Innokin MVP4 Mod: Vape Overview


Retaining many of the features of its predecessors, Innokin’s MVP4 looks to keep everything that was liked about the originals, while improving on the design and functionality.

Innokin have come a long way from the earlier MVP models that only featured around 15W of output. Now in its fourth iteration, the MVP4 still retains that box-like shape and a huge battery capacity that will be familiar to users of the previous models.

innokin-mvp4-blogWhile the MVP3 had just 30W of output, with its PRO version ramping this output up to 60W, the MVP4 manages to crank out 100W of vaping power, and also features a rather large 4500mAh integrated battery; similar to the Pro version.

This huge battery offers a generous amount of vaping time, and would last the average vaper easily over a day. It also allows other devices to be charged via the port at the bottom, meaning it can function as a power bank if need be.

The Innokin MVP4 is powered by their innovative Aethon microchip, which has advanced yet very easy-to-use Temperature Control (TC) capabilities that include Stainless Steel SS316L, Ni200, and Titanium, along with standard Kanthal. The MVP4 also has the ability to detect and avoid dry hits and features over-charge safety precautions.

High-quality Stainless Steel threading and a gold-plated connection pin allows for the current to flow smoothly, and its 510 thread means its compatible with the vast majority of tanks on the current market.

A large OLED screen situated on the side of the device displays all necessary user information, such as wattage, temperature, and charge levels, while the robust and sturdy design means the MVP4 can take the knocks and scrapes that daily life throws at it.

Innokin have included a 2A quick-charge with the MVP4, meaning that the battery will charge at a much faster rate than previous models. As well, the device features pass-through capabilities, so it can be used while it’s charging.



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What Is The Best Vape Pen?

So you’re new to vaping, and you’ve found yourself tentatively asking Google “What is the best vape pen?” or “Which vape kit should I buy?” Fear not, you’ve come to the right place! While there’s not really a definitive ‘best device’ for any one vaper, as different mods and tanks are suitable for different vaping styles and situations, this article aims to clear up the various differences between some of the more beginner-friendly Vape Pen style kits available on the market, and to hopefully get you well on your way to a blissful and smoke-free state of nirvana.

For the uninitiated, a Vape Pen can generally be identified by it’s thin, cylindrical battery, and its simplified features and settings, especially when compared to larger box mods such as the X Cube II.

eGo CE5 & EVOD CE5 Kits

The eGo kit is one of the most basic and simple vaping devices on the market, and is popular among first time vapers, due to its ease of use. If vapourisers were literal writing pens, then the eGo would be the vaping equivalent of a Biro or Bic pen; there are many different versions the eGo kit made by a variety of manufacturers, but they all essentially look and function in the same way.

The eGo – One of the most basic and easy-to-use vape devices around.

eGo kits can come in a range of battery sizes, but the particular eGo kit that we stock here at Vape Club consists of three distinct parts; a 650mAh (Lithium-Ion) battery, a CE5 clearomiser (the top bit that holds the eliquid), and a USB charger.

The 650mAh battery will last several hours before it will need to be recharged, and it runs at a consistent 4.2v, the maximum voltage that the battery can push out. As the battery starts to run down, the maximum voltage it produces will be reduced in accordance with its remaining charge, and this will lead to a decrease in vapour production. The charge will continue to drop steadily until the battery is depleted, and will need to be recharged via the USB charger supplied with the kit. The charger can be plugged in to a number of power sources, including tablets and laptops, as well as computers and wall plugs.

The CE5 clearomiser is constructed from durable polycarbonate plastic, and is generally suited for eliquids that have no more than 50 to 60% consistency of VG, due to the small wicking holes in the coil not being able to absorb the eliquid as efficiently as coils with larger holes. There’s also the very similar CE4 clearomiser, which functions very similar, but contains long trailing wicks instead.

The EVOD Kit features much of the same attributes as the eGo, just with a larger 900mAh Li-Ion battery.

