharma companies (Page 16).
  • More than half a million vapers plan to get around EU rules by using unregulated black market sources and foreign websites (Page 14).
  • In the EU referendum vapers are giving a 260,000 vote advantage to Brexit with 49% planning to vote Leave and 40% remain (Page 28).
  • None of the political parties are seen as overall supportive of vapers but Labour is currently seen as the least unhelpful with a -3% net score compared with the Conservatives at -24%, Liberal Democrats at -20%, and UKIP at -8% (Page 19).
  • Vapers are smoking 8 billion less tobacco cigarettes every year with the average vaper down from 17 cigarettes a day to 9 a day (Page 6).
  • Vapers are saving £3.4bn a year from switching, with an average vaper weekly saving of £24
  • Of the daily vapers 66% said that their health was improved due to vaping, and only 1% said it had got worse (Page 12).

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What’s The True Cost Of Smoking Tobacco Cigarettes?

It’s worrying to think that a shocking £979million is the cost of smoking-related sick days in the UK workplace every year, and it’s even more disturbing to think that these costs can be prevented every day a smoker lights up.

One in five adults smoke in Britain, which equates to approximately 9.6million adult smokers. Research data collected by Action and Smoking Health (ASH) have revealed that about half of all regular cigarette smokers will eventually be killed by their addiction, and when you take this into account in the workplace, ASH has also reported that smoking has a loss of productivity of £4billion due to premature deaths.

The cost of smoking is penetrating all areas of society, from business productivity, NHS costs, fire safety risks and environmental costs; it’s estimated that the cost to our society is a whopping £12.9billion per year, and the facts just keep piling up.

Smoking costs UK businesses around £5.8billion in smoking breaks, equivalent to 865 million minutes a day wasted smoking, and 600,590 days in accumulated time. The average person wastes a whole 7 minutes smoking a cigarette, with research also showing that smokers also take 70% of an extra day’s sick leave every year; more than non-smokers, according to figures by The Office of National Statistics.

Cutting smoking breaks could in turn cut unnecessary costs which impact UK businesses each year, and not only would a reduction of smoking in the workplace improve productivity, it would cut costs to the NHS, and the impact it has on the environment.

It’s high time that businesses started supporting the vaping community, and encouraged more of the smokers to switch from tobacco to e-liquid. Aside from the obvious health benefits it would bring, it would save businesses thousands of pounds as well. Just think what £5billion a year could fund for our British society?



The Facts:

  • Cutting out smoking breaks would save UK businesses £5bn per year.
  • It takes 7 minutes to smoke a cigarette on average.
  • On average men spend an hour and a half a day smoking.
  • On average women spend an hour and 17 minutes a day smoking.
  • ASH reported smoking has a loss in productivity of £4billion due to premature deaths.
  • It costs businesses £5.8billion in smoking breaks.
  • CEBR (Centre for Economic and Business Research) calculated that time off for smoking costs businesses about £50 per year, per smoker.
  • Smoking-related sick days amount to £979million.
  • Smoking breaks cost employers £1,815 a year for each member of staff (British Heart Foundation).
  • A smoker takes an average of 3.9 smoking breaks, lasting 9.8 minutes on average.
  • OnePoll for the British Heart Foundation found that smoking breaks take up 8.1% of time working.
  • Smoking costs a total of £12.9billion a year to society.
  • Smokers take 70% of an extra day’s sick leave every year more than non-smokers according to ONS annual population survey of the smoking habits, and working patterns of more than 300,000 Britons.
  • CEBR found among 300,000 Britons, that of the 2000 of them who smoked, 88% said they smoked when stressed, 72% smoked to put off doing a task, and 76% said cravings increased when others smoked.
  • The average smoker takes four smoking breaks a day.
  • Businesses can be fined up to £2,500 if employees are found to be smoking at work.
  • Businesses can be fined £1000 if they do not display ‘no smoking signs’.
  • Half to two-thirds of all lifelong smokers will eventually be killed by their habit.

Putting it into perspective…

To the moon and back:

  • Women smoke 3418km of cigarettes a day
  • Men smoke 5232.5km of cigarettes a day
  • 384,400km to the moon

3 months of the total cigarettes smoked a day in the UK stacked one by one on top of each other would reach the moon and back!

Kanger CL TANK – TPD


KangerTech CL TANK – The First TPD Compliant Tank?

kanger-CLTANK-tank-blog-postThe upcoming CL TANK from Kanger looks to be one of the larger manufacturers first attempt at a TPD (Tobacco Product Directive) compliant tank, which makes it very interesting indeed.

Why is this so interesting you may say! Well, this is our first glimpse of what the future of vaping may look like, and going by the very little info we have on it, the future is looking pretty good.

For those that are not already aware, The TPD is EU wide legislation directly impacting vaping, which comes into effect as of May this year.

With the TPD, there will be regulations with regards to vaping hardware, the CLTANK from Kanger is the designed to be compliant with these regulations.

kanger-CLTANK-tank-attributes-blog-postWe’re guessing the “CL” portion of the name stands for “Child Lock” and this mechanism looks to function much like childproof lids on eliquid bottles currently function, with the need to firmly press down on the top of the tank and then twist it to open it.

Kanger also claim the CL TANK is leak free, another of the stipulations of the TPD, which I’m sure we can all agree is no bad thing at all.

More standard features you’ll likely be familiar with include topfill, a Pyrex glass tank, and at present, two different sizes: There’s the TPD compliant 2ml version, and also the slightly larger 4ml version as well.

What do you think about the CL TANK? Is this the future of vaping? What about those symmetric airflow holes, what are they all about?!