Mouth to Lung Vs Direct to Lung Vaping


Within the world of vaping, there are generally considered to be two different methods of inhaling your vapour, and depending on the type of vape coils and the vape mod you are using, different variations of coils and mods will achieve either the mouth-to-lung or the direct-lung method of vaping.

The deciding factor as to which style of vaping you’ll be doing is generally decided by which coil you are using (as well as the number of watts). Generally, if your coil is rated at below one ohm, it’s referred to as a Sub Ohm coil (literally meaning ‘below one ohm’ in Greek). If you’re vaping at above one ohm, this is referred to as a mouth-to-lung coil, or Super Ohm, (if we’re doing it all in Greek).

What Is Mouth to Lung?


Generally, the Mouth to Lung vaping method can be thought of akin to smoking a tobacco cigarette. The process involves drawing vapour into the mouth, and only then inhaling into the lungs. This is considered to be more of a beginners method of vaping, as it’s generally quite easy-going and comfortable for most vapers to use, and a main feature of many beginner vaping kits.

Most people find that vaping with the mouth to lung method allows for an increase in flavour and throat hit, and will generally allow your eLiquid and battery capacity to last the little bit longer. This is mainly due to the reduced amount of electrical charge needed to fire a coil of high resistance.

To use the mouth to lung method optimally, it’s generally advised to use High PG eLiquids (those that are around 50VG, or higher in PG consistency). Unlike the direct-to-lung method, where nicotine percentage has to be restricted, any nicotine strength can be considered for use with a mouth to lung tank, as roughly the same percentage of nicotine is vapourised at any one time.

What Is Direct to Lung?


On the other hand, we have the Direct to Lung method of vaping, achieved mainly by using Sub ohm coils and a high-powered vape mod. Vaping with this method can also be seen as quite similar to using a shisha pipe, in that it can create a more full-on vaping experience with a large amount of vapour produced.

Most vapers find that vaping with the Direct-to-lung method will increase the vapour production, and in using some eLiquids, users will find that certain flavour notes are ‘unlocked’ that aren’t accessible when using the mouth-to-lung method. Generally, it’s advised to used eLiquids that are no higher than 6mg nicotine, as the increased power and electrical charge will vapourise a higher percentage of nicotine than with a mouth-to-lung device. Also, it’s best to use eLiquids that have a High VG consistency, as high PG eLiquids can create an increased harshness on the throat at such high temperatures.

If you’re new to vaping, we don’t advise starting your vape journey with a direct to lung device, unless you’re with, or have been advised by someone who understands the nature of these products.


Here’s a quick recap of the Mouth to Lung and Direct to Lung vaping methods;

Mouth to Lung:

  • Best method for beginners, some veterans prefer it also.
  • Similar to smoking a tobacco cigarette
  • Allows for more flavour and throat hit
  • Allows for wide range of nicotine strengths
  • Improved battery life, and both coil and eLiquid longevity (compared with Direct to Lung)
  • Best used with High PG eliquids, at least 50PG (Propylene Glycol)

Direct to Lung:

  • More suited to experienced users
  • Similar to using a Shisha pipe
  • Allows for increased vapour production
  • Allows for higher wattages
  • Reduced battery life, coil and eLiquid longevity (compared with Mouth to Lung)
  • Best used with eLiquids high in VG, and no more than 6mg Nicotine

For more information about Direct to Lung and Mouth to Lung Vaping, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.