Obsession Juice: An Overview

Obsession Vapor is a special line of e-liquids dedicated to helping you find your very own vaping obsession. Whether you seek fame, glory, fortune, power or something more esoteric like passion or prestige, your obsession will find its equivalent e-liquid in the Obsession e-liquid range.

Obsession juices are created by the same people behind the Space Jam Juice range, and the entire line features only six flavours due to the complexity of the layers, notes and tones. And just like the flavours in the Space Jam Juice e-liquids, the Obsession Vapor e-liquids are mouth-wateringly complex and each one a truly unique vaping experience for you to obsess over.

What’s in Obsession Vapor E-liquid?

Just like the e-liquids in the original Space Jam range, Obsession Vapor utilise a 50/50 mix of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin in order to maximise the vapour production of the liquid, as well as make them as flavoursome as possible while providing a satisfying throat hit. It’s also worth noting that the Obsession Vapor manufacturers are ISO certified and thus only use the highest quality ingredients.

You can buy Obsession Vapor e-liquid in all six of the flavours at Vape Club UK, where they are available in 15ml glass bottles featuring a handy dropper lid for easy transfer to your tank or drip tips. A wide range of nicotine strengths are also available including 6, 12, 18 and 24mg. For vapers who have left nicotine behind, there is a zero nicotine version of every flavour as well.

Obsession Vapor Bottles - All Flavours

Discover Obsession’s Exquisite E-Liquids

Obsession Vapor E-Liquid Flavours

Each flavour is designed with a particular obsession in mind, and whether your obsession is power and glory or fame and fortune, you will find at least one of these flavours invading your waking thoughts and dominating your dreams more than any e-liquid has ever managed to do before. On a slightly less prosaic note, there are some wonderful flavour combinations which are truly a marvel to taste, and even if you never really obsess over anything, you might just discover your favourite e-liquid flavour lurking in the Obsession Vapor line.

Fame E-Liquid by Obsession Vapor
If you have stars in your eyes and dream of worldwide acclaim, and also of being harassed in airports and restaurants while pictures of your wobbly bits appearing unannounced in national newspapers, then your obsession with fame will no doubt see you thoroughly enjoy this delicious blend of strawberry, banana and pineapple. Layers of coconut cream intertwine with the main flavours to create a truly outstanding vape that’s gonna live forever. Remember the name.

Fortune E-Liquid by Obsession Vapor
This flavour is a real treasure for all you folks whose main obsession in life is gathering as much wealth as you can before you die, leaving it all behind to be squabbled over by various governmental authorities and/or disgruntled ex-spouses and third cousins twice removed. It is a decadent blend of apple and cinnamon Danish with influential notes of French vanilla, and best stored in a locked wooden box buried on an unnamed island somewhere in the Pacific ocean.

Glory E-Liquid by Obsession Vapor
Sour cranberries blended with a sharp apple flavour is all the glory your taste buds will ever need once they taste the splendour of this e-liquid. This juice will fill you with pride and pleasure at how wonderfully amazing you are at selecting e-liquid flavours to try out. Everywhere you go, you will thank yourself and smile smiles of unbridled joy at your very presence every time you catch a sight of yourself in a mirror.

Passion E-Liquid by Obsession Vapor
Everybody needs some passion in their lives. Passion invigorates you and makes every fleeting moment worth a thousand passionless millenniums. You can taste the passion coursing through this e-liquid as the milky custard notes embrace the ripe strawberry tones in a clinch of adoration so hot it might just set the whole world aflame.

Power E-Liquid by Obsession Vapor
What is fame without the ability to influence? What is wealth when you already own everything? What is glory when you’re already the greatest? What you really need is power; the obsession that can be both wonderful and terrible at the same time. Find it here as the blend of citrusy dragon fruit collides with a smooth Bavarian cream to create a vape so immensely powerful, you might accidentally conquer Europe on the exhale.

Prestige E-Liquid by Obsession Vapor
Any magician worth his bottomless top hat will tell you it’s all about the Prestige. Life itself is all about the wonder and the awe, the stunned silence and the raucous applause. And here it is, ladies and gentleman, in the form of a refreshingly crisp real lemonade flavour with magical notes of peach and strawberry weaving their wondrous way in and around this sensational taste bonanza.

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