Cosmic Fog: An Overview

Cosmic Fog Vapors are a group of vapers from Orange Country, California, who are one of the elite juice makers who can justifiably put a label marked ‘premium e-liquid’ on all their juices. The Cosmic Fog juice mixers draw upon their experience in the culinary world to help them select and blend unique flavours to perfection. Each flavour in their range takes between 7 and 10 months to develop, as well as being vaped non-stop by the creators for weeks and weeks after it is ready to ensure the flavours don’t tire the tongue.

Cosmic Fog want their juices to be all day vapes rather than occasional treats, and their mission statement also reveals that they only want to create e-liquid that is thoroughly tested to be of the highest quality, as well as featuring their innovative flavour blends. They want the Cosmic Fog juices to be an exciting experience for every user, and all reports certainly suggest they have achieved their ambitions.

What’s in Cosmic Fog E-Liquid?

While some juice makers prefer a majority of either Propylene Glycol or Vegetable Glycerine (PG/VG) as their primary base ingredient, Cosmic Fog has opted for a 50/50 mix of both. This ensures their juices produce the voluminous plumes of vapour with a satisfying throat hit which is associated with PG, as well as delivering all of the flavour layers that makes VG another popular base ingredient. This combination is aimed at creating the perfect vaping experience.

Cosmic Fog Vapors - Juice Bottles (no Nutz)

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Cosmic Fog Juices at Vape Club

The Cosmic Fog Vapors e-liquids are available at Vape Club in 15ml bottles that feature a dropper lid for easy transfer to your Clearomizer tank. You can also select your ideal nicotine strength as every flavour comes in 3, 6, 12 or 18mg options, as well as a nicotine-free version.

Church by Cosmic Fog

You can tell the Cosmic Fog juice mixers have experience in the culinary world by the descriptions of their juices. The mouth-watering Church e-liquid flavour is described as ‘scoops of old fashioned vanilla ice cream, lightly drizzled in decadent hot fudge’. Add in the ‘subtle notes of sliced bananas’ and you have a truly wonderful vaping treat.

Cola Gummy by Cosmic Fog

Cosmic Fog says their Cola Gummy e-liquid flavour is not just a flavour but an experience, and it’s hard to argue with that statement as the unmistakable fizzy cola sweet taste bursts onto your senses. The juice is accurately described as being like popping the top of a can of fizzy soda.

Kryptonite by Cosmic Fog

This juice is so-named as it’s the creator’s only weakness. Cosmic Fog described this Kryptonite e-liquid flavour as a ‘sweet and refreshing blend of cool melon paired with your favourite candy’. The only problem with this juice is that you might vape it all too quickly because it’s so good.

Milk & Honey by Cosmic Fog

It’s nigh on impossible not to salivate at the sound of this juice’s flavour layers being listed off. This liquid has marshmallow overtones with milky undertones and an aftertaste of honey. But be careful, once you enter the land of milk and honey e-liquid flavour, you might never want to leave.

The Shocker by Cosmic Fog

Spending so long developing their juices allows Cosmic Fog to experiment with blending multiple flavours to create unique vaping experiences. The Shocker is one such experience, with its notes of lemonade and other citrus tones, all mixed in with layers of strawberry, apple and mango. Protection Status © 2019 Vape Club Ltd All Rights Reserved. You have to be over 18 to purchase from this website. UK Company Registration Number: 08131075, VAT Number: GB196886725

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