Safety Tips For Vaping

safe-vaping-tips-blog-battery-eliquid-ejuice-vape-vaping-beiginners-guideWe’ve all heard some of the scare stories about how ecigarette batteries can be a fire hazard, and eliquids can be poisonous, but with small amount of mindfulness, consideration, and care, these potential risks can almost be eliminated completely from your vaping experience.

The absolute number one way to stay safe while vaping; simply do your research. In this day and age of instant gratification, we all unfortunately seem to forget to read the instruction manual, but we always, always advise to take your time, and to do your research. Know your device, and be sure of how to use it properly.


Keep all eliquids tightly sealed, and out of the reach of small children and animals. All regulated and genuine eliquids are now manufactured with child-safety caps to eliminate any potential accidents, but extra care should be taken anyway to ensure your home is a safe environment.

If eliquid has been split on your skin, please don’t panic, a thorough wash will be enough to rid of any that would cause harm. The amount of pure nicotine in a single drop of eliquid is of such a low quantity that it would likely require a person to take something similar to an eliquid bath for any sort of danger to present itself.

The majority of cases with nicotine poisoning has occurred with people that harvest tobacco leaves (green tobacco sickness) and instances of using certain medicinal creams, some of which contain nicotine. A person would likely have to drink much more than a bottle of 24mg Astro for it to have any effect worse than making you feel very ill. We do not, under any circumstances, recommend that you try this for yourself – it might not kill you but it’ll be no fun for anyone involved.


Unless you have a comprehensive understanding of ohms law and electrical current, we do not recommend building your own coils, as winding incorrectly can create a coil that will generate too much heat, and could be a potential safety issue.

Only use specific wire types to create your coils (kanthal, nickel, ni-chrome, steel), other types of metal will not work at all, and other more volatile metals may induce a potential safety issue, as their resistance will fluctuate too much.

Mods & Batteries

Always ensure your vaping device is turned off when not in use, especially if placing into a bag or pocket. Sometimes buttons can be accidentally pressed with enough pressure, and while more and more mods do feature a safety cut-off mechanism. It’s obviously still the best practice to ensure the device is switched off when not in use.

If you’re carrying spare batteries around, you’ll need to ENSURE there are no metal objects (such as keys or coins) in contact with the batteries, or with your mod, especially if it has a battery inserted into it. This has been the feature of many a newspaper headline, and in most of these stories it’s not reported or explained why it has occurred.

Batteries do not simply ‘combust’ without being encouraged somehow, and this can ONLY be achieved by completing the electrical circuit with a conductor, and ‘shorting’ the battery. All types of batteries for all purposes function in the same way, and all have the potential to pose a danger; vaping batteries are no different. In fact, the very same batteries we use in our mods have been used for a long period of time for high-end torches, with the NiteCore charger you may be familiar with being used predominantly for utilities, exploring, and other outdoor pursuits.

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