E-Shish Premium E-Liquids: An Overview

Eshish is an e-liquid brand that specialises in luxurious flavour combinations. Taking inspiration from many of the fruity shisha pipe flavours that have grown popular around the world, the Eshish e-liquid range contains a wealth of diverse fruit flavours including mangoes, passion fruit and pomegranates. They also know when to include something other than fruit to really spice up a particular fruity flavour blend, as in evident with their Strawberry and White Chocolate and Cherry Cola flavours.

How Eshish E-Liquid is Made

The Eshish e-liquid manufacture process is stringently monitored in their licensed factory to ensure high quality, while they are also members of ECITA, who are the e-cigarette industry’s European Trade Association. Their certifications are the promise that they will produce all their e-liquid to the highest possible standard they can, and are prepared to have their processes examined to prove it.

Why Eshish is a Luxury E-Liquid

The makers of Eshish e-liquid pride themselves on being a luxury brand, which is exemplified by the availability of Eshish e-liquid products in high-end retailers such as Harrods. Eshish can also be found being sold in top class hotel chains and casinos. But a big part of the success of Eshish is that they don’t mimic luxury by simply slapping an extortionate price on their products (as some companies might try to do), but achieve it through an exquisite blend of flavours while maintaining a reasonable price so that everybody can enjoy their flavoursome concoctions.

They are the luxury brand for everyone. The ridiculously wealthy vapers out there might prefer to pick up a few Eshish flavours while on their way to buy diamond-encrusted lamp shades (or whatever else they sell in Harrods), but ordinary folks can also buy Eshish e-liquid online with just a few clicks. The Eshish flavour combinations are anything but ordinary though.


The Eshish E-Liquid Flavour Selection

Cherry Cola E-Liquid

The sweet cherry flavour is amplified by the cola fizz in this e-liquid that is a remarkably accurate rendition of the much loved fizzy pop drink. It might not be the what you immediately think of when luxury e-liquid is mentioned, but it takes real skill to blend the fruit with the fizz in such a way that it could be an all day vape rather than just a occasional treat to mix things up a bit. This Eshish Cherry Cola e-liquid nails it perfectly.

Chocolate and Mint E-Liquid

This chocolate & mint e-liquid is a combination of soothing creaminess with an unrivalled richness of flavour that will have chocolate aficionados salivating with every inhale. The exhilarating peppermint tones are layered perfectly between the smooth chocolate aromas to produce a vapour which can be enjoyed all day or as a special treat after dinner.

Guava, Mango & Kiwi E-Liquid

These tropical fruits from our guava, mango & kiwi e-liquid combine to create a truly unique vaping experience that has to be tasted to be believed. It’s a flavour adventure as each layer takes it turn to dominate, perfectly overlapping with each other until you’re not sure if you’ll ever need any other flavour again.

Kiwi, Pineapple & Mango E-Liquid

This is another tropical fruit combination that will drive your senses wild. Pineapples and mangoes have been blended together to create exotic flavours many times in desserts, soft drinks and cocktails, but adding the kiwi tones in there elevates this flavour above anything else you’ve tasted before. This incredible kiwi, pineapple & mango e-liquid is ideal for anyone looking for a heavenly blast of fruity sweetness.

Peach & Passion Fruit E-Liquid

The luscious peach and juicy passion fruit of this e-liquid flavour blend together seamlessly. You’ll be amazed by how smooth the inhale is and how refreshing the exhale is. This peach & passion fruit e-liquid is a perfect example of the luxury that the Eshish e-liquid brands provide.

Pomegranate & Citrus E-Liquid

This particular flavour combo really packs a punch. The refreshing and uplifting hit you receive from this zesty and energising pomegranate & citrus e-liquid  will make even the rainiest of days feel like the height of the summer.

Strawberry & White Chocolate E-Liquid

The strawberry & white chocolate e-liquid has to be one of the most indulgent flavour combinations in existence, but we’re certainly not complaining. The sweet and creamy taste of strawberries combines perfectly with white chocolate tones to produce an extraordinarily luxurious vapour for vapers who appreciate the finer things in life.

Watermelon, Cherry & Grape E-Liquid

This watermelon, cherry & grape e-liquid is all about the summer fruits and combining them to make one of the freshest, most revitalising e-juice flavours imaginable. This is one to enjoy in between swims in the lake or while you relax on the lawn watching somebody else cook loads of lovely food for you and your pals on the barbecue.

The Eshish e-liquid range is without a doubt one of the most exciting and interesting flavour selections you will encounter in the e-cigarette world. And beware, because deciding which one is your favourite is a mission that might not ever end.

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