How To Stop Your Tank From Leaking


Tips to Fix A Leaking Vape Tank

It’s never a good look to have spots of eliquid all over your white chinos when you’re busy painting the town red. Unfortunately there’s no 100% fool-proof method to eliminate leaks from your tank, due to the devastating duality of gravity and airholes, but with proper care and maintenance, these leaks can almost be eliminated completely.

We always advise getting to know your device properly before use, and to clean your tank regularly. For quick tips on cleaning your tank, see our helpful guide.

  • Sometimes leaks can occur when a coil has simply expired and needs to be replaced.
  • Avoid getting eliquid in the center tube, this is the airflow chimney, and must remain clear at all times.
  • The coil can become loose when removing the base for refilling, ensure this has been tightened before using again. Also ensure you’re threading correctly, and not crooked or cross-threading.
  • Always use and store your tank upright. Leaving the tank on its side or upside down will allow eliquid to seep through the holes, including the airflow chimney and mouthpiece. Because, gravity.
  • Ensure no eliquid is sitting under the coil, as instead of being vaporized from the wicking material, this eliquid will simply boil, and create a gurgling sound.
  • Sometime when inhaling too forcefully in your tank, this can induce flooding, as too much eliquid is drawn into the coil from the tank, but not enough has been vaporized.
  • Not using your device at a high enough wattage can also induce flooding, due the same principle of too much eliquid to rate of vaporization.
  • If your tank has an airflow system, close the airholes when refilling the tank, as this creates a cushion of air when rotated back to the upright position. As air is drawn up through the airflow, more will replace it, and this maintains the cushion of air in the airflow chamber, preventing eliquid from flowing through it.
  • Ensure your coil is sitting firmly in the base unit, must not be overtightened, just hand tight. A coil that is not firmly fitted will allow eliquid to seep through the threading. This goes for all parts of the tank, ensure everything is just hand tight, as over tightening can break the seals, and cause leaks.

These are just a few tips to help stem any potential leaks that my arise from your vape tank. For general tips on maintaining all of your vaping equipment, please see our Vape Maintenance Guide. If you have any issues or queries about any of these tips, please contact our team.