Jimmy the Juice Man: An Overview

The tale goes that it all started when a particularly discerning vaper called Jimmy decided that the current e-juice creators out there were not satisfying his lust for premium juices at non-premium prices.

Setting up his own juice manufacturing operation out of Chicago, Jimmy began a journey that would see him become the renowned Juice Man, creating premium e-liquids primarily for himself, but which would eventually become some of the most sought after juices in the world.

In the early days, those who Jimmy deemed worthy of sharing in his juices began to demand more and more. The circle ever widened, and without a single dime spent on PR or marketing, the increasing demand and rapidly growing reputation of Jimmy’s juices soon signalled it was time to go into business for real.

Jimmy the Juice Man Community

What is interesting is how an entire community sprang up directly because of Jimmy the Juice Man’s e-liquids. Stock was in short supply in the early days, so an invite-only online group was the only way to get hold of the goods, usually with very small windows of opportunity to make purchases.

This group of connoisseur vapers created a myriad of memes dedicated to Jimmy and his juices (give them a search, though only if you’re not easily offended!), and they would engage in their own trades with each other. The generosity this mini vaping community showed each other in helping those without access to Jimmy’s juices to finally be able to try them out has become legend.

From there, it was only a matter of time before vendors got involved in helping to spread the word about Jimmy the Juice Man across America. And now, here at Vape Club UK, we are delighted and honoured to announce that we’re bringing Jimmy’s wonderful concoctions to the vapers of Europe.


Try the Delicious Creme Brulee

Jimmy the Juice Man E-Liquid Ingredients

Jimmy’s juices feature a mix of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and Propylene Glycol (PG), though the exact ratio is unknown at this present time due to the proprietary nature of the blend. Each juice comes in a variety of nicotine strengths including 6, 12, 18 and 24mg. There are also zero nicotine versions of every flavour for people who have managed to wean themselves off nicotine entirely but still want to sample the lovely juice flavours.

Every flavour comes packaged in a tinted glass 30ml bottle with dropper lid for easy transfer of the juice from the bottle to your tank or drip tip. Each of the bottle labels feature a maneki-neko design, which is Japanese for ‘beckoning cat’ and is said to bring good luck to the owner.

Jimmy the Juice Man E-Juice Flavours

You can use the finest ingredients known to humankind, you can price your products as fairly and as affordably as financially possible, but if your flavours aren’t up to scratch then you just won’t be able to make the impact that Jimmy the Juice Man has made.

It’s the main reason behind the extremely high demand for his juices, and that’s the fact the flavours are nothing short of magnificent. You’ll have your favourites, sure, perhaps others you’re not so keen on, but every single flavour in the range has its own horde of fans and it’s one hell of a enjoyable ride discovering which one is your own personal favourite.

Caramel Pear eLiquid by Jimmy the Juice Man


Caramel Pear e-liquid is a truly mouth-watering vaping extravaganza featuring scrumptious notes of fresh pear drizzled in a sweet, warm caramel glaze.

This is a unique flavour which others may try and emulate in the future, but they’ll struggle to match the original. The accuracy of the flavourings is incredible to experience, and the quality just keeps shining through with every single inhalation.

Crème Brûlée eLiquid by Jimmy the Juice Man


As any experienced dessert vape fans will testify to, there are plenty of juices out there which claim to be Crème Brûlée or some variant of, but only this one by Jimmy the Juice Man faithfully recreates the real flavour of one of the world’s favourite desserts.

The notes of banana mixes with the unmistakable flavour of burnt sugar, all blended perfectly with a layer of creamy goodness that has to be tasted to be believed.

Peachy Strawberry eLiquid by Jimmy the Juice Man


Juicy peaches blended with fresh strawberries create a truly sublime vaping experience. The different notes and tones compliment each other perfectly to give you a little bit of sunshine in a bottle. This Peachy Strawberry e-liquid is the ultimate summer vape.

Raspberry French eLiquid by Jimmy the Juice Man


Jimmy has added a creamy background to frame this raunchy raspberry fusion, producing one of the most enjoyably flavoursome vapes utilising red fruit flavours.

This Raspberry French juice is the pinnacle of deliciousness as the creamy undertones weave in and out of the raspberry ripples.

Shurb eLiquid by Jimmy the Juice Man


Jimmy the Juice Man’s Shurb flavour is a sherbet-based concoction delivering all kinds of goodness with every inhalation and exhalation.

Experience a wild ride through flavours including raspberry, lime and orange, all floating around the sizzlingly sweet sherbet base. Treat your tastebuds to this exciting new sweet and fruity e-liquid.

Strawberry Astronaut eLiquid by Jimmy the Juice Man


This strawberry astronaut vape is no ordinary strawberry flavoured e-liquid. Among the strawberry layers you’ll discover notes of apricot infiltrating the exhale, which turns out to be a flavour combination which is truly out of this world.

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