Beginners Guide To Vape Hardware

You may be just a beginner to vaping, brand new to the whole culture, or perhaps you’ve been visiting a friend, and you’ve seen they have a vaping device that’s peaked your interest. Maybe you’re a smoker desperate to quit, and can’t find another way to do so. Regardless of how you may have found your way to here, this beginners guide to vaping aims to give you the knowledge to be confident in picking the right vaping kit/equipment for you, as well as choosing what you need for it. If you’d like more information on the eLiquids used in these devices, then please see our guide.

History Of The E-Cigarette

The early eCigarette design from Herbert Gilbert in 1963.

The first e-cigarette can be traced back to American inventor, Herbert A Gilbert, who patented a design for a device that “replaces burning tobacco and paper with heated, moist, flavored air”.

While he produced some prototypes, his e-cigarette didn’t receive much attention, mainly due to the popularity and prevalence of tobacco cigarettes at the time.

It wasn’t until 2003 when Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik patented the modern design that we’ve become familiar with today.


Purpose Of An E-Cigarette

Starting from the very beginning, the purpose of an ecigarette is simply to deliver a portion of nicotine to its user. In order to do this, nicotine is mixed into a gel-like liquid substance consisting of a special blend of organic compounds, which then can be easily absorbed into cotton, and vapourised within a heated coil, where the resulting vapour is inhaled by the user.

What Is A Cigalike?

Consisting of a small rechargable battery and a pre-filled cartridge, the humble Cigalike is the most similar vape device to a tobacco cigarette.

Although all e-liquid vapourisers function in essentially the same way, the cigalike is the most basic e-cigarette device, and looks very similar to a traditional tobacco cigarette, both in terms of its size and aesthetics.

The bottom bit of the ecigarette, where the filter/butt on a tobacco cigarette would be, is referred to as a Cartomiser, and this is what contains the heating element, and the vapable eLiquid.

The long, white bit on the ecigarette is the battery, and this contains the charge used to power the device, and vapourise the eLiquid.

The cartomiser on a cigalike is disposable, and once the eliquid runs out, it will have to be replaced.

Which Is A Basic Vape Kit?

Both the eGo and EVOD kits can be considered among the most basic vaping devices around, and are both easy to use and good value-for-money.

Moving on from cigalikes, the next level of ecigarette hardware are the most basic eGO and EVOD style kits.

These can be thought of as the vaping equivalent of a biro or bic pen, in that the initial design has been generalized, copied, and slightly altered by a number of different companies, all released under the eGo or EVOD title.

Similar to the cigalike ecigarette, the eGo/EVOD instead allows the user to refill the top bit, instead of having to purchase pre-filled cartomisers.

While the kit is still disposable, and parts will have to be replaced after a period of time, the eGo/EVOD kit still offers advantages over the cigalike, as they generally house a larger capacity battery, as well as the ability to personalise and refill the vape flavour.

What Is A Vape Tank? (Top Bits)

More upmarket Clearomiser tanks, such as the Nautilus, only require the heating element (coil) to be changed.

If you’ve purchased yourself a basic piece of kit, you might be looking to upgrade the top bit, or clearomiser tank.

There’s many to choose from, and often with different attributes that will alter the vaping experience slightly.

The very basic clearomiser tanks are made from polycarbonate plastic and include GS-H2’s, CE4’s and CE5’s. You might recognize these if you have an eGO or EVOD kit, as it’s the tank that comes as standard with that kit.

Other tanks are made from sturdier materials, such as steel and glass, and some also offer an airflow system that cools the vapour before it reaches the mouth-piece.

What Are Replaceable Coils?

A range of different coils, including some low resistance sub ohm coils on the top row, and some high resistance mouth-to-lung coils on the bottom.

These replaceable coils (sometimes referred to as a coil, atomiser head, heating element or atomiser) are the aspect of the ecigarette that affects the vaping experience the most, with a vast range of different coils for a number of different functions and uses. Coils are the part of a vape device that heats the eliquid up to the point of vapourisation.

