Space Jam Juice: An Overview

Space Jam Juices first beamed down to earth in 2012, to Orange Country in California, with the team’s intention being to make superior e-liquids that enhance the overall vaping experience. The juices they create are consistently some of the most popular, and independent reviewers of their flavours continue to pour lavish praise of their creations.

Space Jam’s introduction to the emerging market back in 2012 helped propel the vaping industry to the heights it is now reaching, and while there has since been a cavalcade of premium e-liquid manufacturers following in their wake, Space Jam Juices have managed to maintain their eminent position due to their excellent flavour selections and unique marketing approach.

Intergalactic E-Liquid

Even though Space Jam Juices like to dress their product up in a little sci-fi razzle dazzle, there are a few things underneath the space-themed flavour names and humorous company origin write-ups which stand as true markers of the premium quality of their juices. For example, while they might like to describe their premium e-liquid as ‘produced by a race of alien beings’, it is worth mentioning that each of their juices are hand-crafted and rigorously tested the old-fashioned way (with an extended team of test vapers). They also use only the finest ingredients which, while ‘sourced from the throughout the space-time continuum’, will always adhere to the standards set out by their ISO certification.

What’s in Space Jam E-Liquid?

Space Jam Juices use a 50/50 mix of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin to ensure their e-liquids have plenty of flavour, vapour production and throat hit. Juices made with 100% of either PG or VG can sometimes be a little deficient in one or more of these areas, but Space Jam’s e-liquids are finely balanced to maximise the best of both base ingredients.

At Vape Club UK, you can buy Space Jam e-liquid in either 15ml or 30ml glass bottles that feature a dropper lid for easy transfer to your tank or drip tip. These gourmet e-liquids are also available in the full range of nicotine strengths including 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24mg, as well as a zero nicotine variety for vapers who just want to experience the intricate taste sensations on their own.

Space Jam Juice Bottles - 2

Space Jam E-Liquid Flavours

Space Jam specialise in creamy, fruity flavours with some innovative combinations that you won’t find in other premium juice ranges. There are some nice twists on traditional e-liquid flavours such as tobacco and custard, while some of the combinations could only belong to a space-themed e-liquid creator, as they are truly out of this world. The flavour names won’t immediately reveal what is contained within, but a little exploration will have your mouth salivating at the prospect of sampling some of these interstellar juices.

Andromeda E-Liquid by Space Jam
The first juice ever created by Space Jam’s Mix Master General was this wonderful Andromeda. It features layers of exotic pomegranate in between true tones of wild blueberries. This fresh flavour continues to be one of the most popular juices at Vape Club UK, and one taste is all it takes to understand why.

Astro E-Liquid by Space Jam
Astro is a juice where Space Jam’s flavour-blending expertise is on full display. This is no generic apple-esque flavour, but that of the tantalisingly juicy Granny Smith apple (especially noticeable on the inhale). The multi-faceted layers of this flavour also feature sweet strawberries on the exhale, with tones of fresh peach intertwined throughout. A fruit lover’s dream vape.

Eclipse E-Liquid by Space Jam
No juice selections are complete without a tobacco offering, but again Space Jam takes it to a whole other level. The sweet taste of Cavendish tobacco blends effortlessly with creamy vanilla tones and make this a favourite of folks who have either recently made the switch from smoking to vaping, or those who just love the distinctive flavour of quality tobacco.

Galactica E-Liquid by Space Jam
This is a bright and bubbly flavour for all occasions, but especially when you have a little something to celebrate (such as receiving your latest order of Space Jam e-liquids). Fresh strawberries dominate the inhale of this juice’s vapour, but the real fun begins on the exhale as crisp champagne notes dance across your taste buds for a truly magnificent taste sensation.

Omega E-Liquid by Space Jam
Peaches and cream is a flavour combination that works just fine on its own, but the Space Jam Mix Master General will never be satisfied with a flavour working ‘just fine’. The sweet peach tones of this Omega juice are ever so slightly spiced with a touch of cinnamon and enveloped with a creamy vanilla exhale that is truly delicious.

Pluto E-Liquid by Space Jam
This is one of the more complex flavours in the Space Jam juice range, but also one of the most refreshing and enjoyable too. On the inhale you will experience a balanced combination of watermelon with honeydew and notes of cantaloupe. The exhale introduces an additional layer of bubblegum with a subtle hint of mint. A bona fide all day vape, as it will take you that long just to list all the different layers of flavour!

Venus E-Liquid by Space Jam
Another superbly complex flavour here with Venus, this time with a dominant flavour combo of roasted marshmallows and peanut butter. What makes this flavour so complex is the additional notes of caramel and cream which permeate throughout the flavour, softening the edges and sweetening the exhale. It’s hard not to imagine the caramel being drizzled on the freshly toasted marshmallow as you relax with this beautiful vape.

Starship 1 E-Liquid by Space Jam
A staple of e-liquid ranges is a custard flavour, but Space Jam are not the only ones who noticed that as nice as custard flavours are, they can get a little bland after continuous vaping. Space Jam solved that issue with the inclusion of an additional layer of flavour in the form of sweet and tangy kiwi fruit. The result is a mouth-wateringly delicious flavour combo which you can vape all day, every day. Protection Status © 2019 Vape Club Ltd All Rights Reserved. You have to be over 18 to purchase from this website. UK Company Registration Number: 08131075, VAT Number: GB196886725

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