Red Vape Juice: An Overview

Red Vape E-Liquid hail out of Nottingham, England and pride themselves on sourcing the best natural ingredients for their International Collection of RV Premium and Reserva e-liquid ranges. An interesting twist that stands Red Vape apart from the crowd is their trick of enhancing the flavours of their Reserva range by maturing the liquids in sherry, bourbon or whiskey oak cask barrels.

Part of Red Vape’s mission statement is to “provide a smooth and satisfying vaping experience“ which they have achieved without any shadow of a doubt, as any vaper experienced with their juices can testify.

Red Vape also continually test their juices with the latest vaping hardware to ensure vapers at each end of the scale are getting the very best flavour and hit from their liquids, regardless of what equipment they are vaping with. Though it should be said, the better your gear, the more you are likely to appreciate all of the multiple layers, tones and notes of the Red Vape eLiquid flavours.

Red Vape E-Liquid Ingredients

Red Vape juices use only the best premium pharmaceutical grade nicotine and are made with natural ingredients free from artificial preservatives and colourings. All their quality ingredients are sourced from the best producers and manufacturers worldwide to bring together an ‘International Collection’ of superior E-Liquids.

All Red Vape blends use a 50/50 combination of Vegetable Glycerin and Propylene Glycol. Each flavour comes bottled in Red Vape’s own unique glass bottles, with the Reserva range featuring 30ml square glass bottle and the others in tapered 15ml bottles. Every bottle has a glass dropper for easy transfer of juice to tank and child safety cap and is equipped with a child safety cap. All their flavours also come in a variety of nicotine strengths.

As stated, the Red Vape Reserva range is the highest possible quality available and these extra special liquids are matured and steeped in bourbon, sherry and whisky oak cask barrels for enough time to enhance the flavours for the vaping connoisseurs among us.

Red Vape eLiquid Flavours

Red Vape’s collections of e-juice include some magnificent tobacco blends alongside some innovative fruity combinations and a couple of truly unique flavour combos which will make your mouth water. Red Vape constantly seek to expand their ranges once they have perfected a formula and are satisfied that it meets their high standards, so expect their ranges to grow in time with even more delicious blends.

Angel Berry E-Liquid by Red Vape

Proving they know their way around a fruit blender, Red Vape have created a lovely Angel Berry liquid including notes of natural raspberry, dewberry, blueberry and Granny Smith apple extract.

There is also a wonderful hint of natural sweet water mint extract to help make this one of the most incredibly refreshing flavours you will ever vape. You don’t want to miss out of this lush liquid!

Havano Dark E-Liquid by Red Vape

Anyone having trouble making the switch from smoking to vaping because they love the natural tobacco flavours so much will be delighted with this Havano Dark blend.

This dark version uses natural tobacco flavouring derived from the Dominican Criollo tobacco variety, from the tobacco plantations of Cuba.

The Havano Dark is ideal for vapers who like a strong hit from a rich, full bodied 18mg juice.

Havano Gold E-Liquid by Red Vape

This lighter Havano Gold still uses natural tobacco flavouring, this time derived from the Cuban Corojo tobacco variety.

It is also available in just 18mg so ideal for vapers looking for a strong nicotine hit.

This exquisite tobacco based e-juice is blended with Corojo tobacco grown in the Jamastran Valley of South Honduras. We were told these were international flavours!

Noble Mint E-Liquid by Red Vape

Minty vape lovers everywhere will delight at this complex combination of natural spearmint extract known as menta spicata.

The fruity twist comes from this juice being expertly blended with natural extracts of Swedish lingonberry and redcurrant. It’s almost too good.

Available in 12mg, this refreshing yet zingy Noble Mint e-liquid is a popular choice and perfect for an after dinner treat!

Noir Orange E-Liquid by Red Vape

There are plenty of chocolate flavoured e-liquids out there but none compare to this Noir Orange.

Red Vape uses natural Belgian 80%-cocoa dark chocolate flavouring, and prove their genius by blending in some natural Valencia orange extract.

Absolutely delicious, especially if you were ever fond of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Go on…Give it a try!

Perique Reserva E-Liquid by Red Vape

This natural tobacco flavouring from our Perique Reserva is derived from Perique tobacco and matured in white oak bourbon whisky barrels to enhance the flavour.

This includes additional notes of vanilla and caramel to create the first of the highest quality Reserva range of Red Vape e-liquids.

Honeywood Reserva E-Liquid by Red Vape

This Honeywood Reserva juice of the Reserva range also uses natural tobacco flavouring, this time derived from Brightleaf Virginian tobacco.

The liquid is then matured in oak sherry barrels for a superior flavour enhancement that will knock the socks off just about any other tobacco flavour. Protection Status © 2019 Vape Club Ltd All Rights Reserved. You have to be over 18 to purchase from this website. UK Company Registration Number: 08131075, VAT Number: GB196886725

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