With these more upmarket clearomiser tanks, only the coil will need to be replaced, rather than the entire unit. However, due to this, your tank will require regular cleaning and maintenance in order to remain in good service.

Some coils have low resistance and allow for more power, and a large amount of vapour to be produced, whereas others have higher resistance, requiring less power, and provide a smaller and cooler amount of vapour.

What Is A Vape Mod? (Bottom Bits)

Some of the more upmarket vape mods contain variable settings, along with an LCD display screen.

The bottom part of your ecigarette device is most commonly referred to as a mod, and this contains the battery needed to power the device.

The most basic mods, such as the cigalikes, do not even contain an on and off switch, and are activated by simply inhaling on the device.

Other more upmarket mods do have buttons and switches, and can also feature adjustable settings to alter the vaping experience, and can provide more or less vapour on a single inhalation. Premium mods will sometimes feature a visual display, usually an LCD screen, to assist in changing the settings more easily.

Some mods will have a built-in battery, but others such as this Kanger mod will require a replaceable battery that can be taken in and out.


Integrated And Replaceable Batteries 

An important thing to note is that some mods will have a built in, or integrated battery, that cannot be removed, whereas others require a separate replaceable battery that can be removed and recharged quite easily.

Regardless of their construction and settings, the vast majority of mods on the market have circuitry and safety protection, and these are referred to as Regulated Mods.

What Are Mech Mods, And What Is Temperature Control?

An example of a Mechanical Mod. It has no buttons or safety features, and should only be used with great care.

The most advanced vaping devices on the market are technologically the simplest, even more so than the basic cigalike.

Referred to as Mechanical mods, they feature no settings or power regulation, and due to this, they can be potentially dangerous to use without vaping experience, as there are no safety settings to cut the power if something goes wrong. All that’s needed to turn on a Mech Mod, is to simply to insert the battery. There is usually no screen, no buttons, or any settings, and this makes Mech Mods some of the easiest to use, and also the most dangerous for inexperienced vapers.

While most mods operate using a range of watts or volts, we should mention that there are some more modern vaping devices that use a Temperature Control function to control the heating process. A TC mod works by measuring the resistance of the coil, and then predicts how that resistance changes depending on the power being supplied. TC does require certain parameters to work properly, including a mod with the function, and a heating coil made from either Nickel or Titanium.

Here’s a quick recap of the main points we’ve discussed in this article:


  • Very basic
  • Disposable
  • Combination of tank and battery
  • Pre-filled with eliquid

eGo/EVOD Kit

  • Starter Kit
  • Combination of tank and battery
  • Disposable polycarbonate clearomiser tank
  • Refillable eliquid

Clearomiser tank

  • Non-disposable
  • Houses heating element
  • Usually made from glass and steel

Replaceable Coil

  • Heats the eliquid
  • Available in a variety of types and resistances

Vaping Mod

  • Houses the battery
  • Provides power
  • Often provides adjustable settings

Temperature Control

  • For more advanced users
  • Predicts how coil resistance changes depending on the power being supplied.

Mechanical Mods

  • For advanced users
  • Can be potentially dangerous without knowledge and experience

For any questions, or more information on any of these parts or devices, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

How Do I Choose Nicotine Strength?


Which Nicotine Strength?

How to choose your nicotine strength is one of the more confusing parts of beginning your vaping journey, and if you’re still unsure about the general properties of eLiquids, please see our Beginner’s Guide to ELiquid before reading on.

If you’re ever unsure of which strength to use, and if in doubt, we always advise going for the lower one. A lower strength can always be vaped through, even if it’s not strong enough, whereas an eliquid with too much nicotine can leave the user with an unpleasant experience, and not being able to vape their eliquid due to it being too strong.

