Liquid Nation: An Overview


Every place has a different story, and Liquid State have tried to demonstrate this with both of their Max VG eLiquid ranges. The original Liquid State eLiquid range focused on the uniquenesses and idiosyncrasies within the United States of America. For example, the state of Georgia is well known its succulent peaches and sweet tea, and Liquid State coupled the two together to make a vapeable representation of that state. Along with their envision of Florida; tangy oranges drizzled with vanilla cream, the Liquid State team have demonstrated their talent for isolating localised individuality, and representing their uniqueness in vapeable form.

With their Liquid Nation eLiquid range, Liquid State have broadened their flavour horizons by looking to the rest of the world for inspiration. While they could have easily settled on such delicacies as Wasp Crackers from Japan, or the famed Scottish Haggis, Liquid State have instead gone for some sweet and dessert treats from Canada, France, and Italy. The Liquid Nation range features an 80% VG mix, and is available in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, 6, and 12mg, in either 15ml or 30ml bottle capacities.


Dela Creme

A perfect creme brulee flavour that will transport you to the winding streets of Paris, De La Creme perfectly pairs a rich Vanilla Custard topped with gorgeous burnt Brown Sugar and lightly toasted Almonds.

The Almonds and caramelised Sugar comes through quite prominently at lower wattages, with notes of the Vanilla custard in the background. Higher wattages produces a more custardy taste, along with the aforementioned sugar and almonds.

It’s more of a rich vanilla custard than the sweet and sugary variety, and blended with the nutty almonds and caramelised sugar, it produces a full-flavoured and rich taste.




Maple Glaze

Maple Glaze is a gorgeous Canadian inspired donut smothered in a delicious sugary glaze, with a succulent burst of strawberry to top it off. Maple Glaze is a wonderful deep fried pastry extravaganza for the tongue.

It features more of a syrupy Strawberry rather than a freshly picked one, and the Doughnut is more starchy and bread-like than dusted in a ton of sugar.

Lower wattages seem to emphasise the donut element, with higher wattages increasing the presence of the strawberry syrup notes.




Dolce Gelato

Inspired by the Italian masters of Ice Cream, Dolce Gelato expertly blends tangy Sicilian lemon with ripe strawberries before pairing them with a perfect Italian ice cream to give a perfect summery dessert vape.

At lower wattages, the sweet Lemon comes through prominently on the inhale, backed up by undertones of Strawberry.

The Ice Cream element is more of a light and airy taste, rather than being thick and creamy, and it is the taste that remains on the exhale, after the Lemon and Strawberry have dissipated.

The Gelato Ice Cream is more prominent at higher wattages, adding the icy blend to the sweet and tart Lemon and Strawberry mix.


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