Dinner Lady eLiquid: A Vape Overview


Winner of the Best Stand at the 2016 Vaper Expo in Birmingham, the Dinner Ladies have certainly made a swift impact on the eliquid market with their smooth flavour blends.

With an ethos centred around developing the best flavours using only the purest ingredients, it’s no wonder that both beginners and seasoned vapers are flocking to get their vaping lunch from the Dinner Lady.

Available in a 70%VG blend, and in the lower nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6mg, the Dinner Lady range is likely designed with direct-to-lung sub ohmers in mind, but not as its not too viscous with 30%PG, it can easily be vaped in a non-sub ohm tank.


Cornflake Tart

Cornflake Tart is an old school flavour drenched in nostalgia; a Cornflake and Syrup tart run through with layers of Strawberry Jam.

It’s the perfect pudding combination – minus the crunch.

Cornflakes seem to be quite a rarity among flavours in eLiquids, and can be a difficult taste to replicate for vaping purposes.

However, Dinner Lady have hit the nail on the head, creating a most excellent reproduction of it, blended with some other tasty notes.

Syrup and Jam being quite unusual choices, but work well with the cornflake basis.

With a mouth-to-lung style vape at lower wattages, there seems a predominance of the cornflake and strawberry jam notes, with more of a syrupy blend at higher wattages.



Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart is inspired by everyone’s favourite lemon pudding; tangy Lemon curd lavished over gooey Meringue, and finally enveloped in delicious thin crust Pastry.

Low wattages using the mouth-to-lung style of vape brings out the main Lemon flavour quite prominently, with touches of the Meringue and Pastry; mainly Lemon with accompanying notes of the other flavours.

Cranking up the watts really brings the three notes together much more evenly, and there’s a definitive burst of buttery pastry that cuts through nicely.

The Meringue tends to remain the most muted flavour, it is there, but seems to sit just behind the Lemon and Pastry in the background.





Maple Waffle

Maple Waffle is a fresh doughy waffle smothered in indulgent maple syrup. A sweet liquid that will satisfy anyone’s cravings for a sweet breakfast or dessert.

While there’s seemingly more and more Waffle and Maple Syrup based eLiquids on the market, there’s not many that have such Waffle success.

Dinner Lady have nailed it down, creating an excellent blend between the doughy waffle, and the uniquely flavoured maple syrup.

Lower wattages predominantly feature the sweet waffle taste, with only touches of the maple syrup.

Higher wattages really bring out the unique flavour of the maple syrup, rounding the whole flavour off excellently.





Strawberry Custard

Strawberry Custard features a different twist on a classic strawberry custard, consisting of natural strawberries, along with the creamy custard we all know and love.

Additionally it features a luxurious butter caramel to set itself apart from the others, making it a ludicrously lovely vape.

At the lower end of the wattage range, its not surprising Strawberries leads the flavours, with touches of caramel and custard on the side.

Increasing the wattage brings the custard out in a big way, harking back to a popular familiar American flavour of the past few years, but with some British culinary finesse; school-kitchen style.

A classic flavour profile, done properly.


For more information on the Dinner Lady range, or if you’d like to talk to us about any of our products, please don’t hesitate to get in contact.

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