It initially can be difficult to choose your nicotine strength, as there’s not a completely effective way of comparing eLiquids to traditional tobacco cigarettes. If you’re at the stage where you’re looking to replace smoking with vaping, it’s fair to assume you’re a regular smoker already, and we generally advise going in at around 12mg, as it’s strong enough to give a kick, but not too over-powering.

Another factor that affects nicotine strength would be how often you think you might vape during a day. Similar to having a traditional cigarette break, some vapers will go outside and have a few puffs on a high strength, whereas other vapers can happily sit and chain vape all day on a lower strength. Nicotine is still administered in both methods, but at a differing rate to suit the user.

The general rule (a rough guide) is that if you were a heavy smoker previously and with strong cigarettes, you’ll probably want to look towards the high nicotine strengths, but if you were more of a light cigarette smoker, you will want to use a lower level of nicotine to get an experience that’s as close as possible to what you would be used to.

Also when choosing your nicotine strength, you’ll need to consider the method of vaping you’ll be using. If using a Sub Ohm device, we don’t advise using an eliquid higher than 6mg (0.6%) of nicotine, as vaping with a sub ohm device will vapourise a higher percentage of nicotine than with a mouth-to-lung device. If using a mouth-to-lung style device, you’re generally free to use any nicotine strength you prefer.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team.

Beginner’s Guide To E-Liquid


So you’ve just started vaping or are just looking to get into it, and you’ve seen the many wonderful and varied flavours currently available on the market. At this point you may be wondering what exactly is an eLiquid, and why using it means you can be cigarette and smoke free! We aim to clarify all the useful terms, information, and other bits and pieces to hopefully get you on the vaping track and eliminate smoking tobacco cigarettes.

Starting from right at the very beginning, the purpose of an ecigarette is simply to deliver a portion of nicotine to its user. In order to do this, nicotine is mixed into a gel-like liquid substance called eLiquid or eJuice. This eJuice can be easily absorbed into cotton, and vapourised within a heated coil, where the resulting vapour is inhaled by the user.

VG and PG can be found in many everyday products and consumables, and are used for a wide variety of common purposes.What Is eLiquid?

Eliquid, at it’s most basic, is made up of four main ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Glycerin, Nicotine, and Flavourings.

Despite the strange sounding names, Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin are extremely common and generally considered harmless.

They are often abbreviated to PG and VG, respectively.

Both PG and VG are types of organic compounds (naturally occurring substances) and appear in a wide variety of products including cough medicine, toothpaste, and asthma inhalers.

They also appear in edible items such as ice-cream, whipped dairy products, and coffee-based drinks.

What Is PG And VG?


Both VG and PG have differing properties, and combining them creates what is generally considered to be the optimal basis for nicotine vapourisation.

Propylene Glycol is a very thin and runny liquid that carries flavour very well, and tends to contribute to a large portion of the throat hit found when vaping some e-liquids.

Because of its ability to carry flavour so efficiently, the flavourings used in e-liquids are usually mixed with PG before being mixed with the other ingredients. It has been known to affect minor allergies in a small number of users, but these tend to be uncommon.

Vegetable Glycerin, on the other hand, is usually derived from Vegetable Oil, and is quite a viscous liquid, similar to a gel.

It has a naturally sweet taste, and when vaped, it produces a thick, dense cloud of vapour.

Compared to PG, it is much smoother, and has no discernible throat hit when used on it’s own.


Here’s a quick list with the main characteristics of VG and PG:

Vegetable Glycerin (VG):

• Has a naturally sweet taste
• Is thicker than PG
• Produces more vapour
• Lingers in the air longer
• Produces a weaker throat hit

Propylene Glycol (PG):

• Is thinner than VG
• More easily absorbed
• Dissipates from the air quicker
• Produces a stronger throat hit
• Can affect allergies in minority of users

What Are ELiquid Ratios?


As both PG and VG contain these differing properties that work well together, they are almost always found as the main ingredients in eLiquids, in a variety of different ratios.

