Aspire Nautilus 2 Tank: Vape Preview


Aspire’s Nautilus tanks are well known among vaping circles, as they were one of the early devices to be adopted by a wide number of people.

Feedback on the tank has always been positive, both the full-size Nautilus and the Mini.

Aspire released the Nautilus X tank last year, but it was met with some disappointment from the vaping community who felt that it wasn’t an improvement on the original design. nautilus-2-tank-fill

Now Aspire have the Nautilus 2, launching it as if it’s the sequel to The Avengers; “The Legend Never Ends”.

The Nautilus 2 design is similar to that of its earlier predecessors, rather than the X, as it features a bell-shaped design.

It’s also completely enclosed in Steel, with a small circular window to allow the user to observe eLiquid levels in the tank.

Similar to the Nautilus X, the Nautilus 2 features a Top-Fill design, and with a 2ml capacity its fully TRPR compliant.

It maintains the compact design of the previous models, but takes the more curved look of the original Nautilus and Mini tanks, rather than the squat square shape of the X.

Aspire have redesigned the airflow system for the Nautilus 2, neither featuring a Top Airflow like the X, or the single hole design of the original models.

This new Nautilus instead features a bottom-airflow with five settings, ranging from open to tight.

It’s a much more accurate airflow, which allows the user to really dial in an precise airflow setting.

The Nautilus 2 itself comes with a 0.7Ω coil, allowing the device to be a Sub Ohm tank for the first time. Other coils are also available, including a standard Mouth-to-Lung 1.8Ω.


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Aspire Cleito 120: Vape Tank Overview


The Aspire Cleito tank was an unexpected hit when it was released in early 2016, with Aspire having reinvented their core design and produced an excellent sequel tank with exceptional flavour production and general usability. Aspire have even given the Cleito 120 a new classification, deeming it the “Maxi Watt” Tank.

Allowing for a huge 120W of power to be pumped through its uniquely shaped coils, Aspire have taken the functionality of its predecessor, and given the Cleito 120 a turbocharged makeover.


Quite similar to its predecessor in terms of appearance, the Cleito 120 measures in at 58mm in height, and 25mm in width. Changes that Aspire have made include a wider Delrin drip-tip, larger airflow holes, along with a taller chimney. The top-filling mechanism remains, allowing for easy refilling of eLiquid with minimal spill.

The biggest change Aspire have made though with the Cleito 120 is having its standard coils rated at a very low resistance of 0.16ohm (Ω), which requires at least 100W to use optimally. This means that a high-powered mod will be needed to fire the Cleito 120, so users will need to be prepared to use lots of battery power.

The Cleito 120 tank comes with one of the aforementioned 0.16Ω atomisers pre-installed, along with another spare coil in the box. There’s also a spare replacement glass, as well as a handy vape band, and a warranty card to ensure you’ve received a genuine product.

Although the Cleito 120 is rated at 120watts, Aspire insist that it can handle a much higher amount of power, stating it can easily cope with 160watts and more. While it’s always advisable to set and adjust the wattage in accordance with the characteristics of whichever eLiquid is being used, the Cleito 120 is designed for what Aspire refer to as “Maxi-Watt” vapers who look to use their devices at over 100watts.

The Cleito 120 is a very high-performance tank, and currently with just the one 0.16Ω coil, it’s somewhat limited in its options for anything other than a very full-on vaping experience. Big clouds, big flavours, but at the expense of battery power and eLiquid. This is a device for those looking to push their vape experience to the limits. For those vapers who still enjoy sub-ohming, but prefer a more comfortable 30 – 50 watts; Aspire recommend choosing the original Cleito instead.aspire-cleito-120-tank-parts-uk

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Aspire Atlantis Evo Vape Tank: Overview


The Atlantis Evo is the new and updated version of Aspire’s Atlantis tank series, having been given a design overhaul, along with a more stylish look. The Evo has a small 2ml capacity of juice to be TPD compliant, although an optional 4ml extension is available. The tank includes a 0.4ohm (Ω) pre-installed Clapton coil, an extra 0.5Ω Clapton coil, replacement Pyrex glass (4ml) with an adapter, and a rubber cuff.aspire-atlantis-evo-tank-uk-l

The Evo is the improved version of its predecessor, the excellent Atlantis V2 tank, however Aspire have also looked to their recent Cleito tank for influence. The 2ml Evo is smaller than the Cleito, but with the optional 4ml Pyrex glass extention, it’s similar in size. The Evo also has a top fill, giving the option to drip or pour your liquid in.

