Gemini Vapors: An Overview

Gemini Vapors is a Californian e-juice manufacturer founded a couple of years ago by an ex-smoker who dedicated himself to producing premium e-liquid after successfully using vaping to quit tobacco. His intention was to help others get off the stinkies as well, but in the process he has managed to create one of the most sought after and respected e-liquid brands in the business. All of the Gemini Vapors flavours have been hugely popular across the United States for some time and are now beginning to take Europe by storm too.

Known for their fantastic flavour and voluminous vapour production, each juice in the Gemini range is personally crafted and aged by Gemini Vapors founder Philip Rocke himself. Each batch of Gemini e-liquid is kept small which means he can better ensure the highest possible quality.

Gemini Vapors E-Liquid Ingredients

California has developed a reputation for producing plenty of premium juice manufacturers over the last few years, and that reputation is in part thanks to the work of Philip Rocke and Gemini Vapors. The high quality of Gemini e-juices is partly down to the high quality flavouring, base ingredients and nicotine which are used to make up the liquid, and partly down to the expertise with which their ingredients are crafted and aged. The base ingredients of Gemini liquids are a mix of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol, though all of them tend to be VG-heavy. The mix Gemini use enables the juice to produce plenty of flavoursome vapour while also providing a satisfying throat hit.

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Check Out Our Range of Gemini E-liquids

Each of the Gemini e-liquid flavours come packaged in uniquely shaped glass bottles that all feature a dropper lid for easy transfer of the juice from the bottle into your tank of choice. The bottles are colour-coded for each flavour so selecting your favourite only takes a glance. Each flavour is also available in a variety of nicotine strengths including 3, 6 and 12mg, as well as a zero nicotine version for vapers who no longer require any nicotine in their vapes.

Gemini Vapors E-Liquid Flavours

Populating the Gemini Vapors e-liquid range are plenty of fruity vapes, usually with a twist or two to keep things interesting. You’ll get to experience tropical tastes, summer fruits and one or two stunningly delicious dessert vapes. Each of the flavours will produce plenty of vapour along with all the fantastic flavours, so every vaper is sure to find one or two of their all day vapes in the Gemini Vapors e-juice range.

100 Grand E-Liquid by Gemini Vapors

A creamy base is permeated with the thrilling taste of cinnamon in this 100 Grand e-liquid by Gemini Vapors. The flavours are at once both subtle and strong, weaving in and out of the inhale and exhale. This 100 Grand e-juice is a true joy to vape and its name is a worthy moniker for such a vaping delight. 100-grand-e-liquid-by-gemini-vapors

Adam & Eve E-Liquid by Gemini Vapors

This is not any old apple flavour, but an accurate sour apple e-liquid which features layers of flavour that compliment both the sweetness and the sourness of the apple. This Adam and Eve e-juice is a fine example of e-liquid craftsmanship that even the first ever humans (allegedly) wouldn’t be able to resist. adam-and-eve-e-liquid-by-gemini-vapors

Enter The Dragon E-Liquid by Gemini Vapors

The main theme of this Enter the Dragon e-liquid is strawberry, but there are notes of peach floating all around the red fruit layers. It’s a sweet and succulent vape with interestingly different notes on both the inhale and the exhale. While it can of course be enjoyed all year round, it is definitely a summer vape special. enter-the-dragon-e-liquid-by-gemini-vapors

Koi E-Liquid by Gemini Vapors

A tropical vaping treat comes in the form of this Koi e-liquid, which features a main theme of fresh melons which are permeated with subtle notes of coconut. Koi e-juice is a unique flavour, and one which will become many a vaper’s favourite all day vape upon the first taste. It’s refreshing, delicious and a real palate-cleansing delight. koi-e-liquid-by-gemini-vapors

Octo E-Liquid by Gemini Vapors

Nothing refreshes quite as much as blending two sublime fruit flavours together as has been lovingly achieved with this Octo e-juice. In this e-liquid you will discover notes of fresh blueberries mixed with sweet grapes to create a fantastically fruity vaping experience. As one fruit flavour teases you on the inhale, the other entices you on the exhale. octo-e-liquid-by-gemini-vapors

Royalty E-Liquid by Gemini Vapors

Banana nut bread is a flavour few can reproduce accurately, but we’re in good hands with Gemini Vapors. Blending the banana flavour with pecan nut flavouring to create this awesome Royalty juice takes the sort of skills only a world renowned e-liquid craftsman could possess, and the result is a mesmerizingly tasty vaping flavour extravaganza. royalty-e-liquid-by-gemini-vapors Protection Status © 2019 Vape Club Ltd All Rights Reserved. You have to be over 18 to purchase from this website. UK Company Registration Number: 08131075, VAT Number: GB196886725

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