The most common ratios on the market tend to be 50VG and 70VG (which stands for 50% VG to 50% PG, and 70% VG to 30% PG respectively).

This ratio decides on how thick the eLiquid will be – the more VG there is, the smoother and thicker the liquid will be, and conversely the more PG there is, the runnier the eJuice, and the stronger the throat hit will be.

Generally thicker liquids with a higher VG content will be better suited to more powerful Sub Ohm clearomiser tanks such as the Kanger TopTank or Aspire Atlantis tank, rather than smaller, non-sub ohm tanks that would better suited to a mouth to lung vape style, such as the Nautilus or a standard CE5 clearomiser.

How Is Nicotine Used?

Nicotine is for a lot of vapers the most important component of e-liquid. Despite this, it is also a completely optional part of vaping – there are many, many vapers that have left nicotine behind and simply enjoy vaping for what it is. For those that do use nicotine, liquid comes in a wide variety of strengths ranging from 1.5mg to 18mg. This strength refers to the amount of nicotine found in each millilitre (ml) of liquid and can also be seen represented as a percentage. 18mg liquid can be referred to as 1.8% nicotine, 6mg as 0.6% and so on, so forth.

For help on choosing the right nicotine strength, please see our guide.

Best E-liquid of 2015 – As Picked by Vapeclub Staff

It’s been a vaping whirlwind of a year in 2015, and we’ve had a whole smorgasbord of different flavours and trends to try throughout it. We’ve seen creamy yoghurts and milky cereals, with fruit loops, pastries, donuts (and doughnuts)! Who’d have thought Max VG would’ve become a big thing! Looking back at the past year, we’ve thought long and hard to decide on what we at Vape Club believe to the best eLiquids of 2015, and after much debate and deliberation, we give you our selection;


Sweet Leaf by Liquid State

A refreshing Peach flavoured Iced Tea, Sweet Leaf manages to excellently balance its flavours.

Slipping in towards the end of 2015, Liquid State not only stood out from the crowd with its blood red bottles, but also due to the expert craftsmanship spent on each of the four flavours.

Based on different cultural foods and beverages from various American States, Liquid State have managed to create some truly unique flavour blends.

“A beautiful Ice Tea concoction with flavours that mingle so nicely with each other, it’s one of the most refreshing drink-based vape I’ve tried, and easily the best Iced Tea flavour.” – Jenny

Pink Lemonade by Element

One of the absolutely fullest flavours we’ve had the pleasure of trying at Vape Club.

Well known for their dedication to the craft of flavour mixology, Element have carved a name for themselves with their absolutely outstanding tasting eLiquids in a wide variety of flavours.

With their traditional 50/50 blends, as well as their infamous Dripper range, Element have created some excellent juices that are jam packed full of flavour.

“Pink Lemonade is possibly Element’s most iconic and popular liquid, and is a real blast of citrus deliciousness, with the habit of immediately transporting me to a lawn barbeque on a hot summers day, in 1962…” – Paul

Pluto from Space Jam

The venerable and reliable Pluto; easily an all day juice for many-a vaper, including our Jack.

Still a firm favourite among the Vape Club team for a long while now, Space Jam’s Pluto is a tasty mix of all kinds of melon (Water, Honeydew, and Cantaloupe), along with hints of bubblegum, and a little mint to finish off the flavour blend, and round it off nicely.

While the rest of the Space Jam range are also highly regarded for their flavours, Pluto in particular stands out for its unusual mix that works incredibly well.

“I keep finding myself coming back to Pluto, time and time again. It’s my FBV (fall-back vape) or safety blanket for when I try a liquid that sound amazing, but leaves me disappointed. I can always rely on Pluto to cheer me up again and remind of all the good things about vaping! That being said, Pluto works best for me in a mouth-to-lung set-up, as it’s a 50/50 mix. It can be a little overpowering on a sub-ohm set-up, so I’d recommend using a Nautilus or similar tank, 1.6 – 1.8 ohms at about 12 – 13 watts seems to be good for me.” – Jack

Apple Butter by Liquid State

Apple cinnamon pastry in vapable form; just like our Grandmammy makes!