Unlike more up-market clearomiser tanks, the basic CE5 (and CE4) is designed to be disposable, and the entire unit will need to be replaced after it has expired. Also it should be noted that due to the polycarbonate construction of the CE5, some eliquids with certain flavour notes (citrus, cinnamon, aniseed) have the ability to corrode and cloud the plastic, reducing its structural integrity. We would advise avoiding these eliquids unless using a tank with pyrex glass construction.

Quite similar to its smaller cousin, the eGo, the EVOD CE5 kit essentially features the same contents, but the kit contains a larger 900mAh battery, allowing for more vaping time between charges.

Both the EVOD kit and eGo kit are suitable for new vapers looking to quit smoking and try out the experience of vaping, especially those concerned with investing a lot of money into something they might not enjoy. As some kits are priced quite high, both eGO and EVOD kits are a decent, cheap alternative, and also a great place to start vaping without committing too much in the way of finances.

Due to the disposable nature of the CE5 tank, it’s recommended to use no more than 70% VG eliquids, as a higher concentration of VG can lead to clogged coils and dry hits. As such, vapour production is not particularly high, as PG-heavy eliquids don’t tend to produce as much dense vapour than high VG eliquids.

eGo and EVOD Kit Summary – There’s little user maintenance when using an eGo or EVOD Kit, as the CE5 tank is disposable, and doesn’t need to be cleaned. It’s also a relatively cheap way to be introduced to vaping, and to give it a try without having to fork out for a more expensive kit. Drawbacks include a lack of variable settings, and due to the disposable nature of the CE5, it will also create some degree of waste, as the whole tank needs to be replaced, rather than solely the coil.

Innokin Endura T22

enduraAlthough technically a box mod due to its shape, Innokin’s Endura T22 kit functions more like a vape pen, having a great charge capacity when used with a low powered coil (with a high resistance).

Featuring no adjustable settings, and just a USB port at the bottom, it’s a great entry-level piece of kit for those looking for a beginners device that doesn’t appear as one. The T22 Prism tank features no airflow, or adjustable settings, and unfortunately will struggle cannot be used with eliquids that are high in VG. But it’s a simple tank for one purpose, and it does that very well. The Endura does come with a 510 thread, meaning most tanks on the current market are compatible with it, provided the coil used is suitable.

Endura T22 Summary – The Endura T22 would be suitable for a vaper looking for a box mod style vape pen device that won’t break the bank. Simple to use, maintain, and clean, the Endura steps in and fills the space between basic vape pens and more up-market devices.

Aspire K1 Kit

Moving away from the disposable clearomiser kits, Aspire’s K1 kit can be considered a deluxe version of the eGo and EVOD style kits, as it’s constructed of stainless steel and pyrex glass instead of polycarbonate plastic. Unlike the eGo and EVOD kits, there’s no need to replace the entire clearomiser unit after it has expired, as the K1 only needs a new wire coil to continue vaping. Similar to the CE5, the replacement coils for the K1 (available in 1.6, 1.8, and 2.1ohms) contain wicking holes that aren’t particularly large in diameter, meaning that it’s best to stick to eliquids that have a consistency of no more than 60% VG.

Similar in function to the basic eGo and EVOD Kits, the K1 instead features a more sturdier stainless-steel construction.

Similar to the EVOD, the CF G-Power battery contains a decent capacity of 900mAh, which should comfortably last several hours of vaping. One of the benefits of the K1 kit is that it has all the bits and pieces needed to get vaping straight away (apart from the eliquid of course!), and due to the set of five replacement coils included, it allows a user to keep going for at least a month after initial use.

Much the same as the EVOD and eGO, the CF G-Power lacks a variable voltage setting, meaning that it fires only at its maximum setting until the battery drains down, lacking the personalization element that other kits feature.

