Suicide Bunny: An Overview


It is no idle boast to say that Suicide Bunny is one of the finest selections of e-liquids available anywhere in the world today. This gourmet range of juices is limited to just five flavours for the same reasons that the best restaurants in the world have smaller but more specialised menus. But while there might only be five flavours in the range, the complexity of the tastes and the multiple layers of each flavour means there are probably more flavours, tastes and tones in the five Suicide Bunny e-liquids than in most other ranges two or three times the size.

How Suicide Bunny Began

Founded in 2013 in the US just outside of Dallas, Texas, Suicide Bunny is the creation of Pip (or Pip the Bunny), who worked tirelessly for the best part of a year to create the complex flavours of her luxurious Suicide Bunny range.

Pip was inspired to create these flavours after being disappointed by most of the e-liquids that she and her husband Scott were vaping. While there were a couple of e-juices they enjoyed, Pip and Scott always felt they could be improved upon even further with the addition of a little this or that.

After conducting a dedicated search to find the best suppliers of the necessary ingredients, Pip got to work blending flavours and turning e-liquid creation into an art form.

How Suicide Bunny E-Liquid is Made

Just to get the first four flavours of the Suicide Bunny e-liquid range, Pip went through 120 to 130 different recipes before she was finally satisfied. In a recent interview Pip said she once spent nine hours straight sat at a table trying to perfect one concoction, and still wasn’t happy with it. Like all true artists, Pip says she’s never truly satisfied and is always thinking of ways to keep improving.

That’s good news for vapers everywhere as (hopefully) evermore interesting e-liquid flavours will keep expanding the Suicide Bunny range.

Suicide Bunny E-Liquid Ingredients

Pip keeps the exact ratio of the ingredients a secret. However, considering the generous vapour production of her e-liquids, it is probable she uses a higher percentage of vegetable glycerine which is known for its superior vapour production. There is certainly no decline in flavour or throat hit though, so it remains something of a mystery how exactly she does it.

Like a rock star declining to decipher their song lyrics, Pip also doesn’t like to describe her flavours in too much detail. She prefers instead to let vapers decide for themselves and interpret them without too much predisposition. She has given a little insight into each one though and there are plenty of reviews online which do their best to describe the multiple layers of flavours contained within each of the Suicide Bunny e-liquids.

The Complete Range of Suicide Bunny E-Liquid

The Suicide Bunny e-liquids come in 30ml bottles all featuring a unique artistic design for each flavour. They are available in a variety of nicotine strengths including 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. You can also buy Suicide Bunny e-liquid containing zero nicotine.

Although the flavours are very complex, below is a brief description of each of the five Suicide Bunny e-liquids according to reviewers and even Pip herself, though as always she remains ever so slightly mysterious.

Mother’s Milk – Suicide Bunny

Independent reviewers of Mother’s Milk often note the mellow creaminess along with light overtones of cake and sweet butter. Pip herself describes Mother’s Milk as ‘milky custard with a light strawberry exhale.’ This complex e-juice has also been declared the perfect dessert vape to enjoy after a good meal, so it’s not difficult to see why it is one of the most popular flavours in the Suicide Bunny selection.

Mothers Milk E-Liquid 30ml

Mothers Milk by Suicide Bunny

Madrina – Suicide Bunny

Another outstanding juice with a creamy base is Madrina. It has a fruitier vibe to it and Pip describes Madrina as having ‘notes of melon tucked into every layer.’ Interestingly, reviews of this e-liquid flavour often cite different flavour experiences. The melon layers usually get a mention, but reviewers have also experienced notes of pitaya or dragon fruit, tangerines and honey.

Madrina Suicide Bunny E-Liquid 30ml

Madrina by Suicide Bunny

Sucker Punch – Suicide Bunny

Sucker Punch goes all out with the dragon fruit flavouring, but again it isn’t quite as simple as that. Pip says that the Sucker Punch flavour is ‘dragon fruit with other fruits mixed with a delicious cream.’ As with all their e-liquids, Sucker Punch is a complex festival of flavours especially designed to keep you guessing.

Sucker Punch Suicide Bunny E-Liquid 30ml

Sucker Punch by Suicide Bunny

Derailed – Suicide Bunny

Derailed is another vapour considered ideal for after dinner. Described by Pip as ‘a yummy cookie with a sweet, cinnamon, banana exhale’, it is yet another example of combining complimentary flavours to produce an e-liquid that keeps you on your toes. Reviewers praise the wonderful banana flavourings which make this e-liquid flavour one of the most enjoyable of all time.

Derailed Suicide Bunny E-Liquid 30ml

Derailed by Suicide Bunny

Original Bunny (The OB) – Suicide Bunny

Original Bunny, sometimes stylised as The OB, is similar to Mother’s Milk but has less strawberry tones and a lighter taste. Original Bunny is sweet and creamy with a multitude of taste sensations to explore and a new layer of flavour to discover with every inhalation.

Original Bunny Suicide Bunny E-Liquid 30ml

The OB by Suicide Bunny


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