Limitless RDA: An Overview


The Limitless Mod Company are well regarded for their dedication to the craft, and their atomisers are considered among some of the best rebuildable drippers on the current market.

The Limitless RDA can be completely disassembled for easy cleaning, meaning you can keep your RDA in tip-top condition. The RDA features a wide bore chuff cap, allowing for a boost in flavor and vapour, and this comes as standard on all of their RDAs.

It also features a reversible atomizer sleeve, with two different sized airflows for easy personalization. One airflow is a completely wide open slot, and the other features three holes than can be closed and opened depending on the user’s preference.limitless-rda-deck-posts-uk

A double o-ring feature on the deck provides a snug fit for the sleeve, keeping good hold and stopping the sleeve from spinning around, allowing the airflow to stay where it was initially set.

The Limitless RDAs feature a three-post design, meaning it’s relatively simple and easy to work with, along with oversized screwheads so it’s less likely for the screw head to be stripped. These oversized screws also allow for better contact area on the surface of the wire, and the brass centre post is square-shaped to prevent it from spinning.

A unique flat centre post hole makes it easy to build complex coil designs, such as fused claptons, and parallels, and the negative posts are machined into the deck, with ample space below them to allow extra space for cotton. The connecting pin is made from copper, and is screwed directly into the brass centre post for maximum conductivity.

All in all, the Limitless RDAs are among the highest quality atty’s on the current market, as they offer wide-variety of custom options for the user when building their coils.limitless-rda-banner-uk

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