Aspire’s K1 Kit is an ideal choice for vapers looking to upgrade from a more basic CE5 kit, as well as brand new vapers looking to commit to a more permanent piece of equipment up front, as the only disposable element to the K1 kit are the replaceable coils. The K1 kit can be viewed very much as a higher-end version of the EVOD kit, only constructed with sturdier materials, and as such, it will need to be cleaned and maintained to ensure it continues to work at its optimum.

Aspire K1 Kit Summary – Benefits of using the K1 Kit include a sturdier and more durable construction, as the stainless steel increases durability, especially when compared to the polycarbonate construction of the CE5. Also there’s less replacement parts to have to deal with as the K1 only needs the coil to be replaced, so there’s less to throw away. Similar to the CE5 clearomiser, the K1 is best used with eliquids of no more than 60% VG, as the smaller wicking holes do find a bit of trouble with absorbing the thicker ejuices.

KangerTech EMOW Mega Kit

The EMOW Mega Kit represents the next level up from the K1 and EVOD/eGo vape pen devices, as it contains a larger 1600mAh battery with a variable voltage (VV) setting. Variable voltage allows the user to increase or decrease the amount of vapour being produced from the device, which personalises the experience to a degree. Similar to the K1 kit, the EMOW Mega also contains everything needed to get vaping straight off the bat, and also to keep it up for while, with a pack of five replacement coils included as standard.

The adjustable airflow system on the EMOW Mega Kit allows for a smoother and cooler vape experience.

Kanger’s EVOD tank has a decent 2.8ml capacity, and also features an adjustable airflow system, allowing for an impressively smooth vape experience. The airflow works by drawing air through the tank while vaping, and this cools down the vapour making it less harsh on the throat, and easier to inhale.

Due to the increase in additional features, the EMOW Mega can be considered a little more trickier to use than the more basic kits. Nevertheless, its features are still relatively simple use when compared to a high-end variable mod such as the X Cube II.

KangerTech EMOW Mega Kit Summary – We’d recommend the EMOW Mega Kit for existing vapers looking for a more permanent and personalizable upgrade from a eGo or EVOD Kit, and also new vapers looking to start off with a more powerful device that includes some variable features. Similar to the K1 Kit, it will need to be frequently cleaned and maintained to work at its optimal, and users looking for a more disposable device should consider the eGo or EVOD kits.

Aspire Premium Kit (Nautilus Mini)

The bigger, badder brother of the K1 Kit, Aspire’s Premium Kit can be considered the pinnacle of value-for-money vape pen kits, and is on par with the EMOW Mega kit in terms of its function. The vPremium kit’s CF VV+ battery has a comfortable 1000mAh of capacity, and like the EMOW Mega kit, it also offers a variable voltage function that allows the user to personalise their vape experience, to a degree.

aspire-nautilus-mini-kitLike with the K1 and EMOW Mega Kits, Aspire’s Premium Kit comes with all the bits and pieces of hardware you’ll need to get vaping straight out of the box, and the set of five replacement coils will keep the average vaper going for a few weeks after purchase.

Where the Premium kit really shines, is with the clearomiser tank that the kit comes supplied with; the venerable Nautilus Mini. An absolutely excellent value for money piece of kit, the Nautilus Mini produces outstanding flavours for its price, along with being an extremely sturdy and reliable tank for such small size. It’s adjustable airflow allows for the smoothest of vapes, and similar to the EMOW Mega Kit, an adjustable voltage setting allows the amount of vapour to be increased or decreased, in accordance with the users preference. Without being too biased, we here at Vape Club have only the utmost respect for the dinky Nautilus Mini tank, and we can’t recommend it enough, as either part of the kit, or simply purchased on its own. It is simply, excellent.

