Safety Tips For Vape Batteries


We can often overlook things that are so ingrained in our lives. A rack of kitchen knives are great tools for feeding us, but also can be dangerous implements when not properly used, or stored. The same can also be said for batteries. We can forget that the simple battery contains a concentrated source of power, and to think they don’t need some care and TLC, is to not give the humble battery the respect it truly deserves.

We’ve compiled the following tips as a way of helping those who aren’t sure, because we understand it’s a little confusing when you’ve found an alternative to smoking, and have suddenly ended up with a bunch of batteries. They’re an essential part of our modern lives, and with correct use and care, can continue to be a help, and not a hinderance on our ecigarette journey.

Safety Tips For Vape Batteries

  • Please ensure spare batteries are stored correctly, ideally in a protective box or silicone sleeve, or another protective material. This ensures your batteries cannot be knocked, scratched, or dented, and will prolong the life of them. Do not use a battery if it has been dented or compromised, and don’t let it come into contact with water.
  • Don’t expose your battery to extreme heat or cold, and refrain from charging in cold temperatures or direct sunlight. The charging process for a battery is much more sensitive that discharging, and extra care should be taken because of this. It’s unlikely you’ll find yourself in need of a charge atop a volcano or in an igloo, but you may be considering charging a device in your car during the summer sunshine, which we do not advise, due to the potential changes in the car’s atmosphere over a period of time.
  • Also if using a sub ohm coil, make sure your battery can handle the amps. If in doubt, please ask in your local vape shop or give us a call. Always buy from a reputable retailer that you trust.
  • Please don’t leave batteries charging over-night, or unattended. This is not just limited to vaping devices, and goes for all rechargeable batteries in all their many uses. If you find that your battery is taking a very long time to charge, chances are it will need to be replaced. Remove and dispose safely.
  • Always use the correct charging equipment for your device, if in doubt see advice from your supplier. Most dedicated consumer chargers, such as the NiteCore range, offer many intelligent features that vastly improve the safety of electrical charging, but care should be taken regardless.
  • The PVC wrapping around your battery may seem initially like a nice decorative colour, but it actually has a very important function. Be careful that this wrapping has not become compromised, as tears and rips that expose the battery underneath can cause the battery to short out, especially when close to the negative and positive contact points. Please don’t worry if the wrapping has come off your battery, they are replacement wraps that can be purchased online, but do not use the battery until it is safely wrapped again.

Please note: These tips are far from a definitive list of everything you should know about vaping safety, and we always advise to conduct your own research. This guide is specifically about safety with batteries, for information on general vaping safety please see our guide.