The Evo also now has four spacious airflow holes, allowing for some smooth vaping, although one potential downside is that all airflows will have to be equally open or closed, which may limit fine tuning the airflow.

Aspire have improved the coils by increasing the cotton exposure holes, allowing high VG juice to travel easier to the coil system and having lower wick points.

In addition, Aspire has made the Evo coils with using the Clapton wind so that vapers get the best flavour out of their Evo. Thankfully Aspire have also allowed for backwards compatibility of previous coils for the Aspire Triton and Atlantis tanks, giving a wide variety of available choices to use with the Evo.

The Evo has a unique ‘top hat’ look with its wide drip tip, constructed of heat-resistant Delrin. There’s also an option for the user to replace it with an alternative 510 drip tip for tank personalisation. However, the drip tip on the Evo doesn’t contain a secondary airflow that the Atlantis V2 introduced previously.

Unfortunately for Temperature Control users, the Evo does not come with TC coil as standard, although coils from the Atlantis V2 and Triton tanks can be used.

The Evo offers a range of customisable options, with its two different tank sizes, as well as a range of available coils. Users of the Atlantis V2 and Triton tanks may look to this as a solid upgrade, as it still allows for backwards compatibility with coils from both previous tanks. Cloud chasers will enjoy the Evo’s wide airflow system, although this cannot be personalised as much as some my like, as the airflow has to be equally opened or closed on all sides. Nevertheless, Aspire have put out a solid successor to their Atlantis range, taking inspiration and influence from the excellent Cleito, but remaining a firm successor to the Atlantis and Atlantis V2 tanks.


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Aspire Nautilus X: Vape Tank Overview


The original Aspire Nautilus tank took vape culture by storm, being a solid and dependable mouth-to-lung tank for both new and burgeoning vapers, as well as seasoned veterans. The Aspire Nautilus X tank is the next stage in the Nautilus’ journey, with its transformation influenced very much by Aspire’s recent Cleito design. The Nautilus X has been specifically designed to produce a high quality vaping experience and excellent flavour, all in a high resistance, mouth-to-lung style.

Measuring 45mm in height and 22mm in width, Aspire has given the Nautilus X a capacity of 2.0ml, similar to the Nautilus Mini. While the full-size Nautilus managed a large 5ml capacity, Aspire have clearly decided to make the Nautilus X as compliant as they can with the TPD, with a 2ml max capacity.


Aspire have revamped the coil construction for the Nautilus X by creating the new U-Tech coil technology, adding a U shaped chamber in the coil which makes the vapour flow through the airflow system twice before being inhaled, increasing the flavour production like never before.

The tank has been redesigned to be leak resistant, along with an additional top-airflow that can be adjusted, and additionally, they have added a top filling system which can be used by simply screwing the top off. This allows refilling of the Nautilus X to be both quick and clean, and done in a matter of a few seconds.

One interesting feature with the Aspire Nautilus X tank is its ability to replace the standard Pyrex glass with a larger size. The standard kit comes with the 2.0ml capacity Pyrex glass, although the tank can be expanded in size by using the Pyrex glass included with the Aspire Cleito tank, allowing the Nautilus X to be transformed from standard 2.0ml  into a double-capacity 4.0ml tank, but this does require a 4.0ml adapter chimney.

Included with the Nautilus X is a spare glass tube (2ml), incase of any accidental drops or knocks. There’s also preinstalled 1.8ohm coil, along with a replacement 1.5ohm coil in the box.. Due to the high resistance of the coils, the Nautilus X is ideally used between 10-18 watts.

As a very compact tank, the Nautilus X will easily fit flush onto most of the smaller mods, although the capacity is rather small for vapers looking for a setup to last all day. Designed predominantly for those looking for excellent flavours rather than big clouds, the Aspire Nautilus X tank is best used with a mouth-to-lung style.

An excellent starter tank for beginners looking to come into vaping a little higher than with the very entry level CE5 clearomizers, it’s also a great upgrade from the basic aforementioned tanks, but the Nautilus X would also be a solid addition to a seasoned vaper looking for a reliably excellent easy-going high resistance device.


Learn More About the Aspire ESP 30W

If you’re looking for a perfect pocket mod, or perhaps you’re looking to upgrade your current vaping gear to a box mod for the first time, the Aspire ESP 30W might just be perfect for you.