Aspire Premium Kit Summary – We’d recommend Aspire’s Premium Kit (with the Nautilus Mini) for existing vapers looking to upgrade to the one of the most solid starter kits currently on the market. We’d also suggest this kit for new vapers in search of a high-end first device, and not looking to upgrade soon afterwards. The adjustable voltage and airflow allow for quite a degree of personalisation, and the durable construction of both the tank and battery mean it’ll put up with a fair amount of wear and tear. It could be said to be the most complicated of the kits to use, due to both adjustable airflow and voltage settings, but these are relatively easy to get used to in a short space of time. Similar to the EMOW and K1 kits, the Nautilus tank will have to be cleaned and maintained in order to be used optimally.

KangerTech SubVod Kit

Kanger’s SubVod is a Sub ohm Vape Pen, but can be easily converted to a more beginner-friendly device with a 1.5ohm coil.

Although still technically a Vape Pen, Kanger’s SubVod is a little different from the rest of the kits we have discussed here. The eGo, EVOD, K1, and both the EMOW and Premium Kit are all generally more suited to those new to or just starting out with vaping, but as the SubVod is a Sub Ohm device, it’s deemed more suitable to users with a little more vaping experience.

That being said, new vapers shouldn’t shy away from considering the SubVod as a first kit, as it can be turned into a solid and dependable mouth to lung device, with relatively few changes to its set up. The top-filling Nano-S tank features an adjustable airflow, and allows the vapour production to be customised somewhat.

The SubVod features no variable voltage or wattage settings, and similar to the K1 kit, it always fires at its maximum setting, and will continue to do so until the 1300mAh battery drains down. The coil that comes as standard with the SubVod is Kanger’s 0.5ohm, but this can be changed to a 1.5ohm coil (sold separately), and this allows the SubVod to be used as a more beginner-friendly mouth-to-lung device, similar to a giant eGo with an adjustable airflow. Using a higher resistance coil in the SubVod will drain the battery at a slower rate, allowing for more vaping time between charges. It will also conserve eliquid better than with a sub ohm coil (0.5ohm), meaning your favourite bottle of ejuice will go that much longer.

KangerTech’s SubVod Kit Summary – Although the SubVod is more suited to sub ohm vapers, it can also be turned into a great beginner device by using the 1.5ohm instead of the 0.5ohm coil. This will also decrease the rate at which the battery drains, as it uses less battery power per puff, meaning the battery will last longer between charges.

Aspire’s CF MOD and CF SUB

aspire-CFsSimilar to the SubVod, an honourable mention should go out to Aspire’s CF MOD and CF SUB devices. Although designed mainly for Sub Ohm devices, both of Aspire’s ‘pen’ shaped mods can be used for mouth-to-lung style vaping, despite not strictly being designed for that purpose. Similar to the SubVod, they can be used as a ‘vape pen’ style device when combined with a suitable coil and tank. The only different between the CF MOD and CF SUB is that the latter comes with an integrated battery, whereas the CF MOD will require a replaceable battery to use.

Aspire CF MOD and CF SUB Summary – The CF MOD and CF SUB mods are suitable for a seasoned vaper looking for a decent cylindrical mod. They would be suitable for a beginner, however they would require some knowledge of coil resistance and ohms law in order to select the correct tank and coil to use optimally.

Here’s a quick recap of the key features of the Vape Pen Kits we’ve discussed here;

eGo and EVOD Kit

  • Disposable
  • Lack of variable settings
  • Good value for money

Innokin Endura T22

    • Good value for money
    • Lack of variable settings
    • Replaceable coils

Aspire K1 Starter Kit

  • Replacement coils
  • Stainless steel clearomiser tank
  • Lack of variable settings

KangerTech EMOW Mega Kit

  • Adjustable voltage and airflow
  • Replacement coils
  • Larger battery capacity

Aspire Premium Kit

  • Exceptional clearomiser tank as standard
  • Adjustable voltage
  • Replacement coils

KangerTech SubVod Kit

  • Sub ohm device
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Replacement coils

We hope this helps in choosing your Vape Pen Kit, but if you do have any questions or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Happy vaping!