Mystique Gourmet E-Liquid: An Overview

The Mystique Vapor line of e-liquids is intentionally mysterious and designed specifically for elite vapers who have grown a little too familiar with all the other juice flavours available from other e-liquid brands. The manufacturers of the Mystique juice line are none other than the people behind the Space Jam Juice range, so the quality is obviously going to be of a high level, even if they steadfastly refuse to tell us exactly each flavour is supposed to be (if they’re supposed to be anything particular at all).

The complexity of flavours that the manufacturers are known for in their other e-liquid range (not just Space Jam, but Obsession, Clouds of Hope and Taste Vape too), is ramped into overdrive for these Mystique Vapor e-liquids. We will give you our best indications of what to expect from each flavour at the bottom of this article and with each flavour in the Vape Club UK store, but the exact tones and notes of each one is something you will have to figure out for yourself.

What’s in Mystique E-Liquid?

There is no mystery behind the base ingredients used for Mystique Vapor juices, as each one uses a 50/50 mix of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. This half and half blend allows each juice to produce voluminous plumes of vapour while maintaining a strong flavour and providing as satisfying a throat hit as you are likely to find anywhere.

At Vape Club UK you can buy Mystique e-liquid in 30ml glass bottles, all stylishly coloured black with a gold-trimmed label featuring the relevant information. Each bottle has a dropper lid which allows for easy transfer of your Mystique juice into your Clearomizer or drip tip. Mystique Vapor e-liquids also feature the full range of nicotine strengths, starting at zero nicotine for vapers who have left nicotine behind and working up through 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24mg.

Discover Mystique's Exciting New Range

Discover Mystique’s Exciting New Range

Mystique Vapor E-Liquid Flavours

The Mystique e-juice creators describe their mysterious flavours thus:

“To experience Mystique Vapor is equivalent to experiencing existence through the mind of another, it will change your perspective on e-liquid, and open your mind to a whole new level of vaping you never thought possible.”

That’s why the Mystique line is aimed at the “esoteric vaping elite” – vapers who have the experience to mentally sift through the multitude of flavour layers and truly appreciate the complexity of each juice in the Mystique range. The names of the flavours are derived from the Titans of Ancient Greek mythology, with some interesting choices as the characters represented are all extremely complicated beings, at once both tragic and glorious. Perhaps there is a key to understanding the flavours in the legends of the Titans they are named after…

Some reviewers have described the Mystique line as something of a vaping Rorschach test, with each flavour offering a different experience to different vapers. What will your experience be, and will your state of mind influence the notes you notice or the tones that tantalise your taste buds? There’s only one way to find out.

Asteria eLiquid by Mystique
Quite which Asteria from Ancient Greek mythology this complex fruit flavour is named after is something of a mystery itself, as there were quite a few of them. Mystique Vapor themselves describe this flavour as “The Roaming Vagabond”, which may be a reference to the Titan goddess of falling stars and oracles of the night.

Cronos eLiquid by Mystique
This famous Titan is a little easier to identify, though the complex candy flavour named after him not so much. Cronos ruled the universe for a time after overthrowing his own father, only to be usurped in a rather bizarre baby-vomiting fashion by his son, Zeus. He currently resides as a prisoner in Tartarus where his fellow inmates have probably learned not to mention karma when he’s around.

Hyperion eLiquid by Mystique
Another of the original Titans who helped Cronos to power, Hyperion is said in the ancient mythology to have been the father of the sun, the moon and the dawn. In Mystique e-liquid form, he is best described as a complex tobacco flavour.

Oceanus eLiquid by Mystique
Believed by Ancient Greeks and Romans to be a divine incarnation of a world-encircling river, Oceanus is now a complex menthol flavour as well as a giant horned god with the lower body of a massive serpent (not to be confused with Poseidon, who was an entirely different water-themed, giant horned god with the lower body of a massive serpent).

Prometheus eLiquid by Mystique
One of the most well known legends of Prometheus is his punishment by Zeus for revealing to humanity the secret of fire. Other myths have him benefiting humankind in a variety of other ways and suffering eternally for it, so it’s only right we celebrate him with a complex dessert flavour dedicated to his memory. Protection Status © 2019 Vape Club Ltd All Rights Reserved. You have to be over 18 to purchase from this website. UK Company Registration Number: 08131075, VAT Number: GB196886725

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