How To Check Your Vape Device Is Geniune


The unprecedented increase in the popularity of eCigarettes and vape devices in the last few years has led to some factories and small businesses taking advantage of the rolling vape train, by creating replicas and copies of some of the more popular products on the current commercial market; more commonly known as clones. If the price seems too good to be true, chances are that it probably is.

Unfortunately many unscrupulous individuals take advantage of these imitations, and will try to pass off a cheaper clone as an original product. To combat this, the vast majority of well-established vape companies have tried to eliminate this by introducing a series of authentication and verification checks.

Here at Vape Club we only source the genuine article, the real McCoy’s, but if you’re at all concerned about the origin of your device; here’s our handy guide to help with verifying your vape device.












Verify Your Aspire Product

One of the biggest vaping brands on the planet, Aspire have produced some excellent tanks and mods, including the Atlantis, Triton, and the venerable Nautilus tank.

As such, Aspire do seem to suffer from the attack of the clones, and there have been many copies made of their well-known tanks, some of which are almost identical to the authentic original, at least on the outside.

Aspire’s authentication is located on the reverse of the product box, usually located at the bottom. It features a code that’s covered by a ‘scratch and check’ label, and once scratched off will reveal the verification code.

This code can then be authenticated via Aspire’s official website, a link to which is situated at the top of this section. Once entered, Aspire will then inform you of whether the code is genuine or not.




Verify Your Eleaf

Eleaf are well known for their solid and dependable iStick range of mods, as well as their Melo III clearomiser. Their tanks and devices are often very good value for money and quite affordable, and due to this its not often there’s news of an Eleaf clone.

Nevertheless, it hasn’t stopped imitators from producing their own versions, and there have been a few reports of copies around.

Like many of the other brands Eleaf’s verification can be found on the back of the product box, located towards the bottom. Alongside the serial number (S/N), the label at the bottom of the box will have a code that’s covered by a ‘scratch and check’, and once scratched off will reveal the anti-counterfeiting code.

Take this code to the dedicated Batch Code page of the Eleaf website (accessible via the link above), and enter it in to authenticate your device.



Verify Your Efest

Unfortunately there are a large number of fake 18650 batteries going around on the vape market, and we always recommend purchasing your batteries from a trusted and reputable source.

It’s difficult to tell whether a battery is fake just by looking at it, as the colouring and casing is likely to be very similar to the original, and sometimes even in terms of having a similar performance. The only real way to tell is by testing the battery under load, but this can be difficult for most people as they’re unlikely to have the proper testing equipment.

Efest have provided an anti-counterfeit sticker for their batteries, located on the battery itself. Once entered, the 20-digit authentication number will then disclose the date when the code was verified first, and how many times the code has been entered since. If you’ve just purchased a new battery, this figure should be ‘one’.




Verify Your Innokin

Producing some exceptional and reliable mods such as the Cool Fire series, as well as the robust iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro, Innokin are a solid and dependable choice for a lot of vapers out there.

While there does seem to be as many copies and clones of Innokin products as much as some of the other mainstream brands, there still have been stories of a few Innokin copies floating around.

To ensure you’re receiving one of their genuine products, Innokin have provided a scratch-and-check authentication sticker, which can be found on the reverse of the box.

Once entered, you’ll then be able to confirm whether your product was indeed made following the high standards at Innokin.



Verify Your Joyetech

Joyetech’s eGrip has become one of the most recognisable vape devices on the planet, with countless a vaper having used the renowned device since its inception a few years ago now.

Having been at the forefront of pioneering technologies, seemingly with their metaphorical finger consistently on the pulse, Joyetech have developed some truly outstanding pieces of kit.

As such, its no surprise that clones and copycats exist on the market, although surprising for such basic devices as the eGo battery!

Similar to many of the other manufacturers, Joyetech include a security code on their products, available via the standard scratch and check method.

One you’ve got your code, simply head to the official Joyetech site, and the security check box is located on the home page, easily visible at the bottom of the screen.




Verify Your KangerTech

If you’ve been a vaper for while now, it’s unlikely you wouldn’t have seen the name ‘KangerTech’ at least somewhere on  your travels.

A name that’s arguably become synonymous with vaping, Kanger’s products are easily some of the most variable devices on the current market, and are often the first choice for those looking to take up vaping.

As one of the biggest manufactures on the planet, Kanger’s wide range of products have all been reported to be cloned at some point, the humble Sub Tank being one of the biggest victims.

Kanger have provided an ID code, located on a sticker that also contains a holographic Kanger sticker, as well as a scannable QR code. Simply enter the ID code onto the Kanger authentication page to verify your device.



Verify Your NiteCore

NiteCore were for a long time much more well known in the utility industry, providing their excellent battery chargers for heavy-duty flashlights and outdoor pursuits.

But since the 18650 battery has gained another use, and become a much more prevalent accessory within the vaping industry, NiteCore’s customer base has been greatly expanded.

Within the reports of cloned NiteCore chargers, details range from having only slightly different coloured packaging and only minor inconsistencies between the genuine and fake device, to glaring errors in both text and content, as well as manufacturing quality

Like many of the other vape manufactures, NiteCore provide a simple scratch off check in order to validate their products, usually located on the top of the box, along with a QR code and a link to the site. Simply enter the code in, and ensure your product is genuine.


SmokSmok Verification

Verify Your SmokTech

As another one of the vaping industries big swingers, SmokTech are well known the world over for their powerful Taste Furious range of clearomiser tanks, as well as their innovations in coils and power output.

Similar to the other bigger manufacturers, Smok have seen a flurry of clones of their devices on the market, and on the surface, some can be very difficult to tell that they are simple imitations.

Smok provide a sixteen-digit authentication code, revealable under the familiar scratch and check security method, which is usually located on a sticker on the back of the box.

Head to the Smok site via the link and enter the code in to ensure your Smok product is the real McCoy.



Verify Your Tesla

While arguably not as globaly well known as Kanger, Aspire, and the other mainstream vape manufacturers, Tesla have also been at the forefront of vape trailblazing.

Known for their Stealth devices, as well as the diminutive Tesla 60W, their range of excellent devices have also unfortunately fallen foul to the folly of fakes, with cloned Tesla devices quite easily found on the internet.

All you’ll need to do to ascertain the authenticity of your Tesla product, take a look at the back of the product box to find Tesla’s authentication system, unsurprisingly with a scratch and check label.

Simply scratch it off, head to the Tesla website, and enter the code in.



Verify Your Wismec

Instantly recognisable by many from their distinctive designs and aesthetics, Wismec’s products are among some of the most coveted vaping devices around, often considered to be in the higher tier of quality.

Both Wismec’s DNA200 and more recent Reuleaux RX200S have increasing reports of clones and fakes, both online and on the high street.

Ensure you’ve received a genuine Wismec device by taking a peek at the back of the product box.

Situated on a label with a QR code will also be the product’s serial number, as well as the scratch and check code you’ll need to use to authenticate the device. Once Wismec’s site, locate their dedicated support page and enter your code in.


This is not an exhaustive list, and more information will be added as and when new products are available, or updates are made. If you’re concerned about the authenticity of your product, or would like to speak to our team about anything else, please contact our team.