Ways To Save Money With Vaping: Tips and Tricks



If you’re a vaper, you may have found that vaping was saving you pockets of money at first, but perhaps costs may have crept up since as you’ve continued your vaping journey; can you even save money vaping? If you’re a smoker, have you ever asked yourself  “How much money does vaping save me?” You might be thinking that there’s little to no price difference between a 15ml bottle and twenty deck of Bensons, but the bottom line is; vaping IS cheaper the smoking.

Regardless if you’re sub ohming, or non-sub ohming; if you can afford to smoke, you can afford to vape. But if you’re still struggling to keep on top of those vape finances, here’s a few Vape Club tips on how to keep your costs down while staying smoke free.



Use High Resistance Coils

Using a high resistance coil in your clearomiser tank requires a low amount of power, as the wire resists and pushes back against the electrical current running through it.

This means less electrical current is required to heat the coil, and therefore vaporise a smaller quantity of the eLiquid.

This will conserve your battery power, and not only allowing you to vape on the battery for a longer period of time before recharging, but will also increase the life of the battery in general, meaning it won’t have to be replaced sooner.






Turn Your Wattage Down

When vaping was still in its infancy, most of us were just puffing away on cigalikes or Spinner batteries, with little to no adjustable settings.

It wasn’t until we started getting into sub ohm vaping that we had a whack the wattage right up, and although we do arguably experience better flavours at higher wattages, it’s also a massive drain on our coils, eliquids, and battery power, and usually attributes to the increased cost of vaping that some of us vapers experience.

Turning your wattage down goes hand in hand with using a higher resistance coil, but this does also still apply to those still wanting to sub ohm vape. If you’re using a standard 0.5Ω coil rated at 30w, you can afford to go down to 20w and still achieve a similar experience. While this may not seem like a great deal of difference, if you’re using just two-thirds of the power on each puff, then you’re saving yourself a third of the battery’s power.



Use A Higher Nicotine Strength

You may think that once you’ve lowered your nicotine, that’s it; there’s no going back. But there is a way to save a bit of money by altering your nicotine strength.

If you increased the resistance of your coil, and lowered your wattage with the previous steps, you’ll now be able to use eLiquids higher than 6mg much more comfortably than with a low resistance coil and lots of power

An eLiquid with a higher concentration of nicotine will administer a more potent dose than a lower strength. For example, if you puffed six times on a 6mg, you would potentially only need to puff three times on 12mg to achieve the same effect, but without using as much eliquid up in the process.





Take Advantage Of Sales

Discounted products and eliquid sales are always a great way to stock up on cheap premium juice and hardware, and sometimes for as low as half of the original price!

While these flavours might not be familiar or even in the same ball park of what you might usually choose to vape on, it’s always good to try something new. As they say, variety is the spice of life!

We can often make some interesting discoveries when we’re pushed out of our comfort zones, and its possible that you may even find your next ADV in there!






Buy Large Capacity Bottles

Most eliquids are manufactured and bottled in either 10, 15, or 30ml size capacity bottles, but there are certain flavours that are available in much larger sizes, and some eLiquids can come in sizes of 60ml, 100ml, or even 180ml bottles!

It’s always worth buying in bulk if possible, not only because it means you won’t have to stock up on eLiquid for a while, but you’ll also save yourself some funds on your quantities, as well as the delivery costs. A saving of not only money, but also time. Which is also money.

Some companies can offer a bulk buy discount on multiple units, so if it’s one flavour you really like, then it might be worth enquiring about multiples.





Go To Expos!

Attending vape expositions is a great way to network, meet the faces behind the vape, and of course, to make some new vaping friends!

There’s also many manufacturers with samples available to try, and some of these manufacturers sometimes provide small sample bottles for vapers to take home with them.

Although expos shouldn’t be attended only for this reason, getting hold of free samples is a great way to stock up on eJuice and save some shillings at the same time.

They might not be flavours you would usually try, but its possible that your next ADV could be sitting in there somewhere.

It’s always good to try new things, so get out there and get sampling!

If you’d like some more help on saving money with vaping, or advice on any of our products, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

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