Digbys Juices: An Overview

Digbys Juices Premium E-Liquid Range

Digbys Juices are lovingly handcrafted by the Digbys team in Dorset and feature a variety of complex flavours with multiple layers, notes and tones. Digbys has quickly become established as one of the UK’s premier manufacturers of premium e-liquids due to the close attention they pay to the art of mixology. They use a variety of VG/PG ratios to find the ideal balance for each of their flavours and only create their juices in small batches to ensure consistency of flavour.

In The Beggining

The creators of these Digbys e-juices didn’t start making their e-liquid with the intention of selling it. It actually all started simply as a means to improve their own personal vaping experience. They believed that the current flavours and mixes available to them were lacking, and thus set about trying to create something a little better. However, they ended up creating something that wasn’t just a little better, but a brilliant product that far surpassed their initial expectations.

Once they realised they had something special, they decided to share it with the rest of us discerning vapers (and like many of you reading this we are eternally grateful that they did!) and that’s why today you are able to buy Digbys e-liquids in all their unique and wonderful flavours.

Making The Juice

As well as ensuring flavour consistency, Digbys juices are handcrafted in small batches because it allows their mix-master generals to lovingly tend to each batch and ensure each one is of the highest quality. That may sound like some over the top sales pitch, but the Dorset-based e-liquid makers do genuinely pride themselves on the attention to detail they pay to each batch. It’s this dedication that enables them to coax layer upon layer out of their e-liquids flavours, hence why you will find many of the flavours bearing unique and difficult to decipher names. Quick vape of Hooligan anyone?

Base Liquids

One of the key elements of Digbys e-liquids is that they adjust the PG/VG ratio according to what works best for each flavour. Most of their flavours feature a 50/50 mix, which utilises the extra vapour production of the VG (Vegetable Glycerine) with the superior throat hit and flavour of the PG (Propylene Glycol). While this is an excellent mixing ploy to get the best of both worlds, the Digbys mixer-extraordinaire has deemed other flavours work more favourably with either a 70/30 or a 60/40 mix. Digbys also make it clear what ratio is used for every flavour, so vaping their e-liquid can be quite educational with regards the effects that different ingredient ratios can have on vapour production and throat hit.

All Digbys e-liquids are available in 10ml bottles and in a range of nicotine strengths including 6mg, 11mg and 18mg.

The Digbys E-Liquid Flavour Range


Apple & Cinnamon Pudding

The Apple & Cinnamon Pudding e-liquid is a “rather scrumptious” concoction boasting sincere notes of baked cinnamon and apple pudding on the inhale, but with a smooth custard tone on the exhale. It contains a 50/50 VG/PG mix.


Another 50/50 mix is Digbys Gunpowder e-liquid, which was the first juice they ever produced. It blends anise and citrus flavours with minty undertones and is so named because this flavour packs a serious punch even with the lower nicotine levels.


The intriguingly named Hooligan e-liquid by Digbys is a veritable firework display of fruity flavours all intertwined into an amazing vape which will keep you interested all day long. It’s another 50/50 mix, with a flavour blend of lemon, lime and orange perfectly complimenting the fizzy cherry undertones.

Moriya’s Mix

Digbys Moriya’s Mix uses a 50/50 mix as well, this time to produce a vape utilising eucalyptus and cool menthol flavourings for the most refreshing flavour in the range. It is recommended as a morning vape, plus vapers who prefer stronger nicotine levels will often find the lower nicotine variety just as satisfying due to the excellent kick this e-liquid provides.

Mum’s Custard

Probably the most popular flavour in the range is Digbys Mum’s Custard. It’s especially good as there are so many custard vapes around these days, but as every good kid knows, there’s none as good as Mum’s.  It is highly regarded as the best custard flavour e-liquid on the market by a huge number of vapers – you need to try it! Using a 50/50 mix, this Digbys juice has a vanilla custard taste with notes of simmered milk and brown sugar. And yes, it really is as good as it sounds.

Oriental Plunder

Digbys Oriental Plunder is not just an interesting name, but one of their most interesting vapes as well. It is a balanced mix of American red tobaccos with layers of sweet apple and just a dash of ginger. This is another flavour that is highly recommended as an all day vape.

The King

The King by Digbys is a 60/40 mix and a painstakingly achieved balance of peanut butter and banana with a dollop of cream. You may wonder where the inspiration came from for such a seemingly bizarre flavour combination, but you need look no further than The King himself, Elvis Presley – it was his favourite sandwich filling!


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