With the fresh and fruity Sweet Leaf, and not forgetting about the Cobbler and the Colada; standing alongside them all is Liquid State’s impeccable dessert flavour; Apple Butter.

A sweet cinnamon pie with caramelised apples and a thick, buttery crust; it manages to cover a wide range of flavour bases in one neat little package.

“They should simply have called this liquid, God. And that should be all I have to say… but I like the sound of my own voice nearly as much as I like this liquid so I’ll carry on…This is the daddy of ejuice as far as I’m concerned. Vaping Apple Butter is literally a comforting experience. I like to think that if there is a God, his sweat tastes like Apple Butter. The perfect blend of a warm apple pie with just a hint of cinnamon, balanced perfectly. Simple, but oh so effective. For the record, I’ve only ever vaped this in a sub-ohm set-up and therefore couldn’t recommend for any other set-up based on my own experience.” – Craig

Prometheus by Mystique

A mystical mouth watering dessert blend from Mystique.
Tom’s ultimate mouth to lung eLiquid, Prometheus is a mystifyingly complex but lovely dessert blend.

From the makers of the venerable Space Jam, the Mystique range is, like it’s name, an exotic mystery swirling of a huge range of flavour notes, meaning that unlike other eliquids that may try to recreate a particular flavour or taste, Mystique goes the complete opposite way and blazes a trail of vapour with their own delicious, multi-layered concoctions.

“The best mouth to lung liquid I have ever tried, it’s perfect for a Nautilus or it’s Mini counterpart, or the Triton 2 with a 1.8ohm coil. The description, ‘Complex Dessert’, is just about as fitting as it gets, with elements of almonds/marzipan, caramelised brown sugar, cinnamon, and something I can never quite place. What’s most remarkable though is that the flavour genuinely does change throughout the day and even from vape to vape. An instantly nostalgic flavour, if that makes sense” – Tom

Frost by Element

Colder than vaping through a dry ice machine in the middle of an Arctic winter, at night.

Continuing with their uncommonly full flavours, we’ve also nominated another Element eLiquid as one of our favourites of 2015. This is among the iciest, freshest vapes that we’ve ever come across.

In fact, if, like us, you often find yourself wondering exactly what it feels like to be a dry ice machine, then, vaping Frost may well be the closest you’ll ever get. It also serves as an excellent mixer if you fancy adding a little bit of menthol to ice up whatever’s already in your tank.

“For me, this liquid is among the iciest, freshest vapes that I’ve ever come across. Besides being one of the best cures for vaper’s tongue, this is a must have juice for any fan of menthol.” – Steve

Wenebojo Spiritwalker by Manabush

Not the cultural hero of the Native American Anishinabe tribe, but a delicious syrup, nut, and biscuit vape.

Favoured among the tobacco-heads of the vaping world, Manabush originally produced sweet tobacco blends with wide range of side notes including nuts and honeysuckle, to rum and coconuts. Then introducing the Spiritwalker range, Manabush replaced the tobacco element with a delicious biscuit base that’s present in all flavours of the range.

“The rich Maple syrup and nutty pecans work exceptionally well with the Spiritwalker biscuit base, creating quite a dry but sweet taste that lingers nicely on the ol’ tastebuds. It works great in a Subtank at 25w, but also can be mouth-to-lung vaped in something like a Nautilus; the flavour tends to remain excellent up and down the watts.” – Ben

Origins by Blaq Vapor

The satisfyingly baked berry blend from Blaq. A shortcake fan's perfect eliquid!
Blaq’s Strawberry Shortcake sensation; Origins. The eliquid of choice for our very own Tom.

