Vape Club’s Staff Eliquid Picks of April 2018

April may be the month of fools, but you can’t pull the wool over our eyes! Picking the right flavour is a very subjective experience and with the launch of VApril vaping is becoming more popular. To help you on your way, we’re proud to present our favourite eliquids of April 2018, as chosen by us.

Blue Sonic by The Big Tasty

Blue Sonic by Big Tasty is a blend of raspberries and blueberries available in 100ml shortfill for only £19.99

Blue Sonic by The Big Tasty, is a fruity 70% VG blend of blueberry and raspberry, available in 100ml short fill bottles. The suggestion of Blue Sonic comes to us from Steve, stating:
“It’s a fresh and fruity tasting vape, blue raspberry is a flavour that has come along and taken the market by storm; this is a no nonsense version and is reminiscent of those giant ice blast drinks you get at the cinema”.

No.32 by Beard Vape Co

No.32 by Beard Vape Co. is a cinnamon funnel cake flavour, available in 10ml bottles and 50ml shortfills

No.32 by Beard Vape Co is a 60% VG dessert flavour that’s half cake, half donut; with a generous helping of cinnamon and sugar, available in 10ml bottles and 50ml shortfills. This blend was picked by Manuella, who said:

“It’s the perfect combination of cinnamon and cake, especially when vaped at high wattage, it tastes just like something my Grandma would bake on a Sunday afternoon. I would strongly recommended No.32 for anyone who enjoys sweet eliquids”

Kanzi by Twelve Monkeys

kanzi by twelve monkeys is a mix of tropical fruits and candy available in 10ml bottles and 50ml shortfill

Kanzi by Twelve Monkeys is a blend of sweet taste; featuring watermelon, strawberry, kiwi and candy for an exotic 80% VG ejuice. Available in 10ml bottles and 50ml shortfills. Kanzi is one of Rob’s favourite, he describes it as:

“The perfect mix of tropical flavours, that is a definite all day vape”

Honey Roast Tobacco High VG by Element Tobacconist

Honey Roast Tobacco eliquid by Element Tobacconist is available in 10ml bottles in either a 65% VG or 80% VG blend

Honey Roast Tobacco is a rich and layered 80% VG flavour from Element Eliquids Tobacconist range. With a dark tobacco base that compliments a blend of nuts, caramel and a light vanilla – available in 10ml bottles. Dan is a huge fan and recommends it because:

“While it’s reminiscent of cigarettes, this particular mixture has a sweet and nutty layer that works really well with the tobacco base”.

Cherry by Danish Eliquid

Cherry by Danish Eliquids is a Fruity Pastry available in a 50ml shortfill for only £11.99

Cherry by Danish Eliquids has a pastry flavour base that’s buttery and smooth, layered with a  sweet cherry jam; creating a 70% VG ejuice with a genuine danish taste. Available in 50ml shortfills. Our man, Foss, has very strong opinions:

“first off it’s got a Viking on the bottle, that’s just very cool! The flavour itself is light and buttery, the cherry is really present on exhale and is a strong fruit taste, but it doesn’t overpower the rest of the juice”.

Fresh Pink of Bel Air by 100 Large

Only £19.99

Fresh Pink of Bel Air is a 100ml shortfill, with two nicotine shots included – for only £19.99

Fresh Pink of Bel Air by 100 Large is a mixture of fresh tasting pink fruits, paired with a sweet and delicate Aloe Vera flavour. Each 70% VG 100ml shortfill bottle comes with two 10ml nicotine shots and a cloth. Recommended by Josh, who describes it as:

“A light and sweet flavour with well mixed notes of red grape and pomegranate that create a fruity bouquet, the aloe vera provides a really fresh aftertaste. I’ve been vaping it solidly all day; and can see it being very popular over the Summer… so for two weeks in July”.


Well there you have it, like we said taste is a very personal thing. Picking the right ejuice is essential to a good vaping experience. Our specially designed Eliquid Explorer can help you pick an eliquid with the best nicotine strength, flavour, and VG ratio for you.

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