Drake’s Vapes: An Overview

Drake’s Vapes is a relatively small, bespoke e-liquid business hailing from California, USA, specialising in gourmet e-liquids featuring an interesting blend of unique flavours. Among some more traditional flavour blends like Custard and Vanilla, you’ll also find original juices like Lemonade and Lavender or Watermelon and Cantaloupe (each with their own peculiar names, of course).

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Who is Drake?

Drake’s Vapes was created by native Californian Kevin Drake, who first got into vaping as a way of quitting his tobacco habit. His inspiration was his daughter, River, who he says asked him to quit. He then started vaping, but often found himself dissatisfied with the e-liquids available in his area. Using ingredients acquired within the US, Kevin started mixing his own e-liquid blends for himself, and it was only after friends of his tried his juices and started requesting he make them their own batches did the idea for the business come to him.

Having already done plenty of research into the quality of e-liquid flavours via his Youtube juice review channel, Kevin also researched the necessary ingredients to make his juices the best he could for his own enjoyment.

Working with the principle that “If I don’t vape it… I don’t sell it”, Kevin has built his business off of making available the e-liquids he originally made for himself and his friends. What’s interesting to note, however, is that Drakes Vapes is more of a side project to Kevin’s main occupation as a professional musician. Kevin was one of the original touring members of 30 Seconds to Mars as well as contributing to a variety of other successful music projects. He is currently playing guitar with the collective musical group Polaroid Kiss, who have collaborated with a wide variety of well known artists.

With that kind of creative pedigree, it’s no wonder that Drake’s Vapes contains some of the most interesting and unique flavour blends available anywhere today. It’s also something of a guarantee that the Drakes Vapes juices are made more for pleasure than profit.

Drakes Vapes - Kevin Drake

What’s in Drakes Vapes E-Liquid?

All the Drakes Vapes e-liquids available on Vape Club feature a 50/50 PG/VG mix (Propylene Glycol/Vegetable Glycerin). This half and half mix allows the best of both base ingredients to let the juice create as much flavoursome vapour as possible. All the ingredients, including the PG/VG, flavours and nicotine, are sourced from within the United States by Kevin himself.

All the juices are available in a range of nicotine strengths, including 0, 6, 12, 18 and 24mg. At Vape Club, you can pick up any of the available flavours in 15ml bottles, which all feature a dropper lid for easy transfer from bottle to tank.

Drake’s Vapes E-Liquid Flavours:

Drakeula e-liquid is a refreshing blend of blood orange, cherry and guava. It’s exotic, tasty, and everything those fruity flavours promise it to be and more. It’s tangy and zingy thanks to the blood oranges and guava, while the crisp black cherries add an extra sweet layer which takes this juice to a whole new level.

Melon Fiasco e-liquid is – wait for it – a mix of melon flavours. You may have figured that out from the name, but it’s the type of melons involved that make this a special juice. This is a blend of refreshing watermelon with musky cantaloupe, and this combination is something that should happen a lot more often if this awesome flavour is anything to go by.

Punky Bruiser e-liquid was Kevin’s first foray into making juices, so there’s a little bit of history with every inhalation. The flavour is very complex, blending citrus tones with multiple layers of fruit punch flavours, so there’s a little of bit of an adventure to be had with every inhalation as well.

Vanilla Trifecta e-liquid is a splendid mix of three vanilla flavours with the now traditional e-liquid trope of custard. Kevin says this juice was made by warlocks and witches in a musky basement, using just a hint of magic. It’s easy to say he’s joking, until you actually taste the pudding flavoured goodness and then you wonder if he actually means it. Though I’m pretty sure there’s more than just a hint of magic in there.

YOLO e-liquid is a crazy combination of lemonade and lavender, what Kevin calls his unique twist on a classic. The lemonade flavourings are neither too sharp nor too sweet, and the lavender notes are really noticeable on the exhale. The two flavours have a surprising synergy, though you may well experience an occasional WTF moment when you vape it. But hey, you only live once!

Drakes Vapes Bottles

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