Suicide Bunny Obsidian Mother’s Milk: An Overview

If you were to ask a group of vapers to name the most universally popular e-liquid flavour, more often than not they are going to answer with Mother’s Milk by Suicide Bunny. Obviously, there will always be a few hipster vapers out there who will claim the best juice is actually some obscure flavour like buttered sunflowers and crushed dung beetle made in a tin shed by a man they met while uni-cycling across Cambodia, but even they won’t be able to deny the fact that Suicide Bunny struck pure gold when they blended their strawberry and custard flavourings to create Mother’s Milk.

Loved by new and veteran vapers alike, across both the United States and Europe, the original Mother’s Milk would appear to be the ultimate vaping experience which couldn’t possibly be improved upon. Appearances, however, can be deceptive.


Take a Look At Our Mother’s Milk Obsidian Edition

One Small Steep For Man

Experienced vapers will know that steeping e-liquid can greatly enhance the flavours contained within a particular e-juice. For those new to vaping, steeping is a complicated process that involves incredible amounts of doing nothing. To steep is to wait. You let the juice sit somewhere cool, dry and preferably dark for a period of time during which the flavours will grow stronger and tastier. There are slightly different steeping methods which suit different juice types; some involve a daily stir or shaking up of the bottle’s contents, another includes removing the bottle cap so the juice is exposed to the air. There’s no definitive method beyond letting the juice sit for a period of time, and vapers who steep generally experiment to discover what works best for them and their favourite liquids.

Even if you have never steeped a juice or paid any attention to that kind of thing, you may have noticed the flavour of your e-liquid improving over the course of a week or two, obviously depending on how quickly you get through a bottle. That’s because the juice is steeping all the while that you’re not vaping it. How much improvement you’ll notice can depend on how long the juice was sitting on the shelf before you purchased it, but if it’s a fairly new batch (which they often are due to the high turnover) then keep an eye on how strong the flavours you’re vaping are as time weaves its magic upon your favourite juices.

As for vapers who steep their liquids prior to vaping them, the process rarely lasts much longer than a few days, perhaps a week or two at the most. To find ordinary folks like you and I steeping longer than this is fairly rare because, if I may paraphrase the internet, nobody has time for that.

One Giant Steep For Mankind

This steeping process, and the lack of time and/or patience most people have for it, is precisely the reason this Obsidian Edition of Suicide Bunny’s Mother’s Milk is so special. Pip the Bunny has already been steeping it for over six months before making it available to purchase. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you improve upon perfection.

Suicide Bunny’s Pip is a genuine expert at creating complex flavour combinations which are both innovative and delicious. Like one of those fancy restaurants that fancy people eat at, Pip has kept the Suicide Bunny menu limited to concentrate on ensuring that the juices produced are of the highest possible quality. As the signature flavour of the Suicide Bunny selection, Mother’s Milk was always going to be the prime candidate for this super steeping method of product expansion. Obsidian Mother’s Milk is still the same beautifully creamy custard which develops into a sweet strawberry flavour on the exhale, but after six months of steeping the flavour experience is even better.

Obsidian Custom Box and Note from Pip

Obsidian Mother’s Milk By Suicide Bunny

Due to the nature of steeping juices for over six months, this Mother’s Milk Obsidian is limited edition only, so there is an exhaustible supply which could possibly run out before the next batch is ready. There is plenty for the time being, though anyone with vaping chops should be doing their utmost to fix that. Obviously, there is a premium on the price for this premium of premium juices, but remember you receive twice as much juice as you would from the normal selection of 30ml Suicide Bunny liquids.

The Limited Edition 60ml bottle of Obsidian Mother’s Milk also comes with CRC and an exclusive custom drip tip (note for new vapers: drip tips are removable mouthpieces which fit certain clearomizer tank systems and allow for direct dripping of the liquid onto the atomizer coils). The whole Limited Edition set comes packaged in a very cool Custom Limited Edition box along with a note from Pip herself stating the exact bottle and batch number on a card.

Obsidian Mother’s Milk Ingredients

The juice itself is available in the usual variety of nicotine strengths, which is another element of Suicide Bunny’s craft which stands them apart from many of their competitors. Pip is very precise regarding the nicotine amounts of her juices, so if the bottle says 12mg, you can be sure that it is indeed 12mg (some manufacturers can be a little sloppy in this regard).

As well as 12mg nicotine strength versions, Obsidian Mothers Milk is also available in 3mg and 6mg nicotine strengths. There is also a zero nicotine batch for vapers who have managed to wean themselves off nicotine altogether. As is the case with all of their flavour selections, Suicide Bunny’s Obsidian is made with a base ingredient mix of 30% Propylene Glycol and 70% Vegetable Glycerin.

The bare facts are that while the custom artwork on the bottles and box is nice, they along with the custom drip tip and note from Pip herself all play second fiddle to the actual juice. It’s also a fact that when a discussion regarding which is the best e-liquid flavour ever made breaks out among a group of vapers, that discussion will never be complete without a strong case being made for this Obsidian Mother’s Milk by Suicide Bunny. Protection Status © 2019 Vape Club Ltd All Rights Reserved. You have to be over 18 to purchase from this website. UK Company Registration Number: 08131075, VAT Number: GB196886725

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