Tonix eLiquid: An Overview


Readily available from any reputable travelling Snake Oil merchant, Tonix Sub-Atomic Compounds are a series of long-forgotten vape recipes that offer revitalising health benefits, and have been confirmed to cure all nineteenth century ailments, that’s right; all!

Actually, Tonix is a range of premium eLiquids manufactured by Element, the creators of Fresh Squeeze and Frost, as well as their companion to Tonix; the FAR eliquid range. With a 73% VG mix, there’s still that same high VG goodness, and the same lip-smacking, flavour explosion with every inhale and exhale. Available in nicotine strengths of 0, 3, and 6mg.




American Apple Pie

American Apple Pie is a definitive dessert vape, characterised by crisp apple slices, dusted in cinnamon, and baked into a delicious flaky pie crust.

Lower wattages predominantly feature the sweet apples, with only touches of cinnamon, but higher wattages really bring out the buttery crust and cinnamon, rounding the whole flavour off.

The pie crust has more of a muted taste at lower temperatures, but crank your mod up, and the buttery goodness cuts through, complimenting the apple and cinnamon base excellently.

A warm and toasty vape, with a classic flavour profile.






Cherry Almond

Cherry Almond from Tonix features roasted and candied almonds with sweet cherries, delicately blended with soft and creamy notes.

Lower wattages feature the almond prominently, the sweet cherries are there but feature as more of a background note at low power.

Increasing the wattage allows for the cherry to cut through more, allowing for a more balanced blend of the two flavours.

It’s almost a Cherry Bakewell, but without the buttered crust.






Tangy Tart

Tangy Tart from Tonix is a blend of fruit confectionaries, sweeties and candies, with notes of extra sweetness and citrus tartness.

This flavour could be likened to a Lemon curd tart, with low wattages emphasising the citrus bite, and sugared candied element, rather than the pastry.

Higher wattages bring a more even blend of the flavours, rounding it off into the immense Tangy Tart that stands before you.









PB & Blueberry Jam

PB & Blueberry Jam by Tonix is a sandwiching of creamy Peanut Butter along with sweet and sugary Blueberry Jam. A classic flavour blend in vapable form.

Lower wattages feature both the Peanut Butter and fruity Blueberry flavours quite evenly.

Higher wattages are really where the flavours of this ejuice shine, with the creamy Peanut Butter cutting through more as the wattage increases.

Increasing the wattage allows for a huge hit of creamy Peanut Butter on the inhale, with the fruity Jam lingering nicely on the exhale.







Blood Orange

Blood Orange from Tonix aims to capture the cool, sunny breezes of the Spanish and Italian Mediterranean coasts, and features sliced Blood Orange soaked in its own naturally sweet and tangy juices.

If you’ve ever experienced the full-on flavour explosion of Element’s Fresh Squeeze, then Blood Orange will be somewhat familiar, although with a slightly different Orange tang to it.

Like it says on the tin, this is a definitive tart Blood Orange, with stronger flavour and aroma than the Fresh Squeeze, without a certain sweetness that some Orange flavours can contain.




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