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We are extremely pleased to announce the arrival of Kings Crown e-liquids, the majestic new range of premium juices from the legendary Pip The Bunny – creator of Suicide Bunny and all round mixology genius.

We’re very excited to be the first vendor in the UK to stock this fantastic new line, and we really hope you enjoy them as much as we do. The vapour production is fantastic, the throat hit spot on, and the flavours…. Oh the flavours.

Kings Crown is a high VG range with a minimum of 70% VG in each mix but they keep the exact ratio a secret. And when we call them gourmet we aren’t messing about – these are designed for the vaper with a discerning palate. The type of vaper who loves to experience complex layers of flavour with different notes on the inhale and the exhale. The connoisseur vaper if you will.

The menu is small, but as any food critic worth their salt will tell you, this is always a very good sign of quality – it is better to do 4 things brilliantly than to do 40 poorly. Below are a few tasting notes to familiarise you with the range.

Kings Crown E-Liquid Range

The Full Kings Crown Line Up: Fight Your Fate, The King, Claim Your Throne & Bound by The Crown

Bound by The Crown – a delectable combination of fruit and dessert flavours rolled in to one mouth watering elixir. Bound by the crown combines sweet custard with ripe stone fruits and a hint of spice. It is often regarded as a great all dayer by our vaping cousins over in the states.

Claim Your Throne – Is one for dessert lovers for sure. This juice mixes sweet cream with butterscotch and the wonderful molasses flavour of brown sugar to create a flawlessly balanced liquid.

Fight Your Fate – A fruit lovers delight. Fight your fate is a zingy, punchy, and very refreshing e-liquid which takes two classic flavours and mixes them up with a bit of a twist to create an extraordinary strawberry lemonade flavour.

The King – When The King was released they didn’t give any indication as to what flavour it was – you had to try it and discover for yourself. So to keep true to the spirit of the King we’re also going to hold back a little. We can tell you that this is a beautiful vape with notes of peanut butter and cookie, but the rest we’re going to leave shrouded in mystery – like any good king should be.


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