JustFog MINIFIT VS. Perkey eCard

Pod Vape Kits are popular for a good reason – a combination of compact design, ease of use and a mouth to lung draw make them a firm favourite for new users and experienced vapers looking for a device to use on the go. This month we’re pitting two of the most popular refillable pod kits on the market head to head – the Justfog MINIFIT and the Perkey eCard.

For those of you unfamiliar with pod vapes, they are a vape device which use cartridges that contain eliquid and a coil, that plug into a mod. These pods can either be disposed of when empty, or in some cases – such as with the two devices mentioned above they can be refilled with your choice of High Nicotine eliquid.

Perkey eCard

The Perkey Ecard is a compact vape starter kit, that has a 400 mAh built in battery and uses 2ml refillable pods. This is a large capacity battery for a mod of this size and it can be recharged via it’s USB slot. The eCard kit comes with two refillable pods with replacement pods available. These pods are recommended for use with higher PG eliquids and can also be used with salt nicotine eliquids.

With a mouth to lung draw and 1.5 Ohm coils this device is suited for those looking for a restricted inhale, similar to that of a cigarette. The Perkey is also breath activated: by simply inhaling on the device’s mouthpiece vapour production will begin, those looking for extra power will be pleased to know that on the side of the Perkey is a ‘turbo button’ for increased power output.

With it’s slim profile and easy operation, the Perkey eCard Starter Kit is understandably a growing favourite amongst vapers of all levels.


The JustFog MINIFIT is a small yet chunky pod vape kit. It’s powered by a built in 370 mAh battery that can be charged through the device’s USB port. The MINIFIT utilises 1.5ml refillable pods that are wicked with super absorbent Japanese cotton for improved taste. The device uses 1.6 Ohm coils; each pod has two juice ports for quicker and cleaner refilling.

By using a 1.6 Ohm coil this kit is designed to be used with high PG eliquids for an increased throat hit. The JustFog offers a tighter inhale for a mouth to lung vape, that mimics the draw of a cigarette. This device also has multiple safety features including Short Circuit Protection, Overheating Protection, Overdischarge Protection and Overcharge Protection giving the user peace of mind when using and charging the MINIFIT.

With it’s clean aesthetic, easy refilling and portability the JustFog MINIFIT is ideal for vapers looking for a discreet device and new users looking for a reliable vape starter kit.


Overall, these are two devices that are well balanced; being simple enough to operate for new starters, yet still providing enough power and features to keep established vapers happy. There is no clear winner here, but both devices have their upsides – the Perkey has a larger battery, the MINIFIT uses Japanese cotton wicks for improved flavour. It really comes down to preference.

If you have any questions about pod vape kits or vaping in general, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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