Uwell Rafale X: RDA Overview


rafale-x-rda-atty-deckWell known for their Rafale and Crown Sub Ohm Tanks, Uwell’s Rafale X RDA is a high-quality piece of vaping hardware that provides a solid RDA experience, and is yet slightly different than what you may be used to already.

Measuring 24mm in diameter, the Rafale X appears like any other RDA at first glance, but it’s under the hood where this RDA really shines, as its deck features a unique, four-post design.

However, unlike other four-post RDA’s that feature two positive and two negative posts, the Rafale X contains only one of each, and instead has a double neutral post (dummy post) in the centre.

This neutral post enables the Rafale X to do some unusual things with its coil resistance, as instead of halving it, the Rafale X instead doubles it.

For example, installing 2 x 0.5ohm (Ω) pre-made coils on any other four-post RDA would give it a reading of 0.25Ω, but using the Rafale X’s neutral posts would instead give a reading of 1.0Ω, using a Dual Coil build.


There are two ways of building a deck with the Rafale X; either as a traditional RDA using only the outer posts, meaning the resistance of the coils will half (if using dual coils), or alternatively all four posts can be used, which will double the resistance, as mentioned above.

If you prefer to build on it like a traditional RDA (using the outer posts) then you can take the centre neutral post out. This offers much more room to build, and allows the deck to be enlarged and spaced out more, allowing for complex builds such as Claptons, fused Claptons, Parallels, Verticals, and many more combinations to be installed.

Another great feature included with the Rafale X is its corkscrew-shaped ASB (Anti Spit Back) drip tip system, which ensures that you won’t get hot eliquid spat back at your throat when firing it up.

The Rafale X is recommended for advanced users that are familiar with installing pre-built coils and ohms law. We always advise going into a vape shop and speaking to someone directly regarding RDA’s, and we don’t recommend using an RDA unless you have an understanding of Ohm’s Law, and possess an ohms reader.


If you’d like to speak to us about the Rafale X RDA, or any of the other products on our website, please contact our team.

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