Somewhat of a sleeper hit of 2015, Origins from Blaq Vapor crept out quietly from under the vaping radar, and casually plonked itself quite comfortably near the top of the ‘Awesome Flavours’ list without much of an effort at all. Sometimes a flavour just simply speaks for itself, and Origins does just that.

“The dominant flavour is a genuinely lovely Strawberry, not artificial but then not entirely natural, due to the Shortbread being nearly as dominant. Straight out of the bottle Origins is good, but left for just a day (lid on, just having been opened and then closed again, nothing more) and the flavour is out of this world.” – Tom

DaVinci Code by Decoded

A delicious Pecan Brulee, and not a bloated, over-produced waste of three hours in the cinema.

Decoded hail from beautiful Canada, and while they’ve only just recently made themselves known to the planet, they’ve been underground in the vaping Matrix, fighting the machines, and creating their impeccable range of ejuices that includes the DaVinci Code; a unique mix of Pecan nuts and a buttery Creme Brulee.

“Leonardo Da Vinci is quite possibly my favourite person in history. No-one, in my humble opinion, has matched the feats the man achieved in a single lifetime and whilst the DaVinci Code is not paying direct homage to the man himself, the liquid itself may well continue his legacy of being an over-achiever. Da Vinci Code is very much a gourmet e-liquid, words like decadent, refined and luxury spring to mind when vaping it. The aroma that fills the air as a result is as good as the flavour itself, a sweet, nutty cloud of happiness. It’s almost like eating a pecan pie at points, but better in many ways. Simply delicious.” – Dan

Tornad-O by VGOD

Tornad-Oh my goodness it’s delicious!

With a penchant for doing the best vape tricks, the expert mixers over at VGOD have created their range with the biggest of vape clouds in mind.

VGOD’s take on a fruity cereal style flavour, this is a wonderfully fruity tasting liquid with a pleasant hint of savoury cereal that prevents it from being overpowering in its sweetness. This is a real all day vape that is highly difficult to get enough of.

“Tornad-O has the best blend of flavours I have tasted. It’s one of the most flavoursome milk cereals I have had the pleasure of gracing my tastebuds with, and it’s been my ADV for a while now.” – Dan

Taurus by Twelve Vapor

Who would’ve thought vaping an intangible Space Bull could be so tasty!

From their unique and eye catching branding, to each of their twelve wonderful flavours, everything about Twelve Vapor says “Premium”, with the possible exception of its price.

All flavours are comprised of a 70% VG mix which makes them perfect for both a sub ohm set up, and a mouth to lung set up.

Along with Capricorn and Aquarius, Taurus is among their most popular flavours and it’s easy to see why after reading what our Kris has to say about it. The man has a way with words.

“A concoction of beautiful flavours with each complementing the last; Almonds, Vanilla and Peanut butter all wrapped up in a warm biscuit undertone, and layered in a blanket of custard.” – Kris

Neon Cream by The Lost Fog

Neon only in spirit, and not actually part of the periodic table.

Well known for their delicious range, including the celebrated Milk and Honey, Cosmic Fog went on to produce an additional range of high VG flavours.

Neon Cream provides a vibrant flavour full of Oranges, Lemon and Raspberries and topped off with a creamy layered tone, the Neon Cream is nothing short of a perfect vape for a fruit fan.

“A zingy, fresh and mouthwatering favourite of mine and many other’s. Despite it being a 70% VG mix I do like this liquid in a mouth-to-lung set up, but it really shines when using it in a sub ohm set-up. Not the most potent liquid out there in terms of flavour but what flavour there is, is near vaping perfection. Zesty Citrus with the Orange sherbet on the inhale which gives way to a nice and balanced creamy exhale.” – Joe

So there we have it; the Vape Club team’s selection of their favourite eLiquids of 2015. We’re sure to have some more exciting and palatable flavours in the coming year, so raise your mods high in the air like a Viking warrior; here’s to 2016!