Taste Vape E-Liquid: An Overview

Taste Vape e-liquids are specifically created for new vapers who are still getting to know the lay of the land in terms of their vaping experiences and expectations. Made by the same folks behind the gourmet Space Jam Juice range and the inspirational Clouds of Hope e-liquid line, Taste Vape is designed primarily to give you more premium bang for your buck.

The Taste Vape juices are all premium quality e-liquids, but available at a much reduced price compared to some of the more complex flavours available in their sister e-liquid lines. Another theme running throughout the Taste Vape range is one of sun, fun and the Californian way of life. And if you’re rightly concerning yourself with the quality of the ingredients, then you can rest assured that the creators of this Taste Vape juice are ISO certified.

Taste Vape Bottle - Banana Nut Bread

You’ll Love the Sweet & Delicious Flavour of Banana Nut Bread From Taste

What is in Taste Vape E-Liquid?

The e-liquid mix masters behind these Taste Vape juices utilise the same method as they do with their higher-end gourmet e-liquids, which is using a 50/50 mix of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) – the two base ingredients used in e-liquid manufacture. Using just one of these ingredients can lead to a decrease in flavour or vapour production and throat hit, so Taste Vape juices aim to achieve the best of PG and VG and maximise both the flavour of the vapour, the quantity of vapour itself as well as the satisfying throat hit.

At Vape Club UK, you can buy Taste Vape e-liquids in 30ml glass bottles which feature a dropper lid which makes it the easiest thing in the world to transfer your juice from the bottle to the tank of your Clearomizer (assuming you’re able to squeeze your thumb and index finger together). Another good thing about Taste Vape juices is that all the flavours come in the full range of nicotine strengths, starting at 0mg nicotine and working their way up though 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24mg. The full range of nicotine strengths make Taste Vape an ideal e-liquid range to slowly wean yourself off nicotine by gradually lowering the nicotine strengths of the juices you use.

Taste Vape Bottles - All Flavours

Take a Look At Wide Range of Flavour From Taste Vape

Taste Vape E-Liquid Flavours

The Taste Vape juices are manufactured in the heart of Los Angeles and seek to embody the spirit of California in every hit. The creators want your Taste Vape experience to take you for a stroll among the giant Redwoods of northern California, a picnic on the rolling hills and sprawling expanse of central Cali, and then finish off your journey with a sojourn along the coastal vistas of the south to experience the soothing sea breezes.

Banana Nut Bread E-Liquid by Taste Vape
Banana bread is one of the many wonderful things that America has given the world. There are quite a few variants on the original recipe, and this vape (as you might have guessed from the juice’s name) provides you with a truly American vaping experience in the form of Banana Nut Bread flavour. The notes of banana waft in and out of the sweet dough tones on the inhale, with the nutty goodness of almonds coming to the fore in the exhale.

Blueberry Cream E-Liquid by Taste Vape
There are few fruits more American than the blueberry, inspirer of several songs, quite a few pies and many a muffin. Taste Vape blends a fresh and true blueberry flavour with layers of whipped cream to create a vape that will take you home to America even if you’re not American and usually call home somewhere on the other side of the world.

Lemon Key Lime E-Liquid by Taste Vape
A sparkling splendour for you now, in the form of this Lemon Key Lime juice. The dominant flavour you’ll notice will be the citrus notes, based on an Italian lemon and lime soda recipe. However, there is an undertone of cream which allows the citrus tones of the lemon and lime to really come alive in ways a pure citrus flavour won’t allow because of all the zing. Don’t get me wrong, this flavour has zing, but the creamy undertone allows you to enjoy, appreciate and cherish that zing.

Vanilla Custard E-Liquid by Taste Vape
There are custard flavoured e-liquids, and then there are custard flavoured e-liquids where the creators have blended 43 different flavours on their way to creating the perfect balance of rich custard layered with creamy vanillas. Guess which one this is? That’s right, 43 different flavours have gone into the creation of this Vanilla Custard juice, and that’s the kind of effort that deserves being rewarded with a good, hard vaping session. Don’t mind if I do.

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