The ESP is incredibly light and small enough to fit right in your palm, while also managing to pack some serious punch with a maximum wattage setting of 30W. The battery is a light but powerful 1900mAh Li-Po battery which when fully charged will provide a reasonably regular user with something in the region of ten to twelve hours usage. It’s compatible with a wide variety of tanks, including many of the sub-Ohm variety, so it’s box mod you can have plenty of fun with.

Aspire ESP 30W Features

The carbon fibre finish looks good and feels smooth in the hand, while the curved shape of the mod’s body is comfortable to hold and operate. The activation button is mechanical, sturdy and feels rather satisfying to push. The device comes packaged in a protected box which is ideal for storage or for packing away in a bag when travelling, though the device is small enough and light enough to be perfectly fine in a pocket.

There’s no doubt that the aesthetic design of this box mod is pretty fantastic, however it’s the operational features of the Aspire ESP where we will see some vapers getting extra excited and others perhaps losing interest. This is because the ESP is one of the simpler box mods with a contained battery and a large dial for adjusting the wattage. That wattage can be adjusted between 5W and 30W in 1W increments, and there is a display screen which will show you the current wattage, voltage and coil resistance as well as the remaining battery life. And that’s as complicated as it gets. However, the ESP’s relatively simple specs actually provide an easy and satisfying vaping experience that should be greatly appreciated by all kinds of vapers regardless of their experience.

The Aspire ESP also offers plenty of options with regards to what tanks you can use with it. The 510 thread is spring-loaded allowing most clearomizer tank systems to be attached, plus the mod can also be used with coils bearing a low resistance of 0.5 Ohms, such as the Aspire Atlantis tank or other non-Aspire tanks with a minimum 0.5 Ohms in their coil’s resistance. For serious sub-Ohm vapers, it is worth noting that many users have reported the Aspire ESP as operating perfectly fine with a minimum coil resistance of 0.3 Ohms, though this is not the official advice from Aspire.

The ESP also operates as a pass-through so you can vape with it while it’s charging via the USB cable included with the mod. The connection is at the bottom of the device so it will need to be laid flat while charging, so depending on the tank you are using you may need to remove it before plugging in to charge (lots of tanks are perfectly fine being laid horizontally though, but do check yours is fine like this first).


Why the Aspire ESP 30W is Great for New Vapers

By new vapers, I mean those that have been vaping for a while and know that it works for them, but haven’t upgraded their vaping kit beyond the eGo-style batteries yet. If you are at this point in your vaping experience and are looking to upgrade your gear to a box mod with some adjustable settings that allow you to get the best out of the more advanced tank systems, then you can’t really go wrong with this Aspire ESP 30W.

It’s easy to use and the variable wattage setting isn’t complicated at all. It’s operated via the large dial at the top of the device and you simply turn it one way to up the wattage and the other way to reduce. A small screen displays the current wattage and voltage settings so you always know how much power you are vaping with, plus the screen also shows the resistance of the coil in the tank you are using which is useful for getting to know what kind of wattage you should use in conjunction with the type of tank and juice you are vaping with.

Why the Aspire ESP 30W is Great for Experienced Vapers

For veteran vapers who are likely to own a more advanced high-end box mod already, this Aspire ESP might be a perfect alternative or back-up device as it’s small and light, and yet still packs a significant punch. It would allow you to leave your larger or heavier devices at home if you have some travelling to do while still providing you with a satisfying vape on the go.

It’s the perfect pocket mod powered by a 1900mAh battery which will provide a good ten to twelve hours of reasonably regular use. Judging by customer reviews of this product, you might just find its performance to be even better than some of the pricier mods out there. Of course, not everyone likes to keep it simple when it comes to their vaping devices, so if you’re one of those then bear in mind that there aren’t very many bells and whistles on this device. It does do exactly what it says on the tin though.

So ultimately, the Aspire ESP 30W is a great little device for multiple reasons regardless of your level of experience as a vaper. Yes, it’s very simple but this is a great strength for less experienced vapers. And for veterans the ESP makes for a fantastic back-up that won’t let you down when you need it.

The Aspire ESP 30W Features at a Glance:

• Dimensions: 95mm x 41mm x 25mm
• Weight: 3.5oz (approx.)
• 510 thread (compatible with most clearomizer tank systems)
• Self-adjusting connection
• Variable Wattage (5W to 30W)
• Wattage adjusted in 1W increments
• 1900mAh Li-Po battery
• Micro USB port for charging
• USB Charger operates as a pass-through
• Reportedly fires atomizer coil resistances as low as 0.3 Ohms