How To Clean A Vape Tank

Vape Tips – Cleaning Your Tank

We’re all busy people, and we often use our vape devices out and about, and on the go. As such, it can be easy for us to overlook the condition of our ecigarettes and mods, and the necessary care and maintenance that they require to continue working to the best of their ability. A vape tank is the part of your device that requires the most attention, and will need to be cleaned roughly every two weeks to ensure it stays in full working order.

Strictly speaking, if you were to clean your tank with professional equipment in the most thorough way possible, and money was no object, you’d need a ultrasonic cleaner, rubbing alcohol, and a lint-free (fibreless) cloth. However, as most of us don’t have access to such equipment, here’s our everyday handy guide to keep your tank in tip-top vape shape!

  1. Before cleaning, empty your tank and remove any excess eliquid.
  2. Take your tank apart, separating all the individual parts out. Remove the glass, if possible.
  3. Give each individual part a good rinse with warm water, without soap.
  4. Dry each part carefully, and leave all parts to air dry, until everything is completely bone dry.
  5. Do not refill or use your tank if it still has water in it.
  6. Once you’ve affirmed that every part is dry, reassemble your tank.
  7. Ensure everything is back in its correct place, including O-rings.
  8. Refill your tank.
  9. Vape on!


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