FAR eLiquid: An Overview


From the same legendary recipe books that sit on the shelves at Element Eliquids in Florida, the FAR eliquid range is a new gang of premium eliquids spray-tagging their way across the market. In the same vein as the Element range, FAR eLiquids don’t do subtlety. Jam-packed full of flavour, you won’t find any muted notes with this bunch.

Available in a 20ml size bottle, and in low nicotine strengths ranging from 0mg to 6mg, the FAR range sits firmly in the High VG bracket, with a 75% VG consistency for a thoroughly smooth vape.

Perfect for drippers and sub-ohm devices, FAR eliquids are ready to vape straight out of the bottle, and similar to the Element range, FAR uses Pharmacy grade USP ingredients, ensuring both quality and purity, and also free from Diacetyl. Also the nicotine they use is naturally extracted from Tobacco leaves, rather than being created artificially in a laboratory.

All the eLiquids in the FAR range are fruit, sweet, and dessert based, with Iced Slushies, Rainbow Candies, and Cupcakes, to name a few. Here’s an overview of each flavour in the range;

Strawberry Cupcake, believe it or not, is a myriad of cakey goodness, featuring a soft and spongy vanilla cake with swirls of pink Strawberry icing to finish. It’s very reminiscent of a mini fairy-cake with icing from those good ol’ childhood days – sitting around playing pass the parcel and musical chairs.




Grape Vape is a grand unification of all things grape; Red, Ruby, and Concord all blended together into a fragrant and delicious flavoured vape. Think a cool glass of Caribbean Grape Soda, with more of a floral kind of aroma than of sugary sweetness, with the classic American Concord grape flavour taking the prominent position amongst the flavours.



Pineapple Bliss is a succulent and juicy Mango and Berry, blended deliciously with the titular Pineapple for a certifiably tropical taste mix. Pineapple comes through as the strongest note, giving the flavour a certain sourness to it, but the Berry mix and the Mango add a palatable sweetness, diluting the sour notes to a degree.






Neon Green Slushie is a cool and zesty citrus ice blend, featuring tart limes with just the smallest hint of menthol, which gives it a very palatable icy freshness. Similar to the Pineapple Bliss, it has a discernible sourness to it, lightened with the hints of ice menthol, but is a definitively refreshing citrus fruit vape.





Candy Punch is a sweet and juicy confectionary eliquid featuring a rainbow candy base, and is a golden ticket back to childhood sweetshop memories. A fruit punch overload, Candy Punch also features an element of Hawaiian Punch to add an additional tropical layer to the myriad of fruit flavours already squeezed into it.





If you have any questions about this range, or any of our other products, please contact our team.

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