Tesla Nano 60W Mod: A Vape Overview



Tesla’s 60W Nano is arguably the most compact-yet-powerful mod on the current market, managing to balance both size and functionality excellently.

With a 60w output, the Nano features a range of functions that include variable wattage mode as standard, along with options for temperature control that include nickel and titanium wire, with a max temperature output of  300 degrees.

The mod features an integrated 3500 mAh LiPo battery that’s charged via a supplied USB cable, rather than removable 18650’s. The device itself is comfortable, powerful and sleek, and easily concealable when holding it in the palm of ones hand.

A large fire button is located on the top of the device, and can be easily used with the thumb or index finger, depending on how you prefer to hold your device.

One great function of the Tesla Nano is its ability to read the coil that has been installed, and then automatically adjust to the correct mode, be it Wattage or Temperature Control.

If detecting a Temperature Control coil, the device will then ask whether its Titanium or Nickel. If putting a regular coil back in, the Nano will automatically adjust itself back to variable wattage mode.


Temperature Control can be manually adjusted by turning the mod off (click fire button 5 times) and then holding the two smaller buttons down together.

The 3500mAh battery will easily last the average vaper over a day and further, depending on certain variables and settings.

Also as it features a 2A charging port, the 3500mAh battery will charge at a relatively fast rate, decreasing recharging waiting times.

The wattage of the device in normal wattage mode can be adjusted from 7 – 60w. The wattage goes up and down by .5w and can go up rapidly if the button is held down.

The Tesla Nano 60w TC is protected against low resistance, overheating and amp limits; a variety of measures to ensure that the device is safe to use.

While it’s 60W max output my put some vapers off, it should do the job for most, and the Tesla Nano remains a compact powerhouse of vape potential.tesla-nano-60w-banner-uk

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